Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I made you a love day card

Well folks, get your chocolates and teddy's out, cuz its freaking valentines Day people...And because I wuv you, I made you a card....I know it may be the only card some of you get..

I know you can not read it well, for some reason I could not focus on it...But all your names are there..I hope I didn't forget anyone, if I did I am sorry, and I will explain why I may have forget in a second..

So Happy Valentines Day bloggers...Remember use protection:)


Since I am too cheap to buy a card for the husband, I will now list reasons why he is a good valentine...Ok...ya ready?

1. He lets me control the television every night

2. He makes cakes with Meg Ryan spawn with her Easy Bake Oven

3. He gets up with the kids on Saturday morning and lets me sleep

4. He lets me have my way on most everything

5. He goes and buys female products for me. I swear since I started my period I don't think I have ever bought a box of tampons...Why is that?..Every lady has her period....Yes makes no dang sense I know..

6. Lets me write whatever I want on here, knowing that it may stir up trouble

7. Has agreed to have the talk with Meltdown spawn, cuz he is a man and such, and isn't going to make me torture myself by making me tell my son about erections and puberty..when the time comes, he is still my baby and I think he has no clue about any of this yet...Poor thing

8.helps give kids baths..oh wait scartch that one..

9. gets toddler spawn ready for her bath getting her undressed than chasing her around so he can get a wipe and wipe the crap off her bottom

10. he didnt tell me lose weight when i was a hefty 215 pounds months after I had Meg Ryan spawn.....and still doesnt give me a hard time about being morbidly obsese.

I know, I know...he is all mine ladies.

Ok, I wont go on....I am too tired....But its cheaper than a Hallmark..And we all know I am cheap.


Ok, I am having some short term memory problems. I can not remember anything...Do they make viagra to stimulate your mind? Because I think I am on a downward spiral towards needing 24 hour nursing care and Depends...Any suggestions?


why wont my little Toddler spawn eat her beans , corn, or even her spaghetti o's, but I catch her eating dog food and dish soap? This makes no sense to me. Maybe with my short term memory problem I am just plum forgetting to feed her. Or maybe the dog food and soap taste better than my cooking...That is always a possibility..



Jamie Dawn said...

I analyzed your hand writing, and the results are scary. According to my sources, you are VERY disturbed. That can't be true, can it????
(Just kidding, of course)
Have a Happy Valentine's Day!
You have a good Hubby. Be extra nice to him on
V-day... that is, if you can remember to.

Karin said...

Awe thanks for the card. Yep you have yourself a good man. I don't think it is your cooking if she won't eat spaghetti-os either. Kids are just weird. Have a great Sappy love day.

Peggy said...

Thanks for the card.. you are sweet like that! LOL
I think the memory thing is from the drinking water.... I don't remember things either. Your hubby sounds like a super sweet guy... be nice to him! With the dog food and dish soap you won't have to worry about her not pooping LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no your finding are right...I am VERY disburbed..heehee..hope your hubby gets you something real nice jd;)

you bet..i like dishing out the love to my pals you know;)

well the way i cook the spaegtti o's may be the probelm..maybe she likes them heating in a sauce pan rather than the microwave..:)

aw shucks..

you havea good point with the poop..i may get an extra load later huh?..haha

Krystal said...

Thank-you for the card. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. :)

momma of 2 said...

Thanks for the card...Hope you have a good day... sounds like you have a Hubby who makes every day Valentine's Day. I think Bruce Willis said it best when he said that it's just a way to get men to spend $$$ they don't have - or to make woman feel bad about themselves... I knew I like him for a reason.

You have yourself a great man - don't forget it.

Samantha said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too! That was so sweet... the card to everyone and the list about why your hubby is so awesome...

lawbrat said...

That is the sweeting thing! Bloggers valentine card.

Your hubby sounds fantastic! You have a keeper there!

Mrs. Diamond said...

Happy Valentine's day girl. I loved your list... I was too cheap to buy a card too. I did buy him chocolates and baked him muffins and cookies. Then I'll just eat them. bwahahaha

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

glad it made you all warm and fuzzy...just hope not TOO warm and fuzzy...teehee;)

amen to that..and thank you..u got yourself a good man too..furnture is not a bad gift;)

were you able to see your name?...its there...so far everyone i have seen on this post has there name there..maybe i didnt forget too many then...haha

have a good heart day;)

thanks..did you see your name there..your name was on the card too..i made sure;)

yup he is a keeper, for now anyway:)

Mrs. Diamond said...

Oh! I'm on your 'peeps' list! You're so sweet... I'll add you to my blogroll too. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d,
well i did that last week silly girl..and your name is on the card too...;)

i dont ever forgetcha...:)

Marel Lecone said...

And, big Happy Valentine's to you too. Great post. :)

Meow said...

Shucks, thanks for the card. Sounds like your man is one of the best ... mine's like that too. Maybe they're brothers !!
Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Take care, Meow

Gangadhar said...

Happy Valentine's Day,Christina!!

with best wishes

Gangadhar said...

you can visit my blog now..the problem of loading the page's been solved....
thank you

JD's Rose said...

