Monday, February 06, 2006

Cut, tied, burned..All in that order

Well this little slumber party we had was something ekse. I never knew 3 little girls could be so noisy. Being a once little girl myself, I do not remember ever acting this way, and I know if I would have my mother would of taken a pistol and shot me excution style..

We had Miss Bossy britches who wanted everyone to do what she wanted. She also told us a very lovely story about how she got sick at school one day and puked on the lunchroom floor, then proceeded to slip and fall in it...Cake anyone?

The other little girl I shall call timid girl who tries to hard to be her friend girl.. This poor girl tries so hard to make sure Meg Ryan spawn likes her...Why I have no idea..She is a sweet little girl though,,and I would of rather had 20 of her than one of bossy britches..

First here we have " timid girl" then Meg, then Bossy britches...3 little blondes all in a row..

lets see here we have the back of the kids heads, there is toddler spawn enjoying the fruits of the birthday cake, and metldown spawn patielnly waiting for his cut...And of course there is The husband cutting it all up into equally squared pieces..

So there it is.....I barely survived it....But this has taught me a lesson....3 kids is just enough..3 is defiantly enough....

Blogger has been very weird. I get your commnets in my email, and the last few days only some of them have been showing up on the blog itself..I know this is happening to a few other people too...Not sure why.....But I even posted this dang thing yesterday and it never posted..So something fishy is going on.


I will be having my own slumber party. The husband leaves bright and early Monday morning for Ohio or somewhere..He will be gone till Wed night...So I figure this is a good time for a party..If you want to come, just show up at my place around 5 pm Monday..mmmkkay?



Kendra Lynn said...

Wow....I'm sure that was quite a time! LOL
Little girls are wild, aren't they?
Glad Meg had a good birthday, though.


Samantha said...

At least the girls had fun though.. Looks like it was fun at your house.. I think I should skip this one... Nobody wants a pregnant, depressed, teary eyed, missing her husband female around...LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

they are wilder than a pack of wolves;)

oh come on..maybe we can cheer ya up...course i am in my mid life crisis so I wouldnt be much help..hahaha

mal said...

slumber party for the girls? I remember some of them we had for the girls had me breaking out the Jack....

d said...

I was wondering what was going on with blogger. I noticed that some of the sites I go to that usually have a bunch of comments and now nada.

Cute cake! Such a nice Mommy to have a sleepover - my nerves can't handle it.

Badoozie said...

so, i guess i'll drive on over there. yep.

i told you that slumber party was going to suck. there you go, not listening to your elders again. HUMPH

has your hubby been in the military? i noticed his haircut is "high and tight"

CoolChic said...

Weird about blogger, no wonder why I couldn't post yeaterday.

I did comment on a few blogs and they never showed up.

Funny thing about your post today, I read part of it yesterday, went to comment on the post before this one and it showed up. Went back to comment on the new post and the post was gone.

Glad the party went well, looks like a fun time. :o)

lawbrat said...

Wow, what a party! The cake is just too cute.

Little kids can be nutso when they get into small groups. Its like a switch has been turned on!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

now why didnt i think of time;)

yes blogger is been a pain..guess we get what we pay for huh?..haha

well not sure this ommy can gut another one EVER..haha

well I will be looking for you..we will eat nachos and work on the military, he just has a bunch of those cowlicks so he needs to keep it short so his hair dont flip up..haha

i posted something yesterday and the dang thing never posted..and i had people tell me thier comments didnt show up..I dont think i took down anything..dang blogger u comin to my slumer party??..teehee

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh isnt that the truth..its like it was a scnene out of a stephen king novel...they are all cute one minute, next they are raven luntics..its amamzing really..

vani said...

hey, i have 3 girls, my oldest being miss bossy britches, can't seem to snap her out of it. i tell her all the time she doesn't know everything, even mommy and daddy don't know everything...but she never listens! the other two are too young to tell yet, i wouldn't mind a timid

my last post didn't show up till today either...*shrug*

Badoozie said...

aw yes. the cowlicks. my dear son has a double in the front, one on each side. how we struggle with them. they usually flair straight up. the only way to control them is to keep them about 1/16th of an inch long. poor hubby. licking cows. flabby armed wife. slumber parties from hell. it's a wonder he's still alive, and not dead from a whack to the head. you know, like when the wind blows, and it makes your arm flab move and its whacks him upside the head, and whoops, he's out.

i can get you some pictures of some real arm flab if you want.

Cliff Morrow said...

What can I bring?

Choppzs said...

Wow, it does sound like a rough time!! I can't stand slumber parties, it's bad enough just doing a regular party that last a couple hours! My daughter will hate me when i actually let her do one because I will be in there bitching non-stop for them to shut up or something!! lol

And a party sounds nice about now, but I don't know if i can trust to leave the kids with hubby for that long!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it only gets worse just wait:)

cowlicks are a bugger, a bugger i tell son has them too, I dont know why my kids got my hubbys crappy hair gene..

ok your cracking me up with the last one there..I went there, and had a good hearty belly laugh..

one day my picutre will end up there;)

your bunny slippers;)

ok, you can bring the baby, I will have my mom be on baby duty ok..

i remeber when my toddler spawn was 5 weeks old and I had to leave her for w weekend to go camping with my son for cub scouts..I was like calling every 10 minutes, and I was in the boonies so my phone didnt work half the time..hahah

Melis said...

Now I just got done telling you about me stressing over the slumber party.. and you go and do it anyway.. I suppose serves ya right after you'd been told by two different people! lmao! Glad ya survived though! :)

Party... Your house....

::knock, knock::

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

your trouble is i told you to come at 5...your too early..LMAO

Anna said...

I'm glad to hear that all children survived. You're a very good, patient Mommy :)
Those 3 blonds looked very dangerous!
That cake is absolutely adorable!
I'll be at your place tonight for the slumber party - Fun! :)

keesh said...

is it bad that i knew which girl was which just by looking at their picture before reading who was who? i am a sad person :).

AL said...

Blogger was acting up a LOT this weekend and really pissing me off. Just thought I would let you know! LOL!