Monday, February 13, 2006

I am becoming a vegetarian

I mean this is many different forms. Not only am I wanting to stop eating meat again, but I also am done chewing the fat, if you will. I will stick to rawness. As in veggies and fruits and also emotion.

I try to be very light hearted here, and give a glimpse of my crappy little life to those of you who care. Ok my life really isn't that crappy, if summer would get here I would be all set. But aside from that, I like telling personal stuff, that I thought was between us. The people I let into this world were very "privileged" I don't mean that in the sense that I am all that. I mean it in the sense that I did not trust many folks with the address. Not many family or friends were given this address, and I thought that I had made some good choices on who I gave it out too. I write things here I do not share with people, things that are all in my head, or things that tick me off, or events that happen..If I had wanted everyone to know, I would call them and tell them..mmmakay?

I have come to the descion that I don't even care anymore. I am not going to hide my thoughts or feeling because of one bad apple. I can sleep at night knowing that I am not a gossiper, or out there spreading stuff about other people. Not that anything I write here would be considered gossip or anything, but I do write some stuff here that I have not shared with others..

I will give you an example of something. I talked to my grandma today. My grandpa drove by our old house, ( the one we are renting out) they guy was outside so gramps stops by to talk to him..

this guy told him "I hear a preacher use to live here"

Now my grandpa was all like, huh? Nope no preacher ever lived here. But someone told him my hubby was preacher...Now we all know he is not, and that he is thinking about perusing this in the future. So then I had to explain to my dear ole granny about the whole preacher thing..When I had not told her anything yet...But someone must have read it here, and decided to go spread it around the city limits of Craptown USA...Isn't that sad? My grandma heard a rumor from a story on my blog....Its kind of like passing notes in the 8th grade. So had to tell her that he was just in the thinking stage of this and No he is NOT a preacher yet, she had not missed anything.

I don't care what I write and I have never really censored myself before, but now I think I might have too. Which really ticks me off.But if I want to write about what a useless piece of crap I think my FIL is or how nuts my MIL can be, and how I think my BIL's have totally abanded our family since we moved here...None of them has made one single effort to come visit us since we moved here...Yet my one BIL and his wife make trips to Penn. To see her brother and his wife..But not ONCE have they EVER made mention of coming here..I say screw them all...SO someone please go spread it around...I know your dyeing too..I will be sure not to call your kids on their birthdays or to send out a card on time...Just paying it forward people....I am so damn sick of being the only one who tries to keep in touch. I am done.

Hubby talks with his one brother regularly, not real talk. Just surface talk. I think it kind of hurts his feelings that he plans trips to Penn and not here..But he would never say anything...Unlike me.

Anyhoo, I am done talking about this. I expect a phone call from someone in the hubbys family right about..

Lets give em something to talk about....Ok lets see...

We have talked about selling all our crap and moving...Just moving away from here. I feel as though I have become too materialistic. We have stuff, too much stuff, and stuff we do not need. Who needs 3 televisions, 2 DVD players, 2 cars, 2 cell phones, 2 houses?...Ok the house I have been trying to get rid of..

I feel as though we are bombarded with crap. I want a simple life. I have always thought I wanted to live in a huge city with a huge home and nice crap....

I now know I want a small home, just big enough for the 5 of us. I would not even mind if I had no phones. Maybe some goats and a nice sunflower plantation in the deep south somewhere...

Of course I will still keep my computer. I mean I do have my standards. My heart may stop pumping blood though out my body if that luxury should dissipate. I am only human folks.



AL said...

Damn - rough weekend?!!? I have a lot of the same feelings right now! To my knowledge, none of my family has my site, but the fear is there that they will find it. My most recent battle has been with my Hubby and it is just making me so angry, I mean ANGRY! I say, screw 'em. This is your blog, your voice, your stuff . . . it they choose to read it, they should know this. Maybe you need a giant banner that flashes that says something like, "Oh, glad you're here. If your invited - great! If your not - go away and keep your comments to yourself!" LOL - I obviously needed to vent about this, too!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Diamond said...

oh dear. ok, it wasn't me ok. ;)

I didn't tell ANYONE that your hubby is a preacher. Or wants to be.

I'm so done trying with the inlaws too. I tried for years to get close, get together, and now that I'm done trying (i'm not closed to them, just done trying) they all think I'm mad at them. Whatever.

Mrs. Diamond said...

