Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I have "sucker" taped on my head ...

I did a few things I swear I would never do. One being I did some "monkeying around" on my Myspace.com account. I have had it for over a year and never touched it. Well yesterday I broke my vow of a myspace/com -less life..Dang it all to heck..

Then my cute little Baby Boo refuses to eat what I make for dinner. I spent a better part of the day whipeingleaking snot from her nose and meeting all her daily demands, yet she wont eat her dang pork chop..We finally got her to put a piece in her mouth..I kid you not, this baby chewed one piece for over a half hour...She would not swallow it..

After 45 minutes of fighting I told her she was going to go hungry then. She got up from the table and as one of her siblings would walk be she would say in her most pathtic voice " look, look I am crying" and when they would they would not pay attention to her pathtic advances for attention she would say " Look, Look see see see see see see I crying"

oh brother..........

I then go back on my word of making her self proclaimed hunger strike a success..I say " you want some cheerios?"

" yes momma, cheerios ppeeeese"

I put the bowl in front of her.." Tank choo momma"

I swear this kid could talk me into a bank robbery..

I then make a run to the store..And around every corner there was a man saying "hello"....Ok I know my hair is mess, I am wearing workout pants and probably stink like sweat mixed with snot.....Are there really men out there that desperate?

Bee Real


Badoozie said...

i'm first

Fantastagirl said...

Geesh - you must be one hot mama - in sweats etc...

Badoozie said...

yes, there are men who look upon you. it is life. you could wear a potato sack, and put crap in yourhair, and they would look. like the gross taco bell guy today, ewwwwwwwww. he gave me "extra napkins' so i could what. wipe the tears from my eyes from the pure ugliness of him?

myspace.com is the devil

don't make your kid eat nasty pork chops, those things are sick. and they do take forever to chew, she doesn't like meat, some people don't like the texture of meat, you meathead, i was one of those kids, and i am really resentful of being made to eat that nasty stuff. i don't eat anything like pork chops. i remember chewing, and chewing and wanting to throw up, and then when THEY weren't looking spitting it into the napkin or throwing it on the floor, or stuffing down my pants, whatever it took

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well she noramlly gobbles up her meat...thats what is pssing me off:)...and did you call me a meathead???....

hot indeed;)

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i have a myspace blog, that's the one with msn i think. i don't keep it up though, i have enough problems just looking after this one.

Wethyb said...

I wish I could look so hot and get guys to say hi to me. Geesh :)

Meow said...

Kids have an uncanny way of wrapping their mums and dads around their little fingers, and getting what they want, don't they !!! Oh well. Take care, Meow

Mrs. Diamond said...

hmm..my kids LOVE pork chops. But then we're all carnivores in this family. LOL

Working Mom said...

Bug's the same way with eating, drives me nuts! My mom says I was the same way (still am with meat) and what goes around comes around.

Doesn't it make you feel good that you can feel like you look like crap and men will still hit on you? Some guys like that "sweaty, just worked out" look. You can't help it if you're hot...lol

pack of 2 said...

I hated pork chops when I was a kid...they weirded me out:)


Marel Lecone said...

You know that men love you. :) Isn't it funny at our worst, they come a-calling?!?! :)

Melis said...

Oh my! Sounds like Boo just might be able to give my lil one a run for her money on that one girly.. but still not my son! LOL And you're about a big a pushover as me! lmao!!!

WHAT?!?! Someone is checkin out my one and only???? I'm on my way to kick some ass and take names later! :)

Bumbling Bav said...

When my oldest (all of 6 yrs) was two and a bit, I remember putting him to bed one night and noticing something in his mouth while trying to brush his teath. IT WAS THE MEAT FROM DINNER!

jd's rose said...

I want to know where the hell you got the name "Bossy Britches" from?!


lawbrat said...

