Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Personal property

I went and bought some Halloween candy over the weekend. Because I suck like that. I went to Target, yes Target. Guess how much the bags of cavity treats were? 10 bucks a bag! Is this normal? I don't recall what we paid last year, but I am damn sure I woulda never paid that much per bag to feed ugly kid. So there went nearly 100 bucks just buying the candy. I hate Halloween. The only damn holiday I have to spend my money feeding kids I cant stand.

Now let me get on to the costume portion of Halloween. I asked the bees what they wanted to be. Boo wants to be a butterfly, which is totally rockin because I still have Blondie bees wings from 3 years ago. The rest of her costume will be homemade..Scary thought.

Butch wanted to be the grim reaper. He was that last year, so whatever. I did get rid of his costume from last year because it really freaked out Boo. I swear to God, days after Halloween she would not sleep. If you don't believe me, go check out the posts from last year.

Blondie wants to be Frankenstein.

I go and look for suitable costumes. And I could not find anything that did not look cheesy or lame. When did Halloween costumes become cheesy? When I was a kid, we had so much to choose from, I would start putting the wheels in motion around August. Gathering up supplies, ideas and whatnot...I took it very seriously. And I looked damn good every year I dressed.

I think I stopped around grade 5. After that my heart wasn't in it anymore..

But nowadays you cant find anything worth while. Unless your crafty, and can make your own, your costume is going to suck. Just so you know.

So I grabbed a few odds and ends and some face makeup. My Blondie is now going to be The Bride of Frankenstein. She is super looking forward to that. Butch, I am not sure what he is, but I got him a red robe with a hood. I know his is gonna suck, but I will make sure his face is done really cool. I am good that way. I am thinking about talking him into being a zombie.

check this idea out. He has some jeans that are too short on him, I was thinking of getting them muddy and maybe slashing them a bit. Getting one of his old shirts and do the same. Dig out his old shoes, and do up his face really creepy. I have it all in my head, I just need to do up a PowerPoint presentation for him. He is very picky about Halloween.

Some people don't let their kids go trick or treating. Which is fine with me. Its a personally choice. To me kids are only kids once. Halloween is what you make of it. To me its one day out of the year that your child gets to dress up like something they truly have their hearts set on. They get to be wonderfully silly or scary for that one day. They get to go door to door and collect what is like gold to them...Candy. They get to do crazy things you can not normally do, without getting arrested that is..

if you think about it, you grow up so fast. Some of my best memories as a kid was going trick or treating. And I would not take that away from my kids for anything. There life , on a normal day, sucks ass. School is much harder these days, there is the whole social aspect of being a kid. Which can suck ass. Your parents yell at you, demand you do chores and homework. Kids don't have it easy. They really don't. The world today is much different then when I was a kid.

Halloween is what you make of it. Let your kids have fun, dress up and collect gold for that one damn day. It will be some of the best memories they will have. Sure it sucks spending money on candy and custom es, but it is one day a year. And it will be worth it.

Ugly kid has given Blondie Bee his whole deck of yo-gi-o cards. Which are like 500 dollar bills to kids. Kids are stupid that way.

As Butch was looking thru them, he spotted lots that ugly kid had stolen from him..

If Blondie so much as even entertains the thought of marrying ugly kid, not only will she be banished from all family gatherings, but she will be stoned.

Bee real

Oh and today is my dads birthday..he is a whopping 52....the bastard is marrying a 28 year old..and i graduated with her sister...

Happy Birthday Big Lar....thats what I call him, big he is not big, thats just what I call him..ok.

ok by request of a good friend, i did the face thing again, without my glasses..this is an old pic, when I was much fatter..but what the hell can I do about that?


Blazer1234 said...

Boo-ya! First!
I agree with you, kids are kids only once. Trick or treating is like a bonus for them. So Christmas. Let them enjoy it. Sounds like the costumes will be great! I can't wait to see pics!

aatank said...

I think I'm first again!

I so understand the Halloween deal. Guess what stupid Sandtown schools did. The kids can't pass out candy at school and they can only dress up as a career. How lame is that? I think it sucks donkey balls. So I have to make to costumes 1)career and 2)a duck. How can I tell her no when she really wants to be a duck.

Everyone in my house goes out trick or treating so I don't have to worry about candy. Besides we live in the boonies and no one comes out here anyway.

It's a good thing you pass out the candy or you will have all of the neighbor kids walking in your house to get it.

aatank said...

