Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I am a paranoid freak, yes carry on now

So far everything has been smooth with my move, although I am paranoid they will find me. I looked on my site meter today and see people who I am not sure about..Some are getting the address from an email..Every email I sent I know them, or at least where they live..So I ask who the bloody heck lives in Marissa , Ill, that I sent an email too...I always seen them at the old address, now they are here and I am paranoid..It's getting so bad I want to delete the whole dang thing....

You know its time to stick your kids in a boarding school when BilboBaggins hollars out from the coach to the little bees who are suppose to be going to bed..

"Butch, stop acting like a monkey, "

Then Blondie yells.."Butch, stop acting like a monkey...... Dad , Butch wont stop acting like a monkey"

Then earlier in the day I was snuggling with Boo and I was talking to her, then she takes her tiny little hand, covers my mouth and says "shush momma"

I am suppose to have choir practice tonight, but I told ole BilboBaggins that I may have to take a hiatus from church choir while American Idol is on. I feel so dirty thinking that, I mean what sense does it make? I feel like purging myself of things. But American Idol is the kind television vomit I can spew down easily.

And I mean it is only on for 5 months out of the whole year...Well it sounds reasonable when I am thinking it in my head anyway.

Bee Real


Karin said...

Well you could take AI and watch it after practice. Or you could just hang low in choir for awhile while you get properly motivated by the talents of young singers. The new place looks great.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..I love this new look, I love yellow, kinda makes ya feel happy..LMAO

I dont have a dvr or tivo, i cant tape it..you can put those things on my birthday list though, it is coming up;)

Cliff Morrow said...

Speaking as a choir director here: "You're kidding, the next five months are the most important of the choir year, curl your hair and get in there, THEY NEED MORE WOMEN IN THE CHOIR". ahem have a nice day.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

is that right? I really had no idea, maybe if you were my choir director i would be more motivated so skip amreican idol;)

Anna said...

LOL - OMG! You're choosing Idol over God! That's classic! "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
Jen put a link to your blog from her blog so that we can get here. Should she take it off?

Kendra Lynn said...

Bossy Britches:
I am a choir director too! We need more women in the choir!!!
Don't skip out...it may be the best experience you ever have. :)

(of course, I'm not sure what kind of church you go to...mine's HOPPIN'...therefore...choir is HOPPIN'.)

Anonymous said...

oh how i wish I had time to read more!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well at least I dont think simon Cowel is God so Its not like I am cheating right?...thats fine..i left her a comment yesterday that it was ok...as long as she uses this name and not the other one..;)

oh no, another choir director...our church is NOT that hoppin, bunch of old and middle aged...( I of course am middle aged)..and the choir rather bites..not many good singers..unless i am there of course...haha

d said...

I look the new look - too cute!

I'm so confused, everyone has new names - who is bilbo? The hubby? The oldest?

Also - what'd you have to move for - who found you? Did you have a stalker?

d said...

Oh - and do I put you on my links?

Gangadhar said...

Well..i was here at last..
wonderful blog,really...

all the best

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

crap who are?..do I have to delete this whole freaking thing and forget about?...

damn it..

yes bilbo is the hubby, butch is the boy blondie is the girl boo is the littlest girl..haha

just link it and chagne my nae thats all...did i give you the direct address?

mom of 3 girls said...

I have that same person visit my site too, but I dont have any links to any of the blogs I visit on there, so they didnt get there through me!!! I just put the blogs in my favorites on my puter. Man get your butt out to choir practice!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

glad you found me....sorry i forgot you;)

i have had this person ever since i started, they have moved from calf, to wash, now ill...but someimtes if you have dail up it gives you a falsereading as to where the live...so they may not live there...i dont care if they read, but when it says they got my address thru yahoo mail, they had to of gotten in an email i wrote and i dont know anyone there...

LEAVE ME ALONE PEOPLE>>STOP BOTHERING ME....geesh...yes i am paroind...I am this close to deleating it..

Sal said...

Thanks for the link. I like the template. Bee Real!

Badoozie said...

i tried to post last night, and this page wouldn't open.

i think you need to stop being paranoid, and just blog!
you're never going to be happy if you don't let go. and please don't delete your blog. i'm so sick of people just quitting, out of the blue. another one went down last week. this is theraputic. people don't realize it. if you like to journal, just do it on your blog. share with others, share your life, give your life away and it will come back to you.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sal no prob...

i know your right..i only think about delating it becuase i feel as though I am being violated my certain pepole..I had let them in my crazy blog world and they betryed me..and I do not think they desreve any glimpse into any of it anymore..do you know what I mean..

I am sure they havent founme yet..but tis only a matter of time..

I see kish is leaving..man...they are dropping like flies..

pack of 2 said...

You are too funny. I love America Idol!!! It's gonna be clogging up my Tivo until the middle of summer....but who cares.


pack of 2 said...

I say so what if people are reading it...say what you want anyway.

It is your personal space & it is obvious to everyone that those people are not welcome here...it is sad that they feel OK invading your space like that.

I think you can make your blog private & not available to people on the internet....then those people couldn't read. You could still meet people by cruzing other blogs& then invite them in when you are ready.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

times like these I do wish I had tivo...and you can even catch this show in reruns...damn it..

what you say is true..I am hoping with my little percausions that they can not find me..but i need to stop worrying about it...although I feel like a peeping tom is in my window..maybe i just better give him something to look at huh?..LMAO

Jamie Dawn said...

The whole "Shush Momma" thing is just hilarious.
You did shush, didn't you?
I didn't think so.

Wethyb said...

Don't be paranoid honey. You answered my question about linking you. Your name isn't on mine anyway :)

I do love the new look too. Very chipper indeed!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

she is still getting me to shush;)

i thought people only got paranoid when they smoked pot...but holy crap,I am looking over my shoulder..and I have been drug free for going on 31 years;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wow your a whole season behind..Fantasia won 2 seasons ago..guess i wont tell you who won last year, I dont wanna wreck it for ya;)

i will email you the link..i had thought i did, sorry;)

Meow said...

I think I would take AI over choir practice anyday. We haven't got the lates AI here yet. The last one we had was when Fantasia won. Love it. Australian Idol is pretty good, too.
Is there a direct link to get here, or do I still go through your old address and the password ?? Thanks. Take care, Meow

jd's rose said...

Ohh dear...

that's all I got.