Oh! I need 2 dvd players. I really do. And at least 2 tvs. Cuz when my husband hogs the one with the xbox, what am I sposed to do?

momma of 2 said...

Damn - and I thought I was having a crappy weekend. I understand where you are coming from... too bad you just can't block their IP from your blog - but if they have dial up they will have a new IP each and every time.... I have a "real life Friend" that reads my blog... and there's stuff I want to blog about and can't because well - I can't let her read it. it sucks....

Peggy said...

You can always move down to the eastern part of NC near me and Mary. I will even let you homestead and build a cabin or small cottage on our property... you and Mary can go out on the town once in awhile and I will keep ALL the kids... I can be nice when I want to LOL its just not very often

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my hubby knows everything i write here, someitmes he gets nervous because there are memebrs of his family I do let read it, but i told him that hell they know by now the way i think about things, no sence in chagngin it now..hahaa

and the banner idea is a good one..LMAO

mrs dimaond,
are you sure it wasnt you??...haha

i know about the tv thing, i someites need to escape from the crap these people watch too..

password thing is not bad concept, i am serously thinking about it..

plus i have no idea how to block that kinda stuff..i am not too smart..:)

i didnt know that dial up gave you a differnt ip address...i have a few friends who have my address, not sure how many read it, i am thinking one of them might be my source of the blabberness..

now that sounds like a mighty tempting offer there :)

as long as i dont have to use an outhouse;)

The English Student said...

I hate when people that don't understand that this is a journal. They don't understand that you need to express yourself and how you feel at all times otherwise you are going to burst.

I think that you should say, "screw you" and do what you want with your blogger. I mean this is your place to say whatever the hell you want. If people get hurt by the truth that is your truth then so be it. It's how you feel and you can't change that.

pack of 2 said...

damn right! say what you want girl.

on a seperate note...I used to have 3 goats when I was a kid & they are a bunch of fun & trouble:)_


Karin said...

More and more I am relaxing in what I say on my own blog, if fmil doesn't like what I have to say she doesn't have to keep reading. I do try not to bash her or my fsil who I could say a lot about on there if they weren't reading it. ANyway if you are more uncomfrotable knowing that real people are reading this and you can not get the fullfillment you need out of this blog then I say move. We will all follow. Heck it doesn't take long to change a link.

Lowa said...

I think you should be able to say anything you want to say. It is a free country, right?? Why waste time hiding and mincing words??

Even though I do! LOL

My hubby did something SO UNREAL this weekend...I mean SO BAD and negligent in his parenting and I can't vent about it on my blog, because I was stupid enough to send the address to his whole family. I can't shed any negative light on him to his family, they are all in denial that he is human and makes mistakes.

THEN, if you comment on MY blog, they can read that, and get to your's and see what I say on here...and I am found out! LOL The truth will come out, that we have trouble sometimes and he is not the perfect person they think he is. I can't even mention anything to MY brothers or parents. I need an outlet, is all. I am not saying I am perfect and easy for him to live with but...whatever.

I love your blog, you HAVE to stay around! PLEASE!!!

Meow said...

Christina, this is your blog, you can say whatever you dang well like. You shouldn't have to censor yourself. Just tell the offending person/s to bugger off and go away. Do they have an email address ?? Maybe we can all send them emails telling them to leave you alone !!! (Just kidding, but wouldn't that be fun !!) Anyway, take care, we love your blog. Hugs, Meow

Gangadhar said...

Christina..I always love visiting your blog....
all the best
take care


keesh said...

I think it is good you you still say how you feel. those that gossip like that will get bad karma...I think they must not have much of their own life so they have to use yours cause it is way more exciting. I am a small town girl who likes things pretty simple. There are times I think the same thing. Just move away and start over kind of. Good luck on this journey girl~!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes I have already said "scerw them"..i dont really mind being part of gossip hour, its just now theyw ont know whats real and what is fake..haha...this may be a tad bit humorous..i am acctaully encourging the culprit to stay;)

amen sista...
how can a goat be trouble, i dont understand??..haha..well it sounds good in my dream world anyway;)

well, i dont even care anymore..i am not moving, but i may create a differnt blog where i tell "real stories"..some crap here may be fake from now on..just to see how long it takes for gossip to travel;)

thank you for stopping by..

i made that mistake with my old address, sent it to lots of people, but then when i started writing stuff i ddint want them reading i chagned it..and i made the mistake of giving it to the wrong bad;)

the person has my eail because they were supposedly " family"..well they dont have my main address, just the one i use for my blog and other crap..

but tis ok, now they wont know if the crap they are spweing is truth or not;)..they will look like fools:-)

thank you friend...if you wonder why you havent seen me in a while, i have a hard time getting your page to load, i am not sure why..

