Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bossy Suzie saturday

So this Saturday Suzie has listed some questions she was nosy about, now we ansewer them...

here we go..

What is the most embarrassing noise you have ever made? I dont think I ever make any noises...I am as quite as a mouse....i will not admit ever to any noises that i have or may not have made

* What is the ugliest thing you can think of? it would have to be my BIL with his black teeth and moles on his face that are sprouting would you like cuddling up to that ladies, my sister does..hardy har har

* If you were a dog, what kind would you be? a wolf....give me a reason to howl, now when I do it its just plain weird.

* If you have a college degree, what is it in, and what do you actually do for work? well I have done the buety school thing, but didnt do that for long, I have went to college for many things, but have not finished one particualr activity....Lets see, I can start IV's, draw blood, give shots, suture up and cut....anyone need any of these things done.....?

* Have you ever seen a two headed anything? If so, what was it.I think I have seen a two headed snake, but that coulda just been a nightmare.

* Would you rather be 4 feet tall, or have big toes where your thumbs should be? I would rather have big toes where my thumbs should be, and this is beacuse I dont want my kids taller than me. And Big fugly thumbs are easier to hide than being 4 feet tall.

* name the weirdest looking person you have ever seen. SO many..

* Give us a link to what you consider the "funniest post" on your blog. (html please). I dont know how to do that, plus I dont think anything I have wrote has ever been that funny, but at the end of this post i will cut and paste one that is kind of gross...might be funny to some becuase it didnt happen to you..

* Name an animal that you absolutely hate. I dont think I hate any animal, if you talking reptiles and archnids..I hate spiders and for 4 legged furry nimals..oh wait..I hate bats.

* The weirdest thing you have ever seen on a blog. (unless it's nasty)?Other than having nakked pics of things, thats about it...I dont usually go to blogs I dont know..

* Estimate how much time you spend blogging each day? Lets see, about one hour in the morning, and about 3 hours in the evening. Is that too much?

* What would make you like/dislike a blog on first impression?Well if the first sentence is funny or intriging in anyway, I like it..I dont much care for curse words, but am willing to overlook it if the rest is good.

* Make up 2 random questions and add them to your list. I can't be expected to think of everything people

what is your favoitre color? it aint easy being green, but I likes it

cant think of anohter one, sorry...

ok here is the entry I was talking about..

i will post it later, gotta run

ok here is the lame post I was talking about..not really funny, but more yucky than anything, like I said..I am not too funny, so here ya go..

Friday, May 27, 2005

Crappy dryer..(literally)
So your never gonna guess what misadveture my life took me yesterday!!...It first started Wednesday night...At about 8:30 pm...My hubby asks me if I would start some laundry..I told him..Are you nuts?...

I did all the laundry today!!...Well apparently he had a stash of his clothes laying on the bathroom floor in our room...(I had not paid much attention when I was in there)..
He stated he did not have any pants to wear for work the next day.(typical man...Waiting till the last minute..Then not even doing it himself!!)...

So I made the treck all the way down to the basement...Grabbed some other dark clothes that had been thrown down the laundry shoot that night,as he didn't have enough for a whole load...

Any hoo....I start the wash...And he put them in the dryer when he woke up the next morning...

When my hubby came upstairs to shave and brush the teeth...I could tell he kept smelling his pants...But I didn't not question anything..Because at 6am..I did not care....I heard him leave bout 10 minutes later...Then bout 5 minutes later..I heard the front door open and him trek upstairs to the bedroom..

He said "I cant wear these pants..They smell like sh*t"..I said no they don't....He's like "yeah they do, smell them".

so he threw his droors at me..I took a wif...And I nearly dropped dead...

I said"..Well I wonder why they smell so weird"..

But he changed his pants (he had to wear his suit pants)...And left...

Well after I had awoken and got the kids ready for school..I went down to start some more laundry...I took those clothes out of the dryer...But as I opened up the dryer door..I was hit with a smell I had never smelled in a dryer before..It was....ohh..It was awful.....

I held my breath and peeked my head inside of the dryer...And melted on the side of MY dryer..Was a big ole turd:-0

I know your thinking how could that happen...Well I do not know...None of the kids will fess up to it....

But I do have a feeling..As a trick of somekind..Whether by God or someone else...I think somehow cat crap was put in there...My laundry shoot basket is right next to her litter box...Maybe when my kitty was doing her scratching a lump of her kitty crap landed in the pants I was about to wash..Not sure though..

But that is the case of my mysterious dryer crap...It is all a big mystery...Needless to say....My new dryer will be here in a few days...I have to hang my clothes on my clothes line in the laundry room now..So it takes about 10 days for a load to dry..!!Oh..Such as life...:-(

there ya go, can anyone top that one?



Lavender Dawn said...

Wow, that Susie can be a pain, can't she!

Why do you hate bats? Do you know how many bugs we would have if it weren't for bats? ;D

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I dont like bats, becuase last summer they kept getting into my seemd like twice a week we had one coming in at night, if they were out eating would be ok..hahaha

novaks8 said...

Too funny!

How are you today?

Karin said...

Ha ha you gave the hubby crappy pants. You seem to not be playing along with your normal spunk. Is everything ok?

Cliff Morrow said...

The bil had me laughing. You are ...well, different.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh, I am good today, and yourself?

oh just having an off know how that goes?..

differnt in a good way, or bad way?

Meow said...

That's a great list, but I love your poo post. How funny was that (and how yucky !!). Shame you had to buy a new dryer ... that was an expensive turd !!!
Take care, Meow

Samantha said...

I have a bat story... But I'll post that on my blog now that you made me think of

Everything about me is boring, so I better not do that list.. Might put people to sleep.

And ewwwww... Nope can't top that other than Hannah fingerpainting with her poo all over her bed and wall when she was smaller... Smaller like a few months

CoolChic said...

LMAO! At the dryer story!! Too funny.

Bats...I was at my uncles once sitting in the living room and this thing kept flying thru the room, and I asked what the heck is that, and my uncle so calmly said it's a bat. lol I jumped up cause it freaked me out!!

Jen said...

That's freaky. We've had some scary poop stories, but I usually have some idea where it's coming from, and it's usually in the washer.

I'm going to be worrying about that now...

Anna said...

OMG!!! That's so terrible and funny!
That's what hubby gets for waiting 'til the last minute and not taking care of it himself ;)