Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ebony and Ivory

Day 2 with no Sheila. My heart weeps. I have had to resort to playing my Itunes super loud from the computer. No one likes this. What i hate most, is I can not skip songs I dont want to hear. I am a song skipper. An avid song skipper. My Ipod holds 27 GB of music. I have over 300 songs on there, yet I still have 26 GB of space left. I am not good with math, but thats a lot of damn songs. I dont even know that many songs. Well not good ones anyway. Friday I am getting a new cord. why Friday? Becuase people in this house suck and wont go get me one before then.

Apple sucks...


The little girl whom I was referring to yesterday about being dirty, came over after school becuase her mom was not home when she got there. Now let me paint this picutre for you.

This little girl has a pretty good sized white mom. And she is black. She wears the same clothes day after day, and never seems to have nice neat hiar, or a clean face.

Now maybe I am just a narotic piece of crap...But every morning before Blondie leaves for school I put her hair up in cute pony tails and curl it. Ok, maybe she goes looking like a street walker, but hell, your kids are suppose to be a reflection of you..Ok did I just call myself a street walker?

Speaking of street walkers....when I was a kid it was the popualr thing to go as a "hooker" or street walker"...why?..I have no damn idea..
i never wwent as a tramp, my parents would not allow that...just so you know.

ok back to my story...the girl was over and she looked a mess, and all I am thinking is she was at school all day looking like this. I felt bad for her.

I sent her back down to her home a few times to make sure her mom was not there yet....I then asked her if her mom was at work. She then told me her mom does not work. i know for a fact her mom is single, and has no hubby, so therefore no income coming in.

So why is she not working? I dont know? This angers me, but I wont get into to that. It is neither here nor there...

But if you are a mom, and NOT working...why are you NOT home when your child gets off the bus, and why do you let your child go around looking homeless?

Why dont people take pride in the way thier kids look. Just becuase you have no money, does not mean you have to look like a slob. It does not cost much to comb hair and bathe..and washing clothes should be a priority over say..buying your smokes or your shrimp poppers from the 5 and dime.

I miss Sheila, and its starting to effect me. if you cant tell.

My kitty is doing well. My poor dog, she is like the welocoming commeitee here, poor dear gets the crap beat out of her by an infant cat everytime she comes to say hi. all the dog wants is a friend. I can so relate...Email friends...call me...come over for cocktails..to watch a flick.....to help clean the nieborhood kids...

I wanted to share with you something very sad. I have had many cats and two dogs throughout my married life..I have had some cats die..of natrual causes of course, or whathaveyou...and a few I gave away...because they had "issues" I wont go into.

Our other dog we had in Michigan, well he was 80 pounds and would rip the face off anyone who even thought about coming in our home. He bit serval hood kids in his day. But when we moved here we could not bring him because we had no place for him to stay until our house was done. We had to stay at a hotel for a few weeks..and they dont normally let killer dogs on the premises. So he went to go live with a farmer..

or so I have told everyone...

But I have only had one animal run way.....your going to crap your pants when I show you....be preapered for a good crapping now.

See..it is s tortise. I would let him out in my fenced yard all day...he liked eating dandiloins and crap. One day the gate was left open by a retard.

Now granted he does not move fast...but he musta hauled ass to get out of here. I think he did not care for the welcoming commitee...tortises dont like thier butts licked. Lesson learned.

My poor dog just tries to make friends where she goes. She is a socail butterfly, not a socail outcast like her master.

Bee Real

what the heck, my spell check is not working again.....good God


Karin said...

I think our turtle would run away too if I ever took him out of his tank. Ok the thing with the kid, pardon me while I get up on my soap box, but what the hell. That is called neglect and abandonment and the mother could go to jail. A six year old is not ready to be wandering the streets in the afternoon. What if you guys weren't home. Why the hell can people like that become parents when some people who would be great parents try and try and never conceive. If this happens again I think you need to report the mother.

Kelly said...

That poor little girl! If she wasn't panicked about it, she must be left home alone often. How sad!

McBunni said...

Let me get this staight....Sheila is your iPod? LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog...come by any time!

Your's is great!

Peggy said...

I have never known anyone that had a turtle run away from home before. LOL You know if you let your friends visit for more than 15 minutes and let us talk we might email for your application!! LOL You are a nut!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I could not agree with you more..this girl and her mom just moved here a few months ago from New York City, so I am not familar with them and not sure if this has ever happend before..but trust me..I got my eye on her now.

that is what I was thinking too..

yes, sheila is my Ipod:)

oh I will be back to yours..I love chics who are married to rock stars..hehe

u just now noticed I am a nut?

Blazer1234 said...

Poor little girl. It makes me mad too! I use to have kids (that i taught) tell me mom did not come home from the club the night before, and they had to wake all the other kids up and get them to school...and that's why they were late (and smelled like poop). These were moms that did not have jobs. What the hell are they doing out all hours of the night, and leaving their kids alone??? Grrrr...I had Children's Services on speed-dial.

I'm sorry about Shelia. She will live again on Friday, and all will be well.

