Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fancy that will ya

Where to start. Ok first of all I have give up on worrying about unwanted folks here. If I see the unwanted guest are back, I will just start giving them good fiction to gossip about. I have always wanted to be a soap opera writer.

So by using my better judgment I refrained from choir practice last night. Butch asked me why I wasn't going, I told him "well you don't think I am a good singer anyway." and he says " well, you sing good when you are singing with a group of people who can sing".....

Now what the heck does that mean?

Mr.Bilbobaggins and I still went out for our weekly date night. We went to the local hot spot, if you want to call it that, and across from us was a group of folks enjoying a dinner out. The grown man sitting in the booth lifted up one of his butt cheeks and let one rip...Loudly...In p u b l i c ...Is this normal?

Now back to American Idol....They all sucked.....But the first gal who sang...She is a bigger gal, but man she was amazing.....And if I would of went to choir and did my "mediocre" belting of the church songs, I would of totally missed it..

Oh guess what?..That's what...Ok just kidding....

My local news sucked me in with a story..The preview was " the purple one doing one night only this Saturday in Minneapolis"

come again....Huh...Did you just say that my boyfriend was going to be performing this weekend..In this, his home town?.....

so of course I watched, come to find out the damn show is sold out already....Why did they bother telling me?.....I really hate being lead on and tortured for no reason..

Bee Real


Badoozie said...

i'm first!!!

Badoozie said...

okay, on the "one-cheek-sneak" man. yes, that is normal. i engage in that sort of behavior all the time. it is what people like when they are at dinner, don't you know this? DUH

okay. onto other topics. i just want to say, how i find you an amusing little chicky. and i will proceed to email you the reason why. butt for now just rest assured, that the cheeks have it.

ps, do you like bee's?

Badoozie said...

i'm first!!!

momma of 2 said...

The one-cheeck-sneak - uhm NO it's not...sorry Susie...but ewww...

Have you ever considered singing solo? as in so low no one can hear you... LOL

or how about tenor? Ten or Twenty miles from here...

Okay had those old terrible jokes in my little mind and well - I had to use them - You know I Heart you! Have a great day!

Mrs. Diamond said...

I liked the first gal on American Idol too, but there were a few others I really liked too.. That 16 year old girl was incredible. And that very last one.... WOW

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

one cheek sneak..oh i am stitches over that one..

hmm, there wont be any curse words in your email will there bee?..haha

yes, I do like bees, as long as they arent stinging me;)

I think I should try singing a solo underwater?...haha

i dont know why you like to make fun of a poor helpless lady such as myslef;)

Mrs D
yes the last one was pretty good too..the 16 year old..she was ok..but for some reason that big girl got to me..

novaks8 said...

What about Paris?

She was freaking awesome!

Kelly, my girl, did okay but not great.

I only caught bits and pieces of the rest.

Paris was the BOMB though.

I can't wait till tonight to see Taylor Hicks. I LOVE him. Seriously.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

which one was paris?..i dont pay attetnion to thier names..haha..but there were 2 that were good, the first one and the last one...the rest..well (they sucked)..LMAO

Anna said...

When you wrote "the purple one" I was sue it was gonna end up to be Barney ;)
Prince hardly ever comes back to MN. At least you get to be in the same city as him for a night!

Working Mom said...

I loved the 1st one too! When she said she was singing Heart, I was like, oh no, she's gonna butcher it and then she nailed it.

Oh, and letting one rip at the table (in public or not) is not acceptable unless you're

lawbrat said...

I think you are a hoot! Soap writer!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

barney?...oh my dont live in MN do you?

I thought the same thing, no one can sing Heart but Heart, but she nailed it alright..

amen to the last part..maybe up to age 5, but nothing past that;)

The Blog Whore said...

Maybe the farting guy just slipped up?

...I live in fear that I will do the same.

Kendra Lynn said...

I think the farting in public thing is absolutely disgusting...what is wrong with this soceity?

Can't comment on American Idol, since I've never seen it and don't own a tv...glad you enjoyed it though.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

blog whore,
i think we all live in fear of it..hopefully if it ever happens to me, I will die shortly thereafter;)

amen sista!!

