Monday, October 09, 2006

Apples are for more then just pies

I have not been shy in speaking of my deep love for Sheila. My iPod. She is beautiful, she is shiny, she is black and she holds about 5 trillion songs, and videos. She has been with me nearly one year now, and up until today I have only had minor complications with her.

I don't know what's goin on, but when I plug her in to charge her, it says on her screen she is charging. I had her charging overnight, and this morning the charge is in the same spot as it was last night..In the RED.

Now I have looked online. Sometimes looking online can be of great assistance. I mean you can look up how to make a pipe bomb, how to poison your spouse, how to litter train a rabbit, or hell even how to commit murder and cover up the body and all evidence. All this is useful, I suppose...To someone. But I could not find anything usleful for my situation.

I found Apples number and was gonna give them a ring - a ling- so we can hash this out...With out a mediator or attorney. But you know what? You have to pay to call them if u have had your iPod for more then 90 days. Well the first 90 damn days I did not need them..I do NOW.

I pay 400 bucks for a device I would normally not by myself, because I am cheap that way, and then when I have an issue, I have no one to help me.

Apple, you suck. Why do u make your customers pay for a call to tech support? I would not need tech support if this ipod did not suck donkey balls. How is this my fault? How is your incomintence to design a music device leave me in a position to have to pay to call YOU and ask for help with it?

I guess you do not know the ramifications of me not having a charged iPod. You have no idea what your doing. The outcome of this will be of epic purportions . Now not only am I NOT going to buy relatives an Ipod for Christmas like I was going too, but I also will get fat. This will all be in the fine print of my lawsuit. Not to worry.

Oh and I was half thinking of buying 2 Apple computers. But I will be damned if I am going to purchase anything with your name or a picture of an Apple anywhere on it. I will not be suckered again.

Now I am not sure what illness my Sheila has, she may need a new USB cord. But why? I have had this item less then a year. Why should I have to pay for a new ANYTHING for this device when it is still like new? I don't understand your marketing tactics. Maybe because you have none.

So I am spewing out here that people should not buy IPODS....ipods are a big freaking waste of your money. I say we all go back to our portable CD players. Sure they are big and bulky, and you can not shuffle songs...But damnit, they last..I still have a portable CD player from 15 damn years ago. And the bitch still works..

So if any of you poor souls out there with ipods have had similar troubles, let me know...I will file a class action lawsuit and we will all be sitting pretty in say 10-20 years time...With no ipods of course.

I hate spending money on stuff and then be let down. Same thing happened when I bought one of those rubix cubes in the shape of a pyramid. Looks good and seems like a good idea, but in all reality, its just not worth the trouble.

Here are a list of more items I have bought and have NOT been satisfied with..Let me know if any of these have left you feeling say... not so fresh

Pasta cooker
Mr Clean Magic Eraser
Pantene Ice Shine
no hurt band-aides
febreeze...Sure makes the air smell nice for 5 minutes, but it is impossible to elliminates odors from fabrics or the air..We are not so stupid you febreeze people...All it is is a regular old air freshener...U suck febreeze maker people.

Those Tampax Pearl with the string that they claim is better cuz its braided better..They are no better..When u drip blood out of areas, your special knotted string is not going to help protect anything any better..Sorry dudes.

Ok I am just getting more mad as I write things that lie in their claims.

So to Apple and the makers of the ipod, u best send me some free tech support, or a new damn ipod, or I will hunt u down, and sing loudly in your office. We don't want that.

oh and my class action lawsuit is in the works.....When we are done, you wont have enough money to plant Apple seeds..

I just found out i am on some sort of hate list...i cant remeber what for, but there are poeple who hate me, or my blog, its all one in the same if u ask me. I am kinda giddy bout the whole thing..
There is this girl Blondie has been playing with off and on...She just came to the door Sunday afternoon, wearing the same clothes she was wearing Friday after school, with the same stains on her shirt and the same dirt on her face. How do i know its the same? well number one I am observant, and number two, I gave her the popscile that gave her said stains on shirt and face...its all the same, all still there..


Am I the only mother who demands my kids have clean clothes on daily, clean teeth, clean face, and combed hair? Oh and I make them trim thier toe nails and fingernails as I see needed.