I dont think this person knows anything about kharma..i guess they have never watched "my name is earl"...

but i will contiue here, and write my usassal garabge..because if the persons i vent about ever find out or read it..well its their own damn fault becasue they werent invited here anyway;)

Working Mom said...

OMG, I disappear for a couple days and look at what

No one knows about my blog. I don't keep it a secret but if they asked, yes I would tell them. Hubby sees me on the computer and never really asks what I'm doing. If he wanted to know, I would tell him. I did tell him about the weight loss page I started because I was just excited about

You should say what you want without feeling bad. They are the ones invading your space and reading it. If they don't like it, they should go somewhere else.

If you change your address, be sure to let me know, ok?

Anna said...

Wow. Christina's pissed. Watch out in-laws!
I agree that people should make the effort to visit family that moves away. It's hard to be away from loved ones and it means so much to me when they come to see us :)
On the preacher thing: The Twin Cities have a bunch of good seminaries. I think my dad went to Bethel and then Luther.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

see this is what happens when you leave for a few dyas..if you would just stop by EVERYDAY, none of this crap would pass you by..LMAO..

can you tell I am pissed??..haha

I think my hubby is going to go to Bethal..or at elast that is the one or preacher has recomened i think...not sure if we will even be ehere long enoughf ro him to attend, he may be going to one in SC...we will see;)

vani said...

that is pretty sad- about the whole city reading your blog and knowing your about not having a life!

as for me, i love ya the way you are, so don't change just for that bad apple. :)

Badoozie said...

goats? JC, GOATS? do you plan on letting them mow the lawn for you? milk them? maybe let them in for dinner? that is funnier than heck.

i like your frame of mind here. and don't freak out on me but just yesterday, I was ranting to myself about how i'm sick of all the junk in my life, and i want to simplify, and get rid of all the unneccesary stuff. like, room by room. i want to be simple, live simple, okay not simple minded though.

did you say your BIL is marrying a GOAT?

we moved away from our family. some of them said they didn't want to come here because "there was nothing to do". JERKS. WE are here, WE are something to do. materialistic buttheads the lot of them

novaks8 said...

Peggy---I say that sounds like a GREAT idea!

I N-E-E-D a break.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no worries, I aint changing a darn thing;)

well I was thnking if i had a plantation i would need to goats to tend the yard;)

if anyone is marrying a goat you didnt hear it from me;)

and yes, i agree with your point about coming to see us..i mean since we have moved here we have went back 2 or 3 times..( i have went back more by myslef) and yet noone thinks to come see us..why do we have to be the only ones to make an effort? and why are we the only ones wasting money travleing?..

we need to gather all our crap and have a blogging yard sale;)

Felecia said...

So sorry to hear you've been dealing with that junk! As you well know, my sis-in-law is a real piece of work and when I vent about her in my blog, I run the risk of it getting back (but that is kind of a good thing for a passive-aggressive person like me)

Oh, and by the by - you SUCK for not telling your poor old gramps & granny that you're the wife of a precher. Shame on you! hardy har har...

ps Blondes don't have all the fun you know!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I am not dealing with it anymore..chirsitna dont care anymore;)

i know, i should of told my granny bird..i gues i am a secert keeper..haha

i know that blondes dont have all the fun, because i have been a red head, brunette, and even had pink hair..and its all good;)

Anne said...

YIKES! What the heck is going on?

Wow hon...lousy people out there. I hate when my trust is taken advantage of :(

Sorry you're going through this.

LocuTus of Borg said...

Don't have to worry about me cuz I am not family, nor do I know any of your family ;). The most that read my site are ex-gf which sometimes is a little tough figuring out what to write or maybe skewing things a little, but like you said, to hell with it - my blog, I write what I want.

Eating meat sometimes is good - eat more fish :)

I like your idea about moving down south and living a simple life. I think sometimes I have too many materialistic things too. But you are right - never give up the computer haha

J&J'sMom said...

