Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Because I don't mess with a pregnant lady

My good pal Jd at tagged me for 5 weird habits, I am doin it. If you have ever been pregnant or suffered the wrath of a mad pregnant lady, you know what I mean.

I know I have done this one before, but trust me, I have more than 5 weird habits people..Trust me..

1.When I am driving long distances, alone, I crank up my radio and pretend I am in a music video....In the summer I will role the window and down and have the wind messing my hair up..Just like in videos....I once almost hit deer because of this..

2. I must take a shower every morning, but I must also take a bath every night...I do a load of towels about every other day...I like being clean I guess..

3. I have fantasies about eating bucket loads of nachos....And washing it down with cheesecake..I mean when I actually do sleep, I dream about eating this crap..

4. In order for me to fall asleep at night I need to down about 4 tablespoons of Nyquil, one Ambein CR, and sometimes I need to take an over the counter sleep aid bout an hour later...For those of you who can fall asleep easily, thank your lucky stars my friends.. one of these time I will hit the big sleep, if you know what i mean

5. I need to sleep with a fan on. Even when it is 40 below zero, I have to have a fan blowing on me...But yet I hate being cold..I lay in bed sometimes freezing my rump off, but I can not turn the fan off..Nope cant do it..must have fan, must have wind on me, must feel breeze.


We ate like kings again last night....This time I got take out..I may have to break down and cook a meal tonight, I don't want the spawns ratting me out..Little buggers.

Last night I was telling Old Mother Hen about Meg saying she does not like being a woman sometimes..Meltdown spawn says..And I quote

" is it because you don't want to get pregnant?"

what the heck do 9 years know about being pregnant..Must be all the MTV and soda pop..



Karin said...

Brad insist on having the fan on too, I hate it but I just put more blankets on my side of the bed and hide under them. I totally think I am a rock star in my car. Your water bill must be outrageous. Glad to see you are still eating like kings. I say keep spoiling them.

Badoozie said...

i like fans, but mine is currently all broke so it rattles. must not have rattling fan. and i highly doubt there is mtv and soda. i agree with karin, you must have a high water bill. a bath every night? yikes. YIKES

Kendra Lynn said...

I sympathize with the fan blowing I wish to GOODNESS I could sleep withouth that crazy thing! My husband hates it. The fan is one of our routine argument issues.
I also have a HORRIBLE time falling asleep!!!
I tried Ambien, but it really made me hallucinate BADLY and I stopped it. I now take Benydryl and Melatonex...that seems to do the trick.

pack of 2 said...

wow you are weird:)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my water is bill pretty high, but then again I do laundry for 5 people, and all 5 people bath and or I am sure my daily cleaning of myself is pretty cosly..but dang it, I like being clean;)

well consideirng the kids arent allowed to drink soda pop and watch mtv..I have kinda blown my own theroy out the window...must get fan that dont rattle;)

when I first started taking ambein it made me hullcinate too..i would see tings move that wernt, and I say things that dont make sence..but it does help me fall i take amebin doesnt make me hullcinate, but then again it doesnt work as good and I still cant sleep..bendryl makes me have to move..i get a wiggly..hate it..heehee

aww, thank you :)
( I have tried telling you guys this before)

Marel Lecone said...

Now, regarding the fan, I don't mind fans or a/c's in the car. But, I don't want any of the breeze to hit me. With contacts, it dries my eyes out way too fast. :) Great list.

momyblogR said...

OK> I don't feel so bad about my weirdness meme I did a little while back, lol.

If you gotta have a breeze, why not make it a warm one?

AL said...

Hey Christina - Love the new profile pictures - rrrooowwwrrr - sexy! We are fan people, too. Gotta have a breeze b/c it feels oh, so good!

JD's Rose said...

HA! I'm not that bad!

Ok... maybe... but no one has died... yet!

Nice. Thanks Chris!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes I have contacts too, I dont like it hitting me in the face ever..but at night my contacs are out so no worries:)

well a warm breeze is kinda hard to come by in the dead of winter, I like a little chill in the me crazy..haha:)

well its probably warmer where you are and you probably need the fan worse than I..haha..oh this picutre is suppose to be creepy honey..LMAO..

the key word there is YET...I know it sucked, but some things are just to wierd to print:)

Working Mom said...

Gotta agree with you on the fan. Gotta have it on! Plus I take a shower every night (don't wash my hair) and then turn around and shower again in the morning (washing my hair then). Gotta feel

Anna said...