Damn I typed to much and got beat:(

Angie said...

well I would have been # 3 if....ahem...aatank wouldn't have gotten so excited and posted twice....oh well ;)

yeah, we don't do the Halloween thing

**running for cover**

you did say it's our personal choice though, so I am going with that, so don't stone me....LOL

AAtank, that's stupid that Sandtown did that, what's up with that??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I made the costumes last year, blondie waas a spider and boo was a ghost..i am still trying to blocl all that out..trick or treating kicks ass when ur a kid, but sucks when your an adult.

your kidding me?..I know when butch was in his lasy ear there they wanted them to dress up like careeres but its stupid to make them. Ducks rock..I bet she is gonna be a cute duck.

ok, u dont need to run for is a personal thing. Its just some of my best memoeires were from halooween..think of all the money your saviong by NOT buying candy..see, thats a plus:)

Karin said...

I totally agree with you that kids get to be kids for such a short time you should make the most of it. I hope I still remember this when I have kids of my own. You are a great Mom and your kids will remember all you did for them when they grow up.

Oh by the way I got off my lazy butt and posted on both my blogs. I am terrible I know.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww, thank you, that was nice of you to say..

hell u need to email me your other blog address, i totally forgot about that one..shoot my bad..

Neurotic1 said...

I never buy candy until the last minute. Otherwise I tend to eat it all! I did get some play-doh to hand out also this year for the younger kids and I didn't even pay $10 for that. My husband thinks I'm nuts. Oh well- BTW this is Carmen.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

holy crap..playdough? damn woman that is the best idea I have ever heard, I thought throwing pennies in the bag was good, but playdough, now that is brillant.

Kendra Lynn said...

We don't do halloween...I don't care that much, but Scott doesn't like it, so...I pick my fights. LOL
The girls usually dress up for a party or two during the season, so...that's something fun they get to do.
They have a costume birthday party coming up. They wanna be princesses, or'nt know which.


Brandy said...

I so love Halloween. It is my second favorite holiday. I suck though at making costumes. One year I made a mummy costume for my son and my daughter was a scarecrow. They came out ok. Now give me yarn and I can blow your mind...LOL My kids are old enough now though that I have to stay home and pass out candy. I miss my little ones somedays.. Ok maybe I dont... They are close to be out of the house..hehehe

Happy Birthday to your dad... 28??? To each his own.

I forgot to do the face thingie. I will do that tomorrow.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

like I say, its a personal choice, but it sounds like your kids have fun anyway;)

i suck at making stuff with or without yarn. and yes she is 28..she is awsome, I love its all good;)

1 plus twins said...

sorry i haven't been around i have had some stomach bug. i agree with you about halloween. do you remember when you could wear your costumes to school and they would parade around the school room to room and have a party. not anymore!! it sucks. my oldest is being an ailen which normally he wants the bloodest scariest thing. anthony is being a clone trooper from star wars and drew is being the hulk cuz he couldn't find wolverine unless i did it online and paid 80 bucks for it and that isn't in the budget this year. lol can't wait to see pictures of all your bees!!

Cliff Morrow said...

I guess I'm most interested in seeing a picture of your costume. That should be a good one.

~Deb said...

You certainly have your hands full with Halloween dressin' up for the kiddies. You know, I always lived on top of this HUGE ass mountain, where no kids ever ever came to get candy. So the day I moved out into a condo full of many children, I went out all excited and bought bags, upon bags, of those 'cavity treats'. Anyway, my girlfriend and I decided to go out for dinner at 5pm, so we can be back, dress up all weird for the kids and answer the door with tons of candy.

We walk out. I locked the door.





BIG DORK that I am! I couldn't get back into the apartment till after midnight with the cops.

What a moron I am!

Mrs. Diamond said...

we dont do halloween either but we always have a candy hunt for the kids so they dont feel too left out of the sugar highs and cavities all their friends are experiencing

Gette said...

$10/bag is SO not normal. You got hosed by Target again.
The year we had the bookstore I gave out full-sized candy bars and Goosebumps books. I'd ask which they wanted; if they said the book, they got both. I've done the pla-doh thing before, and bubbles, more to be different than for any moral or health principle.

Angie said...

came acrossed an article about Ipods and viruses, thought you might be interested in reading....enjoy :)

Kelly said...

We live near several subdivisions, so none of the kids venture out on the main road to come get candy here. I buy it anyway because then I know that Syd and I will have to eat it ourselves (hubby doesn't like sweets)!

Alot of schools are doing away with the Halloween costumes. The school I worked at last year had a "harvest party" with NO dressing up. Our old church was against it too, but it is all in how you handle it with your children. I was the rebel mom at church...Syd has always gone out trick or treating.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok sprry guys..I had to wrok both places today...and i hear my blog was having issues today..sorry.

i have beenr eading your commets, and thank you..and angie..thanks I am gonna go look that up..i got an email today that sheila is on her way home..well it better be sheila anyway;0

Brandy said...

My stepmom is younger than my hubby. Yes my dad liked them young too. She is only 8 years older than me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

at least yours is older..haha..mine is goin to be 3 years younger..but i do love her.