Dogs are too over-anxious to make friends with other animals. They're just retarded like that. That's why I ONLY own a dog. No torises to run away from our house. I never knew a tortise could run like that.

Brandy said...

That poor little girl. Some people should just not be allowed to be parents... I know my neighbors let their 2nd grader run all over the neighborhood with the 3 year old in tow. Just drives me nuts. I've called people about it and nothing has happened yet. The sad thing is her sister that use to live in that house is now in jail for drugs.

Shelia will live again.. Just be patient!!

Glad to hear the kittens doing good. She will get use to the dog in about a week or two. That is how long it took my older cat to get use to Rascal when we got him.

Have a great day tomorrow!!

Kendra Lynn said...

I love the tortoise. I am a big turtle fan...I even collect them. Fake ones...the real ones, much to my dismay, carry awful diseases. Sigh.
I used to have several when we first got married, but they all died of "ick". There really is a disease called that.
Now Scott says NO TURTLES. I am sad...but maybe someday there will be a cure for salmanella and my kids won't die from handling turtles.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I dont know if I can handle seeing kids day after day that are neglected..that would suck..

I never knoew a tortise could run like that either:)

we have some kids who run around with no supervsion too...makes me mad..
and I cant wait for sheila to be well..I miss her even though apple sucks:)

I know turtles carry diease, would never get one...my tortise was vaccinctaed and was in pretty good health..

tortise are much easier to care for too...they dont live in water so there is not that to deal with..and in the summer they love to be outside..

he was cute, I do miss him..i just hope he ended up somewhere in arizona..hehe

Brandy said...

I know what I forgot to mention.. we well maybe I should say I dressed my daughter up one year as a streetwalker for Halloween. That following Sunday we went to church with my inlaws and She yelled it at the top of her lungs that she was a hooker for Halloween right in the middle of church!! LOL You brought back that precious memory talking about streetwalkers... Thanks!!

1 plus twins said...

that is so damn sad about that little girl. she didn't seem upset or at least you didn't mention that she was so i would assume she is home alone a lot. that is so sad. i swear some people should not be allowed to be parents. don't get me started!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh now that is funny...!!!

1 plus twins,
yes she did not seem upset. she just came over knocked on the door and asked if she could com in cause her mom was not home.

they just moved here recently, so i dont know much about them..but i am keeping an eye on them;)

JUST A MOM said...

I lived in a little tiny town called Hazel Park it is just north of detroit and kinda south east of Royal Oak. I will be back later to read your post

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

just a mom,
ok, i lived more north then that..in the thumb area..bout 50 miles from Port Huron..small farm town..

but right now most of hubbys family lives in that area..some live in fraiser, taylor,gross pointe, east point..

Kristen said...

Wow- a turtle ran away? LOL.

And I know what you mean - I'd want to fix the poor girls hair or invite her over for dinner once a week or something. If the lady doesn't know HOW to do her hair, then she should learn. Don't let the kid go around looking a mess and then getting made fun of.

Meow said...

Poor little kid ... I think that's called child abuse, or neglect, or whatever. I cannot understand parents like that ... unfortunately there are too many of them, though.
Never knew a tortoise to run away from home, though ... weird !!
Poor Sheila ... hope she recovers soon. I would fret without mine ... hey, I haven't named it yet ... it's black & shiny, what should I call it ???
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

deni said...

People like that shouldn't be allowed to breed. That just pisses me off.

So that means my dog was just trying to be friends with the turtle it carried back to the house?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup..my slow moving tortise ran away..lil bastard.

maybe i should have the kid over for dinner. from the looks of her she must eat lots of fast food or somthing..if ya know what I mean.

so it must look like sheila..name her shilo..sheila and shilo:)

yup, pisses me off too..

no the dog did not carry it here..it isnt a turtle, its s tortise, and he was purchased..haha..i had the tortise long before i had my doggie..

too bad the damn dog dont take lesson from the torise and run like the wind:)

~Deb said...

You just made me wonder about something. I'm a total "iPod skipper"-------is there a way you can erase the songs you've downloaded to replace them with new ones? Or should I call tech support and give them $10 bucks for their suggestion? BLECKKK!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well this is how mine works, when I plug my Ipod into the compter my itunes thing pops up, then you can uncheck the songs you dont want then update it...thats what I do..

most songs on mine I like, but some songs are not good to listen to if your working out..i need faster music.

so if yours comes on with itunes, just uncheck the songs you dont want, and if you want more music just add it:)

this is advice is free bitch:)


just_tammy said...

Your hubby should be happy to buy a new cord ASAP due to the fact you just spent time with his parents. Give him a little reminder call now and Sheila will be back to her old (well, not so old) self tonight. I know I'm not the only one who knows how little it takes to keep Bossy happy.

Too funny about the slow moving runaway!

Too sad about the little girl. I know you will keep an eye on the situation.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I emailed him and told him what u said..wanna know what he said...he said and I quote



Gette said...

If you are not skipping songs on your computer, you have just not felt enough iTunes love. I skip songs alla time on mine. As for the loud singsing, half of my iTunes are karaoke trax, so use your imagination.

keesh said...