Great Habits!
I do the same thing with singing in the car. We should go on a road trip sometime and be rock stars the whole way.
I think we'll have to get seperate hotel rooms though because you've got some wacky sleeping habits! ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen sista, cant go to bed dirty and make the sheets stinky,plus i workout at night and cant go to bed all sweaty..gross..haha

anna, me road and to differnt Holiday Inn rooms, ( I love Holiday Inn)...gotta be one with a pool, and you have to drive in the big cities, cuz i would just cover my eyes and go fast;)

Samantha said...

I've done the weird habits thing before, only it was more like pet peeves though..

The only one of those I can relate to is having to have the fan on... I have 3 going at all The ceiling fan, a stand up oscillating fan, and a box fan... all of them pointed at the bed all the time, no matter the temp. I like the noise, but I can't sleep if I'm hot.. So, I'd rather just snuggle under the blankets and get

michelle said...

Just stopping in to say hi! I see you commenting on Theresa and Denises blogs so thought I'd say hey! Man, your site is pimped! I'm so NOT creative and just plain ol' don't have time to do this to my site, but yours is awesome!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

in the summer I have my reg fan, then my ceiling fan and the my ac in the window..I am not sure how I can afford such must be expensive, I try to block that all out though;)

Thank you, but to tell you the truth I did not do one thing here..I have some pretty cool frineds who hook me up..I could not have it look like this without them:)..I am so not that creative either;)

d said...

I like a fan too but the hubby insists I put it away in the fall -damn him!

Man, I couldn't imagine not being able to fall asleep. It usually takes me a while because as soon as I lay down my mind starts to go on overload but eventually I get there.

I LMAO@ the video and your version of the wind machine!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

falling alseep is a bugger sometimes..

hey you wanna go for a ride in my self made wind machine?..LMAO

d said...

Swing by and pick me up will ya, I'm ready to escape.

Tee said...

I like sleeping with the fan on and playing the radio loud with the window down in the summer too :)

Careful with your bedtime cocktail. It sounds dangerous!

Mavida Lesbiana said...

fantasies about bucket loads of nachos followed by cheesecake? That's not weird....

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am on my way, just send me directions to canada..oh wait, I just head north right?..heehee

I know it sounds kinda dangerous, but most nights it doesnt even help me sleep..I have issues..I dont like having issues:)

I didnt think it was weird to join me?

angel, jr. said...

I always pretend I'm in a music video, whether I'm driving or not--especially when I've got my iPod going.
I have to take two showers a day, morning and evening.

Jamie Dawn said...

My hubby takes Ambien too. I have no problem falling asleep, and I am very thankful for that. I know that being sleep deprived is the pits. You poor thing!
I don't like having a fan on while I'm sleeping, unless it's on REALLY low. I'd rather not have it on at all.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh when I have my Ipod runnning you better watch out, cuz i go in my own world of singing and music vidoes, only trouble with that is I am usually on my treadmill..heehee

having sleeping probelms bites, i feel for your hubby..

i dont think my hubby likes the fan either, but he knows i cant sleep without it so he doesnt say anything;)

Badoozie said...

if i don't go right to bed after taking ambien, i wake up the next day, and find weird stuff, like "who did THAT". not good.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes i have had that feelin too..i have wrote pots under the effct of ambein, not cute let me tell you, I woke up in the morning and would read them and wonder who in the world wrote that weird crap..:)

Melis said...

Omg you crack me up! And what the hell is the deal with people and fans?? I can NOT have that shit blowing on me, or near me, I end up sicker than hell in the morning! Geesh! You people! LOL

And L M A O at spawns comment! That one had me rollin! lmao

Lavender Dawn said...

The benedryl works great for me, during the day it knocks me out for two hours. My sis took it as a kids for hives. We called it her wacky medicine! Total opposite effect!
I need a fan for the sound, I can't sleep without white noise! But if I feel a hint of a breeze I freak out. I will find the perfect spot, so that it doesn't vibrate or rattle or blow on me, and if someone moves it..... grrr. You are not so wierd in my book.

You should tell Susie not to mess with pregnant chics. She harasses me constantly. She only lives about 12 hours from here... I could find her...


Meow said...

Not weird ... a little bit unusual perhaps, but not weird. Have a great day, Meow

CoolChic said...

My friend has to have a fan on when she goes to bed ALL the time!!

What you take at night to sleep, holy crap woman, 2 of those nyquil gel thingys, knock me into tomorrow. To be fair, I've never really taken much in the way of pain meds, so it takes very little to effect me.

I remember when I was working once, I had cramps so bad, I took two extra strength midol's and I was pretty much falling alseep while trying to deal with customers. lol

You shower in the morning and bath at is this for weird, if I take a bath, when I am done, I empty the tub and then take a quick shower. haha