Saturday, February 11, 2006

Violation of my..Whatever

Ok, it has recently come to my attention that people read my blog, who were not invited to read. This causes many issues for me, for one, this is a place where I can write whatever the hell I want and noone blabs there big fat mouths to anyone. If the crap I write here was for all to see, I would take out a page in The New York Times endorsing my site..

The people who come here are friends, most I do not know personally, but have become a huge part of my day and my life. The thing I liked about bloggin was the fact we don't know eachother, and we are all kind of annymous in most ways...

The outside people I gave my address to were people I trusted that would not blab the address and or its contents to the family and everyone else they may know....This is why I started a Family blog....But noone in the family reads the damn thing anyway, guess they are all over here reading crap that is none of their bushiness..

If I did not personally give you my address ( I am talking non bloggers here) then this was a place you were not invited too. There were only 2 members of family and friends that I gave this address too, one being my step mom..And I know she is NOT the culprit..In fact, she is the one I trust most of all, in many ways she is my best friend...

anyway, the point I am getting at is that I feel very violated and I am thinking of closing this down or changing my address again...I realize finding my blog would not be hard if you tried..And I purposely DID NOT give the address to some of the indivauls...The ones I trusted were not to give it out, or to "gossip" about what I write here....I thought this was a place I could vent or goof off a bit and not have to worry about anyone reading it or using it for family gossip hour..

I really hate changing my address again, because I know what a pain it is for those of you that come here...

I may go to a place where it is password safe..And those of you who want the password to read it will get it..But then it is hard to make new blog friends that way..And I enjoy all the new ones I have met over the last few months...

Please give me some advice..Should I change my address again?...I can see I wont write anything personal anymore...And its MY site, and I should be able to write what the heck I feel like....So screw all of you who were not invited to read it anyway..

I will inform you if I change it or quit...Love to you all

I changed my address before because of this....And this time I made dang sure I only gave it out to people I trusted....

what happen in blogland, stays in blogland....Thanks for ruining it assholes...

(sorry for the words, I hate swearing on here, but I am so mad and feel so damn violated)



just_tammy said...

I hope I'm not the reason you are going to runaway again! I do try to be nice and all that good stuff. Oh, the guilt!!! Hope you invite me along if you go into hiding. Take care and call if you need anything.

Badoozie said...

i'm first here i see. well JC: this is some heavy stuff you're laying down. You sound really angry, and I'm thinking maybe you wrote this feeling really angry, which i can understand. I don't think I like people I know really well reading my blog either. Because people tend to be judgmental, and critical.

apparently, you have a very critical family? they don't really know you im guessing. I think the part that bothers me most is that you feel like you can't be yourself for fear of these people judging you.

And is it just one person or is there a whole bunch of them? i have a lot of questions. but i really hope you reconsider changing your addy, or deleting the blog. my counselor told me not to long ago, you cna't live your life being someone you are not. it eats you up inside. and if this blog is a way for you to be yourself, and hang out, then you need to keep doing it, and not worry about those mean people. it might be time for you to just say "i don't care" just go for it, and let them be stupid and petty if that is how they are.

but then there may be something i'm not getting. like as if it has anything to do with your husbands job i don't know.

don't let these people win, and give up something you enjoy doing, and that is an outlet for you. be confident in who you are. that's my advice. just blog away. and tell them to shut their yaps.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

tammy, can follow me wherever I go honey:)

your right, I was mad when i wrote this, and I still am..

no it has nothing to do with the hubby and his work..

it is not my family persay but rather in laws if you will..and I normally do not care what people think, and they know this..

my probelm is that the people in the family circle I gave this address too I did not want blabbing about things I write here..about ANYTHING..becuase i write crap about my FIL and my sister and her gross hubby, and the hubbys family...but this is my only outlet, and now i feel it has been get what I mean?..Its like I found a peeping tom or like I have been stabbed in the back..

thank you for your comment though, you have made me feel a tad bit better..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh suzie,
and if you have any other questions fire away;)

momma of 2 said...

I understand what you are saying... my friend knows about my blog - and I have to be very careful about what I say - as to not upset that person. Now that I know the hubby reads it - I just go on like normal....

good luck - let me know what you decide to do... if you go with the password version - I'd like the password....

Peggy said...

JC sorry someone has been ratting on you. If you move again of course we will follow you if you let us. If you enjpy having new bloggers finding and reading your blog you won't get that with password. If family is reading this when they shouldn't be then screw them. As long as what you are saying is truth they can't do a damn thing about it but maybe change their stupid ways. You are who you are and if they don't like it tell them to start their own blog and bitch about it!!!! Hang in there girlfriend, we got your back.

Karin said...