I think some people should have to get a license to have a kid. I hate it when I see kids and parents out and about and the kids are in clothes that are filthy, I am not talking about playing at the park all day dirty, but like dirt stained and the parents are in nice clothes...who come first? The kids should. I understand not being able to afford certain things, but damn, if your kids can't wear somewhat decent clothes, then you shouldn't either....

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I cant skip songs on itunes while I am running on my treadmill:)

that is what I meant..hehe

I cold not agree more with you;)

Anonymous said...

are you saying your spell check HAS worked in the past? hmmmmm

if i were you i'd walk down to that womans home and ask her if she is troubled at ALL that her child is wandering loose? or i'd turn her into cps...thats just me

The Blog Whore said...

OMG! I LOVE the tortoise!!

Did you miss him or was he a lousy pet? (Besides running away...)

I want one. Yeah, I know...like I NEED ONE!

Choppzs said...

Don't you hate it when you see kids like that? I always want to take them in, give them a bath, give them some clean clothes and feed them. But then as soon as you see them the next time, they are as bad as they were before. Makes me sick. Makes me even more mad when I think of their looser parents that can't take care of them. Should be shot!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well they just moved here and this is the first time I have seen this happen..if it does again, there will be shit stirred up:)

Blog whore,
I liked him..he was so easy to take care of...he started out being my moms, then i eneded up with him..

amen girl..

jsull said...

I had no clue that tutles didn't like their butts licked!!!!!
the things I learn from this blog.
Alot of parents suck, makes me wonder why they would breed, arent shots to prevent that free at the clinic? There is a huge a difference in being poor and being dirty. I been po'. Are you sure Butch Bee didn't participate in some cooter stew?? that could have been the fate of the tender butted turtle
Po' Ass'd Cracker

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I been wondering where y been all day..lets see, accoring to my thing u in Kansas...am i right?..sometimes the meter is wrong..

yes they do have shots for that, i use to get them, but they wasnt free for me, cost me 80 bucks a pop..but for the po' floks i think it is free..for the stupid like me, its pricey..

i can see i best get back on them shots:)

js said...

your geo-meter is smoking the same crack as Sheila. Im at the office for high level super duper mojo-dula secret meetings that damn near bore the friggin hell out of me. whenever I'm on during the day I'm home but when i'm on after dark I'm on the road usually.But I do get to kill stuff when I'm around here, so thats good.
Why you gotta re pop?
Go down to da clinic and tell em ur pooooooooo
and you dont wanna be breedin no mo and they will hook you up.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Sheila is not on crack!

well someitmes the meter is wrong...

well if i go to the "clinic" the way I am dressed now, they would dish it out to me like halloween candy;)

ole heavy j said...

come on now. Ole j aint buyin into that. I have seen you post some pics you said were your slutty outfit but im thinkin you cant look that bad.
Hey you oughta give it a try maybe they will give you some other things like milk and cheese and stuff!!
Hell if y'all dont eat it the cat will.
your geo-meter oughta say Florida, where the pretty people play!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no I am not looking slutty, I look like a slob...I am wearing blue workout panst which are about 2 sizes to big, my bright orange workout shirt..(i have posted it before) and it still smells, big thick man socks..

my hair well that is all pulled back in a pile on top me head.

see, i look the part of a po girl needed some baby stoppers.

course they may look at me and wonder why I need them, no way I could snag a man lookin a mess.

oh, well it says your in Kansas..r u using dail up? sometimes dial up people come across wrong.

i miss shiela, can u tell?

weight and hair & wealth challenged american said...

Shelia never should have done you that you way. You need her, she is your desire. Tell her how you feel, let it out!

On the baby stoppers, it appears to me that some fellow out there (or more than one) is not picky about who the plug into. For the love of god they will breed anything with a heartbeat. Now I know I know, I could lose a few, get some hair implants, mix in a workout or two every decade, try to look like IGAF what folks think about me, (ok ok ok more than just a few sheeesh) but goddang there are some ugly folks out there!
And they have kids!
who did that??????????
anyone can go into any juke in America any night and pick up someone decent looking to participate in hot monkey love with sheeeeit.
I guess thats why beer sales are good.
ole PFB j

Michele_3 said...

That is so SAD about that mom leaving that girl alone to get off the bus and not being home...
These are times when children services need to get involved- NEGLECT is what she is doing to that girl..This world is too crazy for kids just to be wandering the streets-That mom really disgusts me
(there is no excuse..)

Ok, now that i got that out~
I have to go read your last post to find out who Sheila is?(IPOD?) What happen to her?

What a cute turtle- go search the neighborhood- he is probably still there- LOL!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

that is true, I have seen some ugly folks totting kids and thinking to myslef..holy crap.who plugged that..haha

and my poor mom cant get a damn date..

well my tortise has been MIA for over a year now..I scoured the hood looking for him the day he went missing. I tell you, his ass moved fast.

Wethyb said...

How the hell could a turtle run away...LOL.

Oh my....that's soooo sad about the little girl! My heart would break too and is!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know, only I could chase away a damn tortise, and so far the girl has not been home alone again...well at least she did not come here if she was:)

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