Is any of that so bad?

Ok, so lets ban together to take down the Ipod, and Apple....

No matter how ya peel it, bake it, cook it, or pick it..Apples have worms..big fat juicy worms that want to suck the life out of you.

Apples suck.

Bee Real

crap now my spell check isnt working...ok Suzie, u may point all all spelling errors, I know u like this.


Kelly said...

Wow, have they struck a nerve? I don't have an ipod and guess now that it is a good thing! Punkin' has a cd player from Walmart ($7.00), she has toted that thing all over the place for two years now...literally ALL over the place...not one problem.

What is the problem with Mr.Clean Magic Erasers? I LOVE those things! It is a daycare provider must have!!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you know what, I have a record player I have had since I was like 12..damn thing stilol plays recored..(if they made them) and the casstette player still works..

damn ipod, high technology, and the damn thing has troubles in less then a year. I only got it for working out, and I do use it daily, someimtes more then once a day...but hey, that why I got it, to use the dang thig..

ok as far as the magic eraser..I found that it helps me o more then taking a wet rag and wiping hard..the amount of elbow grease I have to use with that thing is more then I do with my my MIL says it has siani in it..

I have a whole box, only used one..

KGrams said...

I will officially scratch IPOD from my xmas list. Darn the bad luck, as I really wanted on to.

I will have to say that I'm with Kelly on the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, they are the only thing that take off the overspray from my hair spray.

1 plus twins said...

wow i was gonna get an ipod this christmas. now i am not sure. did you go to their website? i love the magic eraser, can't believe it doesn't work for you. i have no clue why some parents don't make sure their kids put on clean clothes and wash and comb their hair. i realize every kid gets dirty but it shouldn't be the same dirty clothes 3 days later!! i hate that. i feel so bad for the kids.

B.A. said...

I wouldn't know an IPOD if ya hit me in the head with it. I'm old and have two littles that are needy all the time. No time for music of any sort.

Magic Erasers are AWESOME! Love'um. I didn't know they got rid of hairspray stick!

The dirty kid...that is sad and sick. Filthy is not how a child should live.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well the Ipod has its purpose, as long as u dont need it for more then a year;)

1 Plus Twins,
well, my advice is to get a cheap one..I went and got the most expensive one, and now look at me.

seems like i am the only one with magic eraser just seems I can get the same about of work done using a rag:)

I am old too, and have 3 littles..haha..they are usfeul for working out, but now I curse them..

Magic Erasers just dont cut it for me, I can get the same cleaning power from a damp rag..:)

Blazer1234 said...

Bossy -
Apple is evil in our household. My MIL has bought apple computers since the dark ages, but she can never figure them out. I think her last one had to get a new hard drive like two or three times. Everytime she'd have a problem she'd call dh, and he would get so damn mad. "You know what the problem is mom? You have an Apple. That's the problem. Be like the rest of the world and buy a freakin' PC." She finally did after the the last apple died. Now dh can help her with her when she needs it.

I do own an apple ipod nano. (it was a gift) I've had no problems with it...yet. Dh still calls it an evil little thing. But if something does happen to it, I'm joining your class-action suit.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well its more my cord to chagre it, i think that is the trouble..not the ipod itself, but it might as well be..

ok, i am NOT ever going to entertain the thought of EVER getting an Apple computer..thank you:)

mike said...

This is indeed a sad tale of woe. And I always thought an apple a day was a good thing.

Whoda thunk?

mal said...

Gee, I do not own and I-pod, but my daughters are complaint least to me *L*

Dirty Kids are INEXCUSABLE!! any mother or father that lets that go on is the worst kind of slob I can think of and not fit for civilized company.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes I was under the same impression..I say eat a candy bar instead:)

well its not cord i think..the cord to charge it..damn thing.

and amen on the dirty kids.

Anonymous said...


okay I have an apple ipod nano and I cant say ive had this problem...yet...however mine is coming up to nearly 12 mths so now im worried.

Any ho I hopefully have an answer for u. Go to and search there for what your looking for. Ive found answers to so many of my issues with my ipod and I have always come up trumps! Let me know if it helps hey okay!! Goodluck.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I did look there oddly enough, and thats where I saw that eihter my battery needs replacing or I need a new cord to charge it with...and I have only had the damn thing for 10 months.