Christina I totally know how you feel, when i started my blog it was just a little something for me and I didn't take it too seriously. I told Brad about it but no one else in my life. Brad was very proud of my blog and posted once about it on his blog. His mom then saw I had a blog and would come by everytime I posted. I thought I didn't mind and that it was no big deal that they know about it, but the closer it gets to the wedding the more I find myself sensoring the things I really want to say because I can't say how much the fmil is ticking me off. I keep thinking about starting a new blog and inviting you guys to but I don't know yet what to do. I don't know what the right answer for you is either, but if you feel like you will have to sensor yourself all the time than perhaps it is time to move. I think you would regret password protecting it though because you would never get new blood. Good luck, I will follow you whatever you decide to do.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you, and I will let you know what happens..

you made me smile:)..thank you, and you know what, what you say is right, all my family knows what a bitch i am anyway, so why should any of this shock them?..i just feel so mad because it seems that what I thought was private, wasnt so...and everything i say on here is true..well 99.99% haha..

I will let you know what happens or where i go, if i do go;)

on man that would suck..I know my MIL cant even turn on a computer, so I have no worries there..haha..its the rest of them I have to worry about I guess..good luck on yours..if you change let me know...but I am still thinking about what I will do..and I hate thinking;)

pack of 2 said...

Okay...first thing absolutely CAN"T just shut down your blog. I NEED to talk to you everyday. How would you feel if we did it? Or d.? See!!!! So, no just shuting down your blog.

I guess you could just move it again. I would fucking hate it if my family found mine. Shelly's the opposite....all of her family knows about it. Her family is alot more laid back than mine though.

Keep us posted on what you're doing.

Love to you girl.


keesh said...

I say tell the person who blabbed on you to screw off..That is really rude. We all need a place to vent and feel safe. I would feel devastated if certain people got my address. if you need to change your blog address hon, it is ok..we will follow. But you know they will find it again, especially if they come to any of our blogs...I say tell them how you feel and tell them to get a life...hang in there! BTW - I AM BACK :)>...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

gosh, I never thought of that..I would hate to lose you and shelly and d...

its not that write anything bad here, its just I know that only certain people can get here, so i dont worry..i mean my dad has my address for Gods sake...this is a place i like to talk about crap that pisses me off..wheather it be the hubby, my mother, the kids, or in laws...but now someone has wrecked it for me..

most likely I will stay here..screw them all anyway..

well see I am not sure who it is..if i did you know that I would say something to them..I have no proebem doing that..I am just not sure who it is, or how they got my address, or why they would blab...i have a pretty good idea, but i am not postive..and i dont want to blame someone for somethign they didnt do.

i already have rocky feelings about the hubbys I dont want to blame someone for something they didnt do...but i know its his family, not mine..

bout time your back..i am gonna go swing by now and see ya.

lawbrat said...

Can you block the IP addresses of the people you dont want here? That way, when they try to go to your site, its just not there.

I'm sorry you're going through this, its the pitts! Its your safe place, and it is a violation when its not safe anymore.

Good luck to you!

Mike said...

Keep me in the loop...whatever you decide.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

how do you do that? please fill me in..this may be an option if i can do it..thank you for that suggestion sweety;)

u know i will;-)

Marel Lecone said...

That sucks. I hope that it all works out. Keep us posted. :)

Melis said...

I know what you mean as well. I have occasionally posted about my FIL and what a complete moran he is. I, too, didn't at first think that I minded who had what until I realized that I didn't want to make things difficult for hubby so I started to watch what I said on mine.

You know that I'd kick your ASS if you just disappeared! You're my one and only dammit! LOL Keep me updated, and you know how to get me if ya need to blow off some of those "bad words"! *wink*

JD's Rose said...

Ohh this is a tough one. I think that it is entirely up to you. If you are pissed at them but don't really care - then fuck 'em. Stay.

If you feel like you cannot say whatever whenever becasue of it, then yes. Swap. You know that we will all come with you.


Meow said...

It's a shame you are going through this sort of thing. I think your blog is fabulous, and haven't noticed anything offensive about anyone. You are entitled to say what you like about whomever you like ... you shouldn't have to censor yourself in case someone reads it. Hopefully the offending person will read all these comments, and get the idea, and go away. Here's hoping, hey ??? If you chose to move, however, as someone else said ... they will find you again. I know I will follow you if you move, if you will have me. Hope everything works out, take care, Meow

Cliff Morrow said...

You'd better get in shape C. I can see a fight in your future. Remember, always protect your face and midsection. Situps can help you take a punch. :}

keesh said...

Sorry Christina, nothing new posted on my blog...until just now...sorry about that.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no me, I WILL get it taken care of;)

I know I can never hide from my best just sucks now because I am not sure who it was that gave the info out..but you can bet i will find out:)

its not so much that I care, because I dont..its just there are things that I feel are none of thier buisness..these are pepole who never call to see how we are, dont return emails if i send one to see how they are..dont call the kids on thier birhtdays..shit like I dont want them to have any part of my blog...when we moved outta state 2 years ago..seemd the hubbys family kinda kissed us off..(not his mother i dont mean her) but the rest of I do say fuck them all..