She has her momma wraped around her little pinky!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am niot sure about the whole Myspace thing..I feel like a juvinile..and its kinda weird filling out a questioaire if I am Bi-gay-or staright..just to blog..YIKES...

go to the store about 6pm with messy hair, workout clothes and dried snot on you somewhere..they will come i swear;)

that is very true..specailly this one..she is the baby and I would let her set fire to my hair if she asked;)..glad she cant really talk..haha

Mrs D,
mine ussually do...but Boo is sick, so I think this is why she is being so fussy..I hope anyway..

my 9 year old son refuses to eat stuff..I mean he lives on 3 items and he has them for EVERY meal..it is very hard to deal with..I hope Bug dont end up like that..

I was never picky as a kid..I didnt like meatloaf, thats about it..and this kid usally eats her dinner, but the last week or so she has went on some kinda hunger strike;)

yes proof once again that men are just horny and dont care what you look like;)

I swear if our 2 lil ones got toghter we would be in trouble..BIG trouble...

I think my 6 year old was caught doing the same thing when she was a wee one...kids are damn stuborn..

well now dont go spreadin that around now;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know.....and it pisses me off:-)

Mike said...

I've never had an interest in myspace....and it sounds like this kid has you wrapped around her little finger...lol

You probably looked good in sweats too.

Badoozie said...

i did call you a meat head, see how that works? i call you a name, you get shocked, and then i confirm it. hahaha
well, she's at that age, where they begin to want some control over their lives. they are feeling the contraints of your constant "bossing".

give her choices between two things you would give her anyways they everyone's happy.

little buzzyboo, do you want a pork chop, or a rack of lamb? then if she gets to pick, she feels pretty powerful, and presto, stops fighting you on everything to exert her power.

i've read every child raising book writin i think.

Felecia said...

We do every kind of song and dance available to get our 2 year old to eat a regular meal - once we can get him past that first bite, it's relatively easy (and 10pm...)

How funny is it that when you look your worst, you receive the most attention!? I napped hard last weekend and when I woke up, I realized we needed a few items from the market; the 17 year old cashier at Kowalski's was actually flirting with me and asked if I was 18 or 19! It would have been perfect had I not gotten all flustered and tripped on the rug on my way out...

Nerdine said...

Ok - three things:
first: Good for her! I wouldn't touch your pork chops either - but then I'm a vegetarian...

second: Send over some of thoes guys my way, mkay?

third: Myspace is weird. I had an account there for about a month and never understood why they had to know all those things about me... I just wanted to blog damn it! I don't want to check out guys with myspace - I'm not that desperate. Although - guys that are attracted to half crazy moms at the stores might not be my first pick either come to think of it...

hmm who am I kidding - it's been too long - I AM getting desperate...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

myspace is kinda creepy...and this kid has me wrappred around all 10 i think..

didnt your mother teach you that name calling is mean?...you are a big meany and a do do head..how does it feel?..

hmm choices?..that would go aginst my saying " kids I aint runnin a diner here"..haha..but I alwyas do give em a choice..I am so bad..

whoa, being mistaken for 18 or 19..u foxy momma..I think these guys must think I am 40..cuz thats about how old they were...now i dont feel as good about it now..thanks..haha

hmm, well not a one of them looked appitising if you know what I mean..dont get too despartte..maybe you should join one of them dating sites..my mom is on match.com and has had 5 dates...what a slut..haha

mom of 3 girls said...

I agree you have SUCKER taped to your forehead!!! At least you didnt make the poor little girl starve to death! She is so darn cute! How could you not give into her?

CoolChic said...