I also redad where Apple makes shotty batteries and cords so people have to buy brand new ones eveyr so often..I hate when compaines do that shit..ugg

deni said...

I really have no desire to own an IPOD, seems like a waste to me.

I get much more use from a digital camera. Oh, if my daughter wouldn't have broken it. Which brings me to my gripe. Staples, yeah, the big office supply store, where I purchased said camera, for oh, about $30.00 more than competitors, which I didn't know till after the fact, then they suckered me into buying an extended warranty for another $15.00 on top of that, which doesn;t do me diddly squat, becuase when you read the fine print on the damn thing, if you can find it to read it, it states, it does not cover ACCIDENTAL damage.

Oh, and about the music thing, my hubby still owns his original 8 track stereo from 1977 and it still works. Not that I want to listen to it, it sounds like crapola, and it's stuffed somewhere in the shed, out of sight, out of mind.

Carmen said...

I am with you on this one. I hate Ipod. Our computer crashed and I could get no help from Apple on getting my music off my Ipod onto a new computer. Luckily I had only purchased about $20 worth of songs and the rest was my CD's. I let the Apple dip have an earful! I also hate magic erasers. Leave a little grit on my hand that I just can't stand!

J R Estelle said...

Try plugging your iPod into the wall outlet to charge and see if that works. My roommates son was having the same problem, but it started charging when he used a wall outlet.

Apple is just like Dell, in that in one way or another, you'll pay.

J R Estelle said...

Oh by the way, regular Febreze may not work but Bounce with Febreze, works GREAT. I dry my clothes with it and when I put them away, the rest of my clothes smell great too.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Oh I love my digital camrea too, but if i had to choose between the two, it would be my Ipod, only becuase its the only reaosn i dont mind running 5 miles a day..haha.

my dad still has his 8 track player..i use to have the bee gees 8 track and listen to it all the time...good times;)

I am so glad another person out thee hates apple as much as I do..I dont know why those companies are like that. They want us to spen the big bucks buying thier shit, but when thier product has troubles, they all of a sudden hide..bastards.

and amen on the eraser..bout time i found someone who agreess with me:)

I dont have anything to plug it into the wall with..I only have the cable that plugs fromthe ipod to your computer..and that is what is damgaed i think..for some reaosn mine did not come with a wall adapeter..spen 400 bucks and u dont get all then damn peices..

but thanks for the tip anyway:)

just_tammy said...

Sorry you are having such issues with your beloved Sheila. Hope you can get her up and running before you want to go running!

Since you are having such a crap time, I won't mention the things on your hate list I actually love. Doesn't seem like the right time.

Here's to you not seeing red!

~Deb said...

Everyone is trying to get people to get their tech help from the internet. The main reason is to lay off millions of people --- losing their jobs. This makes Apple and many other companies make much much more money.

And…as far as your iPod charging or not charging---- it’s like a cell phone (well mine, I have a Nextel) not sure if that’s the same thing. BUT, if I overcharge my battery, it will heat up so much, that it will die.

Not sure if this is your case, but it may be.

That'll be $5.00 for the advice. Send the check to ~Deb's blog.


j said...

Well I aint gotta clue what an Ipod is or does. I assume it is a portable jukebox????
I just found the most awesome thing. Its a converter that plugs right into your 8-track deck and allows you to play cassetts.
Man, these new inventions are awesome!

just_tammy said...

Just realized I missed the news about the kitten. Guess I missed out on being considered for a position as your friend. Missing out on all sorts of stuff.

You might need to switch Blondie and Butch's names around at this rate. At least they are both clean which is what really matters.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

let me guess, you like the tampax pearls:)

u missed the kitty?..i caved..but she is damn cute...

well I have to charge my pod about once every 2 weeks. i let the batter get as low as it gets..per there recomendtaion)..i plug the damn thing into my PC where it is suppose to chagre, the light shows up that its charging, but it does not charge..i have never had it get hot or anything..

technology sucks ass.

just think of all the willy nelson songs you could put on that portable jukebox.

Marel Lecone said...