I will most likey stay here, and just cause tension in the family, thats what I do best;)

well thank you for you sweet words..and I am not gonna let a few sour apples ruin my apple crisp..i will either change my address, or make a whole new blog..but I will let you know when it happnes..thanks for sticking by me meow;)

I know..i did one milloin thousand sit ups last night..does that count?..haha

I noticed that you lead me on last night..lmoa...

vani said...

i know what you mean girlie, i started a family blog too for the same reasons....just let me know if you move again!

Jamie Dawn said...

Well, with this post, you've managed to get your point across and to thoroughly offend those who may be reading this and using it against you in some way. You could always write things about THEM on your blog. You know, embarrassing or personal stuff that you know, and that would make you even.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I now wonder what the ehck the purpose was for my family blog..I may just get rid of everything..piss on them..

you think i made my point?..well I could do all those things you mentioned, and I probably have enough matrieal to do so..

But then this blog wouldnt be about ME, it would be about THEM.and I am not giving them thier own blog..haha

I may just start making up stoires..and see how much of it gets passed around..hahaha

Badoozie said...

so if its the inlaws, whats the chance it's because they are jealous? maybe they are just feeling inferior to you. are you hot headed? i know i am, and my first reaction is to whoop people. but after i calm down, and see things in a new perspective, i realize i don't care what they say. i'm who i am, and will never change.

maybe, you should just get all your annoyance off your chest, and say the stuff to their face. like your sister. just say it to her face that her whatever he is makes you want to puke. and she is annoying just tell them right up front, and then you can do it whenver you want on the blog, without fear of being found out.

The Blog Whore said...

There are a couple things you can do. The first thing I think of is Myspace. You can make your blog private and open, but it's all on myspace. The private stuff you make for preferred readers and you can have open posts too. I don't care much for myspace but I'd go there for your blog and I bet every one else would too. You can actually meet a lot more people over there but you'd have to be really anonymous as to name and location.

Or you can change your address again. But I think the myspace is the best way to go. That way you can get really juicy and all of us privileged people can get an ear full. Assuming I am privileged, which I assume I am hee hee :)

CoolChic said...

Well that just plain sucks for you, I dunno how much of a pain it is to move a blog, but I will take your word for it.

I hate to see you going thru this, some people really blow!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, all I can to you right now is thanks for the talk earlier..i cant be sure it is the inlaws, but i can not think of anyone else..but it was dumb of me to trust anyone outside my comfort bad;)

I have seen myspace, i have a spot there, but never have wrote in it..I just kinda feel like it is set up for juvineiles or something...too busy for me..this over here seems more my style, but i may make a secert spot over there..if I do you will be the first to know:)

thanks, I think I have it all owrked out in my tiny lil head worries anymore;)

Tee said...

Ugh! That sucks! I know some family members found out about my blog who were not really *supposed* to, but I don't usually censor what I say because of it anyway. It's stinks not to be able to say whatever you want because people are purposefully seeking you out.

keesh said...

Christina - I felt the same way about myspace. I like it, but I can't follow it very easily. they need to make it more user friendly.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

how the hell do these people find us anyway?...are we that cool they need to stalk us over cyberspace? or are some of them to gossipy to keep thier traps shut?..I only ever invited less than a handful of family to my I regert it..

yes i have a hard time reading some of them cause they are so sparkly or too dark..and the templates are just to busy with moving crap and OMG..just not for me..if I was a teenager it would rock..but I am old and I am 30..too much work for me..:)

Krystal said...


I know the feeling of being violated. That's why I had to change my blog address. If you do change, may I suggest that NONE of us post you on our blogrolls for a while You never know who might be reading your fellow blogs. They could get your address from one of our sites. KWIM?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i have decied to keep my site here..i am not moving for anyone:)

but that is a good idea if I were to decide to leave here, and I know you know the sucks.let them read awya and air my not so dirty laundry;)

Mrs. Diamond said...

I do the password thing for similar reasons. There's only a handful of 'real life' people that i allow to read my blog. it never used to be that way, but somebody just had to go twisting something i said and blabbing it to the whole wide world as gospel truth when that wasn't even what i said.

the password is a bit of a nuisance, but i find those who really want to read my blog and be my friend, make the extra effort. And i can control who i let in, so i don't have to worry about people who read and never comment.

Samantha said...

Oh wow, I don't know what I'd do if my family found my blog. Not that I really write much about my family.. Just Kevin when he pisses me I have a "family blog" too that I invited the whole family to, though they never read I hope this all gets resolved soon!!

Anna said...

NO!!! You can't leave! Don't let a few morons ruin it for all of us! We'd miss you!

We LOVE your rantings and stories and uncensored writings. I say keep being yourself and don't change for anyone!

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