Thursday, February 02, 2006

Afternoon delight

well, a nice afternoon post here. I just wanted to say that I have been working on one of the children's books, and I nearly have the story idea complete. It needs some serious brush up work, but the concept for the most part is all wrote down.

I also have learned I am not the artist I thought I was. I tried sketching some pictures, I nearly wet myself from the hideousness that was my drawings.

Maybe if I work on it more, I will be better. Then again maybe not.....That is a book all in itself. It truly looks like maybe I had a one too many drinks and grabbed some colored pencils.

I have a bit of a rant here. We all know yesterday was Meg's birthday. My MIL called about 4 times, she even called last night and talked with meltdown spawn...She then called back not even 15 minutes later to thank us for letting him call her..

um excuse me MIL, you called us.....Please take your pills and call me in the morning

Then my sister called her, she got a call from my grandparents, got a package from my dad and future step mother.

Now what about the FIL....Well no call, but he said last week sometime he was just going to send her a savings bond...A 50 buck savings bond..

I have no problem with the savings bond per say.....But when that is all you do for every birthday and holiday, you are a cheap bastard. I don't normally like using curse words, but it pisses me off..Put some damn thought into something for once.

And the hubbys brothers did not even acknowlge she had a birthday. No call, no card...I swear, when his brothers kids have birthdays I am the only one who remebers and I make sure we get a card out and I usually try and send an email to let them know that something is in the mail...

I told hubby last night that I done remebering his families birthdays. From now on he is in charge of calling, card sending, and whatnot...

So there.

Here are two pics from yesterday..It is Toddler spawn enjoying the fruits of Meg's birthday and Meg showing off her cupcake. We get the cake Friday for her party. The damn thing better be cute too

you enjoying the picutres, yes me too..blogger sucks today.Im outta here



Samantha said...

*off topic and to make you giggle*.. Someone signed the inside spine of my highschool yearbook "I was the first to sign your crack". Since Blogger doesn't have a crack, what am I supposed to say, huh? LOL

I don't remember anybodys birthdays except my kids and hubby, and my Moms and Grandmothers. I have no idea when my brothers and sister birthday is. But then, I wasn't raised with them, so that might have something to do with it.

So Blogger has PMS today and not letting you post pictures huh?

Working Mom said...

Bummer, no pics!

I'm the same way with hubby's family bdays. It's always me sending/calling/emailing. I think it's time the hubby's start doing something.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i have a memorey like an elephant, maybe the body of one too..haha

no photos, someitmes i wonder why i even freaking bother..

Samantha said...

LOL @ "body like an elephant"... I gotcha beat on that one! Maybe not the memory though... Can you get Alzheimers at 30? lol

CoolChic said...

Great pictures, best I've seen on any blog!!!

Have fun with the b-day party tomorrow.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i think you can get it, cus somedays I do wonder about my memoery..but I can remeber phone numbers I knew 20 years that is sad.

i knew they were good pics..I just knew it;)

Samantha said...

Ok, I thought I was going crazy there at first... I was like WHAT PICTURES...LOL. Alzheimers and senility... gotta love it...

momma of 2 said...

Whew - i thought "oh crap" I am getting old I can't see pictures...

Hope she had a happy birthday!

Peggy said...

great pictures! LOL I am same way with hubby's family especially his kids and grandkids. I send them cards with money (thats what they always ask for) and they never let us know they got it until we ask and then its oh yeah... not even a thank you. I stopped sending the dang cards and now they ask William why they never get anything anymore. He is gone all the time and can't mail so they know its up to me. when they can say thank you then it might happen again.. until then they can suck donkey balls.

Badoozie said...

okay, first no one commented on your new profile picture. must i be the one that notices everything?

pretty much a lot of people know that remembering their husbands families days is a complete waste of energy. it is a thankless task. i agree, let your husband do it. if he really wants to, he can. men are completely capable of getting a little calendar thingy, and writing down birthdays and at least calling.

trust me none of his family is going to be won over by this act. if they don't like you for you, remembering all their days isn't going to matter. unless you just want to do it for the kids.

savings bonds are boring. he should have gotten her some new socks or something.

hey, i have an awesome idea for your kids books. why don't you have YOUR kids illustrate it? would that not be the coolest thing ever? you write the story and they draw the pic? and i bet they draw better than you too. i know my son draws better than i do. i stink at drawing.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

haha...maybe you better get that cheked out..heehee

nopre your not old..well maybe you are..LMAO...she did have a good birthday, thanks;)

amen sista...i am glad you can feel my pain here.

oh you noticed my new picutre:) its kinda creepy isnt it?..I love photoshopp;)

you know what, that is really a wonderful idea..I will have to give you credit for this when it is published;)

my son is a wonderful drawer too..I tell you, our sons are perfect for eachother;)

Karin said...

Neat effect on the new profile picture. I love the cupcake it is so fancy. If I can find the really lame childrens book I wrote and illustrated in High school I will scan it and post it, it will make you feel much better about your skills. Brad buys all the gifts for his family and he likes picking out the perfect thing for each person. He just asks me if they are good ideas. Yep I am lucky.

Meow said...

Don't take it personally ... Blogger wouldn't let me post most of the day Thursday, either !!!

Melis said...

Too cool about the books!! Yippie for you!

The Birthday... don't feel too bad there girly. My FIL was told a DAY before the lil one's Bday last year (Sept) and he forgot! THEN was told two days before the 13 yo's Bday and forgot THAT one, too. Caught HELL for both of 'em, and this last time told hubby that as soon as he got off the phone would send her something... and he did... ::drum roll:: AN ECARD! Grrrrrrrrrr! So it could be worse! LOL

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