Pushover? My niece has me wrapped around her little finger. Her father was trying to make her eat something (I can't remember what it was) take into account that this little girl is NOT a fussy eater, she will try anything and she loves her veggies. Well she was sitting in the kitchen crying and my brother was getting mad, I came in and saw the tears in her eyes, I asked what was wrong, and she said "Daddy's being mean". With those tears in her eyes, it almost made me cry. I picked her up and told her she didn't have to eat it. My brother got mad, but I didn't care. Isn't that what aunts are suppose to do? She's just so precious, I dunno how anyone would want her to cry. lol

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh I hate it when my kids won't eat! Kels likes to hold the food in her cheek like a little chipmunk...and keep it there as long as possible.
She once woke up from a nap with an entire chicken nugget in her cheek..and she had a pacifier in her mouth!
Merry used to act afraid of the food...I was just sure she had some rare childhood eating disorder...we prayed for her at church, and she started eating.
Hasn't stopped since.

As for the shopping in the sweats thing...I get hit on at the grocery store ALL the time. I come home, completely puzzled as to how these men could find me attractive in my messy clothes and wild hair.

Scott always tells me that I am clueless. Apparently men are complete animals and like women that look that way. LOL

novaks8 said...

That is a turn on for most men!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i think its tatooted not taped there...u should her today..man I let her get away with too much..she might be a sereil killer when she grows up..

aww...you such a good aunt..my kids would love an aunt like that;) wanna adpot them?

now that is a lil hodini there..chicken nugget, slppeing with a pacifer..holy crap..

it seesm the guys ponly check me out when i am at my worst, I like to think its becuase when I am all cleaned up..they know they dont have a chance so they dont bother..hahah

i guess it must be...men are weird...

Michele_3 said...

Wow, My little one will eat anything but meat on his plate unless it's chicken of course..

my oldest one is so picky, he never wants to eat anything except Tacos, Pizza or Pasta- I'm hoping he outgrows this phase, he drives me crazy! LOL!

P.S stay away from myspace,there's alot of weirdos on there!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I have the 3 pickers eater in the whole freaking world...especailly the oldest..he is SEROIUS issues..ugg..

ok, I can not get to your blog...you took it off your profile..i was going to add you to my list..but i am slow..very slow..and now i cant get to you at all..i hope your happy missy..

myspace is scarey....but i have about 10 i look at over there..some are some real freakos..makes me seem normal;)

keesh said...

Hey, I am still going to be posting on my blog, but it will be based on more of a strict schedule. WHen the kid is in bed and hubby is out of town I will probably post like crazy, but I have really made a goal for myself and since I work part time, my time with Mason is limited. But I really need the outlet so I didn't want to get rid of it totally.
Don't worry about the dinner and cherrios thing, I am bad about that sometimes. In fact I told my son if he was good at the sitter today he could have a krispy creme for dinner. man am I bad.

angel, jr. said...

I have myspace too. Not sure why, but I do.

Choppzs said...

I am the same way with my kids. I tell them if they don't eat what's there, they don't eat. Then an hour later after sitting at the table grumbling and picking at whatever, they always end up with the Beloved Cheerios!! lol Gotta love em!

Cori said...

My kids eat pork chops with ketchup. Anything they can dip they will eat. Kinda. And plus isn't ketchup a vegetable?

Michele_3 said...

BB~Try now, I was messing around on blogger last night & don't know what I did, didn't mean to disable anything- Ha-ha!
Have a good one!

vani said...

myspace is pretty lame i think, its for people who are trying to get laid in more ways than one! lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

good, i am glad your not leaving me...and I know how consuming blogging can be..I have cut back a lot..I post at night when they go to bed..and just check it at nap time or when they are playing quietly..:)

yes, not sure why I do either..

whats it with the cheerios?..I hate the little suckers..but kids dig em..haha

funny you say that about ketchup..I put it on EVERYTHING..and my 6 year old even puts it on her chicken..gag me;)

ok I am going to try now...you bettr not be fooling with me..HAHA

AMEN....but i am not trying to..haha

CoolChic said...

The cheerios are heart heathy, eat'em up girly. lol

Yes, I'll be an adoptable aunt for your kids, they are too cute, how could I say no? lol

My niece she isn't fussy like I said, but then meet her older sister, man she is SO fussy!!!