Okay..I'm proud to be one of the priveledged few ;0) I think winter makes you want to purge..everything gets closed up and people get a little nuts. It'll definately be better when you can let the fresh air in and "clean house". Good luck sweetie.

Peggy said...

No outhouse here! Have a nice bathroom with a flushing toilet and hot shower!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

j&j's mom,
it was big fiasco for me, but now i am over it..i just know i cant trust anyone;)

i thought you were gonan put me way out in the back 40..i was nervous..

when i can i come move in?


Mike said...

I just wish you would finally open up and tell us what you really

Wethyb said...

Wow, how did that word travel? You must live in a small town for your grandma to hear about your blog! Craziness!!

Keep rockin sister!

Lowa said...

DO NOT go to SC. it is SO HOT and humid there. Lived there 5 years, almost died! People are very racist even though they think they are not, you can't understand anything they say...just warning you!

Thanks for your comment on my blog:) Can't publish it, then the hubby's fam would read it and find your's here and see what I wrote and I don't have time right now to start a new blog.

And yes, goats. They are awesome. I grew up milking them, they keep the yard trimmed and yes, they do even try to get in the house. It is FUN, not so much funny. Just plain old fun!

Dottie said...

Girl, I am so sorry that you have to put up with this crap. I trusted a few people in my "real" life with my blog and they leaked it to my pshyco SIL's who stalk everything DH and I do. I was just thinking this morning of asking you how you kept your content and put it on a new will have to share so I can shake these #%&@%!* lovely people! LOL I hear you on moving, my "friends" live down the road from me. Cheer up, I don't get to read as much as I like to but you always make me smile!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you think i should be more open??..heehee

well my grandma doesnt know about my blog..she just heard somthing that i had posted on it..the town i am from is very gossipy, and so are memebrs of the granny wouldnt even know how to turn on a computer and she would think blog was a diryt word i am sure..haha

well it is very easy to change your address..its just a pain letting everyone know you moved..

glad i can you smile though;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

opps i forget you Lowa, sorry..

I know its hot there..thats why I wanna go..haha

Oh, that sucks you can publish your comments..why dont you just change your address instead of making a new blog?..its easy..

CoolChic said...

Keep the computer, if you want to make your life simple, read the book "Simple Abundance A Daybook of Comfort and Joy". Wonderful book!!

We have three TV's, two people in the house and can you believe once in a blue moon we have all three on at the same time!! When K isn't home, the only thing on is the computer. I watch one show in the morning and Thursday and Sunday night I watch some shows. We're actually thinking about getting a new TV, crazy!!

Bumbling Bav said...

Family... nuf said! Just stand your ground.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm 2 people 3 tv' math dont add up right..LMAO..

sometimes all 3 of mine are on at the same time..but the kids are so lazy they forget to turn the tv off in the basment and come up to the living room and watch the same thing they were watching down there..ugg..

you can have one of mine of you want another one..heehee

amen sista...and I can stand up pretty well..I dont care what anyone thinks...if they dont like me now, they never really knew me anyway;)

just_tammy said...

I kept racking my brain trying to think of anything you had said that could have been spread around. The only thing that was about your hubby's family was the let him take care of the gifts, cards, and calls. Guess they can't handle the truth! What was so horrible about that. Oh, we also know your FIL gifted a used camera. Once again, the truth!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well it isnt anything i said about the persay that they know about its just the fact they know ANYTHING on here that floors me..

Anonymous said...

That, my dear, is why we do not live there anymore! It will never change so don't bother fighting it. Mike has finally had the kidney stone out today, *happy dance* for me! :P

Sandy said...

I am so tired I forgot to sign my name!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know. it bites doesnt it...

I am sure it is the same everywhere..

i still can not get to your site lady;0

Samantha said...

See, now if you were a celebrity, you'd be making lots of money on the gossip monger! :-)

Michele_3 said...

Wow- I totally know what you mean about the blog thing,I haven't told many people about mine either just because of the fact that I want to be able to vent every once in awhile without the drama that follows it..I have huge problems sometimes with my MIL!
I have a few friends who read and they never comment but I know they read it & even then I have to be very sucks huh?

By the way, I started reading your blog recently from Michelle's or Denise's blog- hope you don't mind! I love how it looks, you have done an awesome job!
take care!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

why of course i do not mind...everyone is welcome here..excpet memebers of my family..haha

and it does duck not being able to vent..but i dont let it stop my anymore;)