I still can not belive you have no tv..and you could probably win Amreican Idol kidding;)

Badoozie said...

okay the fact that my "im first thing" came in twice after the other post is just downright weird.

i was going to remind you, on the squat meter, don't forget, sometimes people's locations are actually showing up in a town nearby, where their isp is. so don't get worried about it. it could be someone you know, or probably is. this is especially true of large metropolis areas and rural areas

Felecia said...

Did you not even make an attempt to go purple's pad the night of the concert for the afterparty he always gives? Shame on you.

We always have fun watching the American Idol try outs but I don't follow it after that (it could be that I relate to the LOOSERS more than the ones with talent?) I remember the grandaughter of a celeb trying out and being amazing.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know weird things have been happening here...sometimes my response to a comment will show up BEFORE the comment..not sure why..but I think I may be magic;) like i know what their saying before they say it..

yes i thought about that with the IP adress thing..cause I know mine sometimes shows a city i do not live in...go figure..

well its this saturday, you wanna come crash a party with me?..

well you missed a good show, and I know who your talking about, and she sang last night, she was pretty good, you should watch it tonight, the bys are signing;)

angel, jr. said...

hello, glad that I can read you again.
You didn't think that Paris Bennett was good? I loved her--"Midnight Train To Georgia". And of course I love Kelly Pickler.
I missed the first girl--the bigger one. But I know that she is amazing anyway.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, i wasnt sure what one Paris was, but if she is the galyd knight look alike, she was very good..

I dont much care for kelly pickler, she reminds me too much of the gal that won last year..those kinda girls are a dime a dozen:-)

pack of 2 said...

I thought that girl that sang Midnight Train to Georgia...TORE IT UP!
I LOVED her!


Karin said...

I missed AI last night so I can not comment on talent. I am fairly sure if the guy lifted his cheek it was no accident, the guy is just fowl. Sorry you are going to miss the purple one. You could check on craigslist to see if anyone is selling their tickets.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes she was good...I cant wait to see the boys tonihgt..not sure who i like there..

all I can say is shame on you..shmae shame better watch tongiht, there will be a quiz in the morning;)

Cliff Morrow said...

Yeah the guy emitting disagreeable effluvia needs a cork shoved in it.
Listen Queen Bee, church choirs are full of people who need to be by a section leader to be able to read the music. I do. Tape the show and go to choir. Your choir director will love you for it. Just don't get caught.

vani said...

yay, i found you! and yes, i am foxy...dammit.:) i can't believe that fart man, in public for christ's sake?? nasty...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

am I feeling the wrath of a choir I dont like it..not one bit...but I dont have anything to tape it with..i dont have tivo, and I dont own a vcr anymore..see, I had a reason;)

I was wondering if you were ever going to find foxy lady you;)

Wethyb said...

Hubby farts in public all the time...LOL...kidding....well, he doesn't fart like THAT in public. Ewwww, I don't need to be hearing bodily noises from anybody else..LOL.

HAHA....Sorry I had to laugh at Momma!! That's funny.

Felecia said...

I think "Crashing Prince's Party" would look nice of my resume! LET'S DO IT!!

Michele_3 said...

Hi you!
Watched AI last night, thought same thing for girls!The first one and the 16 year old one were great! There's a girl from my home town there too but I missed it when she sang,So wasn't sure how she sounded...Check out the guy "Ace" tonight, very cute and I think he'll go far in the finals! My prediction of course LOL!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dont lie, he really does doent he?..yes momma is quite the comdian isnt she?..haha

i will pick you up sure to wear something purple;)

which one is from your hometown?...i wont get to see much tonight, i have a tanning appt at 7 and thats the time it starts I walk there..which is about 5 blocks and its cold and snowy, so i walk slow..dang, i think i may cancell it now come to think of it;)

Jamie Dawn said...

The guy that did that big, public fart in a restaurant should be horsewhipped!!! Yuck!!!

Melis said...

Oh I'd be ticked off too about the concert girly! What timing with the lil present I sent, huh?! LOL

The restaurant... ACK! GROSS! I would have HAD to say something!!! :)

Michele_3 said...

Melissa Mcgee is from my town!
She's okay from what I hear haven't heard her yet..