That sucks about your Ipod. I've never been impressed with the concept. Even now, regarding the cell phones, I still miss my cell phone from five years ago--the best one ever. My new one from just a few weeks ago--sucks big time! All this technology is one big money trap! Take care, Girlie. :)

Karin said...

Do you have an apple store anywhere near you. The first thing I would do is try a plug out to see if it will even charge with a new plug before you shell out money. Yes the Ipod has a history of bad batteries and plugs. While the battery issue was supposed to be taken care of by the time you got sheila they have done nothing about the plugs.

It sounds like you live in an area full of disgusting little kids. You should start a wash rag policy to enter your domain. Butch might want to man up soon, he doesn't want the rep of his little sister fighting his battles.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know I HATE my cell phone, well hated it, I did no renew our contrat..thats how much i hate it..i dont have a cell phone now becuase I cant find one i like..aww well.

I thought about that, but the closest one is half hour away..but i figure if i buy a cord from target, if its NOT the cord I can return the thing..

amen on your rag have some damn good dieas for not having kids:)

beth said...

don't hate me, we're a Mac family. anyway, if the battery does need replacing, and you've had it less than a year, you can get a new one free. I know you won't like this, but you can buy a service plan for $59 and it will cover lots of stuff. it's better than having to buy a new one. and you can just go into an Apple store to do it. There's one near you!!
dirty kids drive me insane!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well here is where my trouble lies..

when you spen money buying a product from someone, then they make YOU pay to get advice on how to fix it, this pisses me off.

its not the battery, the battery is ok...I belive its the cord that charges it..which they are only like 20-30 bucks, but its the whole damn prinacble..

ya see what I mean?

and dirty drives me crazy..we need tos tart a dirty free kid club:)

The Kept Woman said...

Dammit...I posted a comment and Blogger ate it.

Probably some asshats at Apple spying in on what's being said on the internet and they didn't like my comment.

It's a conspiracy I tell you....

Dori Lenine said... then look thourgh the support area...the discussion board is great and FREE..

Nerdine said...

Ipods are the work of the devil I'm absolutely sure. I boycot Ipod, I do not own one, and swear I won't buy one. I have a Mp3 player from a norwegian company called asono. It only holds 1 GB music, though, so I'll find a new one soon, but was thinking I'd buy this baby:

30GB of fun...

Brandy said...

No Apple stuff here!! Dont think I will be getting anything apple anytime soon. I have been having problems with my daughter Motorola cell phone. Stupid cable that plugs into to charge it keeps breaking. Finally I got a universal one for it and seems to be fine. We will see.

I dont understand some people. I make my kids take a shower every morning.. My son will try and wear a pair of jeans twice and I get mad about it.. He dont wear them though.. I win that battle. Some people just dont care if their kids are clean or not. My kids friends take showers here exspecially if I can smell them.. yuck!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think they are spying..I see my site meter and it seems the apple people have been here bout 60 times today:)

yes, I looked there yesterday..all the advice i found says I need a new cord..bastrds..thank you though;)

my ipod has 27.5 GB....and I still have over 26 left and I have over 400 songs on it..thats the only nice thing..

maybe i need an MP3 player..sounds like they last longer.

thats what I am having issues with is the plug, at least I hope that is it..

gosh, your a good woman, making the friends shower if they smell..thatsa good poilcy i say:)

Choppzs said...

Okay, I don't have an ipod, or even know how to work one, so i will avoid that subject.

But I do have to say... I LOVE the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! That thing has taken out every stain and crap that my kids can come up with. Especially when the boy draws crayon on a wall that was painted with flat paint, it worked great! (stupid people, don't they know that they should never pain walls of a home with flat paint? Must be stupid California people!! lol)

Oh and I agree on the tampon thing! Although, I am a very happy camper since I have not had a visit in 7 months now.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well see my probelm with the eraser is, I can do the same thing with a wet I the only one who can mange a wet rag?..haha

gosh your not knocked upa re you?..7 months? what the hell..

Anonymous said...

here i am, last to the party as usual.
so, i bought an ipod a couple years back, and i bought it from COSTCO and dont say, i have no costco, cause i bought it ONLINE. and guess what, when that little mfer quit working? i took it back for a full refund. so, buy yerselfs ipods, but GET THEM THROUGH COSTCO.

and as for the spelling quiz, i don't have time