Is the nurse hot?

Just wondering.

Happy Valentines Day!


Mike said...

Sounds like you have a keeper there...have a great day!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..have a good one..hope hubby is good to you;)..( i saw your earings)

your quite welcome for the card..i know it its hard to see..sorry..

yup he is a good guy, I might keep him around for a little while longer;)

happy v -da to you too..I will be over to your blog soon now;)

The nurse is hot in more than one way honey..

happy valentiens day chica;)

thank you...hope you have fun with your valentine tongiht;)

keesh said...

I don't see my name, but I will take your word for it. Same to you sista :). Did you say Morbidly Obese??? You need help. serious help. didn't you watch Dr Phil where the guy weighed almost 1000lbs? that is morbidly obese. you my friend are far from that. geesh, you got me all flustered today.

Nerdine said...

I'll be happy if I find a man like yours, JC... Still looking, though!

Happy Valentines to you too

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

your name is the second one in the first column there miss smarty pants:)

its hard to read its all fuzzy, but it is there scouts honor;)

well keep looking, your will find one..i would send you one of his brothers, but they are both married..plus they arent half as good as this one..hahaha

Working Mom said...

I see my name, I see my name! Yippee! Thanks for the card!

You have a good hubby. I hope you have a nice V-day!

mom of 3 girls said...

Happy Valentines day! You have a good man! I think u may be forgetting to feed the poor baby! LOL Have a good day!!

Anne said...

Happy V-Day Sweetie :)

Too cute that hubby makes cakes with your girl!!

I've caught all of my kids at one time or another eating dog food or drinking from the dish...don't let this get back to my blog or people will think my cooking sucks!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup I got all my best girls covered..i just hope i didnt forget anyone..and man, what hell i will have to pay if i did..

well she just ate her valentie candy for breakfst..so shes good..haha

did you see yoour name?..its there..

your secert is safe with me..;)

well maybe;)

Badoozie said...

toddler spawn might be taking after you, and your childhood habit of eating paint chips.

"morbidly obese" was used in this post to describe your current status. If YOU are in this condition, what are you saying about most of us? we are whales, waiting to be pushed back in the ocean? come on . oh, and i want a list posted here by hubby on the reasons he likes/loves you.

ps, thanks for the card i can't read.
you are silly, really, you are.

Anna said...

Happy Valentines right back atcha-
to you, your hillarious kids and your wonderful husband!

just_tammy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Thanks so much for all of my cards. I'm up to three and there all from my bestest friend Christina aka raspberryberet3. Hope you have a great day!

Oh, dog food and soap - yummy!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so you want the hubby to make a list huh?..well I will see if he will comply with yuour demands..I will have him work on it tongiht..or else i will just make up nice crap about me..haha

no, everyone else is normal..no worries honey;)

your name was on it too, I hope you saw it..haha..i should of used black to write instead of blue..what the heck was i thining?

awwww....boy 3 cards in one day isnt bad huh?...kinda sounds like you might have a stalker though..haha

love ya:-)

Felecia said...

PLUS...he's a preacher! (Just kidding - had to throw that in there)

What a great way to start my day! Some love from a MN dove:) Right back atcha, sugar. Sounds like you've got yourself a great husband; which means we've got quite a bit in common! They really are good guys, aren't they?

Amen to the toddler spawn eating issues... I've got a few to contend with in my own little guy!

CoolChic said...

Happy Valentine's Day Christina, great list for the hubby, sounds like he is a wonderful man!!

Thanks for the card, very sweet. :o)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh yes, I forgot that one...thank you for remindng me;)

we need to hook up on of these days..I have a feeling we could stir a lot of trouble togheter..heehee

i hope you saw your name..cuz its there..i know its hard to read..


well he has his moments..haha

hope you havea wonderful valenties day chicky:-)

pack of 2 said...

Thanks for the card girl and don't worry....we'll use protection. Wouldn't want any little Shangie's running around.;)

Big Valentine day smoochies to you!


Jamie Dawn said...

It's LOVE Day!
Happy V-Day to you!!!!

Cori said...

I am looking hard for my name!
I love the way you listed all of the things your hubby does for you. I think I will use your idea and make him a card that has a list to. Can i just copy yours? Happy Valentines day!
No eat chocolate!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no I think the pitter patter of lil shangies would be so darn cute;)

right back at ya;)

shoot...shoot..ok I said i had short term memory proebelms..i am sorry, I did forget your name..damn it..please forgive me..I will make it up to you..

i got a big box of candy, and I havent opened yet:)

Melis said...

Awwww thanks for the card... But! WTH! I only made 4th on your list?!?! I'm crushed! So much for being your one and only, huh?! LOL

How sweet of hubby! He's a keeper *unless he does something dumb, then by all mean don't keep him in the house!* LOL

Kids, eating habits, ugg! Yep! That's about all on that! lmao

Hope your day was fantabulous! :) Love ya girly!

Cori said...

Please don't ever be sorry. I know you love me!!!
No eata chocolate.

LocuTus of Borg said...

HPV!! Yes that i a good list!