Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Post love day crap

So I hope everyone had a good Love Day. And I hope everyone took my advice and used protection.

We had a nice Valentines day, although I feel bad because I did not get the husband anything, when he got us all stuff. But hopefully he knows I have no job which equals no money.

Although Meltdown spawn told me today on the way tp Ti Kwan Do that his school has a lach key program for kids whose parents have to work late. So he said there should be no reason I can not get a job now.

Not sure why this kid is trying to get me a job, but he seems to want me to find a job more than the husband. Or maybe they are in cahoots with eachother, not sure...

Yesterday morning when Toddler Spawn spotted her heart with m&m's inside, she refused to eat her Lucky Charms...She wanted her candy. Being it was a stinking holiday, and being she is so cute, and being the good momma I am...My baby had m&m's for breakfast...

I mean the chocolate has milk in it...HELLO...Its all good people..At least I am not forgetting to feed her...

Suzie had asked if my hubby would write stuff he likes about me, in response to what I wrote yesterday. So hold on, I am going to ask him....I can not promise anything, he is sitting here on the couch with his eyes shut...I will be right back, hold on...

Nope, he wont do it.....alrighty then...Moving along..

I could make up crap he said, but why bother...

I have figured out what's wrong with me......I am nocturnal. I think I may be a sloth....They are slow, they are fat, and they like to sleep during the day...I will show you what I look like..

It looks happy doesn't it?.....I better find out what they eat....If its bugs, I may need to rethink it and become a Koala Bear....

Well this slow, tired lil sloth is signing off for the day....Happy Hump day...



momma of 2 said...

Woman - you crack me up...M&M's for breakfast - why not? You've got uhm... Dairy, and uhm... well - hell they are good so who cares...

keesh said...

Hey, don't feel bad, my son sometimes convinces me to get fruit snacks for breakfast. he loves those darn things..could be a lot worse :). and it was valentine's day after all. Well I am drained, time for beddy bye. hopefully the kids doesn't cough all night tonight. Peace

Melis said...

How completely EERY, FREAKY, STRANGE, ECT. I, too, was showered with gifts today, and stood empty handed! LOL I will go out tomorrow and get some stuffs. :)

A j-j-j.. dammit! I can say this... A JO-O-O... SCREW IT! And don't do it! It's bad for your health, and MY reading pleasure! LOL

M&M's.. I've pondered this, and I just don't think I could do it.. too sweet first thing in the morning. However, your a smart Mom, surgar her up early so it has time to wear off! lmao

Noctural? YOU? Nooooooooooo! LOL That would be like saying I was a nite owl! Oh yeah.. I AM! LMAO Personally... I would go for the Koala myself, they're just cuter! :)

Samantha said...

Maybe your son wants something really expensive and your hubby told him he could have it when you got a

That was a pic of a sloth? Sid the Sloth on Ice Age doesn't really look like

Badoozie said...

where is the face on that thing?

okay, where's hubby, lemme at him. bad man for not talking when i wanted him to!!! i'll figure out a punishment

ps, again i say, where is the dang face. that thing is nasty. you need to come up with something else to compare yourself with. perhaps a lollygagger?

Cliff Morrow said...

i'm back. you are funny. I've caught up reading and have decided you married a prince. Hang on to that guy.

pack of 2 said...


I wish you were my mom...she never once let me have m&m's for breakfast...not to say it still didn't happen from time to time though.

Happy VD!


Meow said...

Christina ... M&Ms for breakfast ... wish you were my mum !! I agree though, chocolate is made from milk, milk is good for you, so what's wrong with that !! BTW, that is one ugly sloth ... do go for the Koala, they are soooo much cuter !! Take care, Meow

Anne said...

Ian had crispy chocolate hearts for breakfast yesterday :o)

Um, that sloth is uuuuugly. They make the one on the Big Big World look way cuter. You are NOT ugly may want to be a sloth but, I have my doubts.

Why would any normal woman who has a man to bring $ home want a job??? Ew! the

J/K--hey I am waiting for Ian to go to K so I can GET OUT OF HERE!

Anne said...

Oh, the rest of the 20 kids had cereal or bagels for breakfast so, I am really only a bad mom when it comes to my youngest.

Hey, I'm allowed after having 20 kids! ahahahahaha

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thats what I say, a little dairy should be given at every meal...and candy, well its just sweeter;)

well this little lady is alwyas asking for "snakcs"..she loves fruit snakcs, so usally bout 2 hours after breakfast she starts begging for them..

too sweet for my too..but the darn lil bugger was stealing candy all day..she kept wanting to break into her sister and brothers stash..i think she got away with more than I her sugar high is still in effect;)

hmm.then he can get a job..haha

no it looks nothing like sloth from ice age..but it does look like he has a smile on..hhaaa

he has got a big smile i think..not sure, i cant tell which end is the face end, that couldbe his bum for all I know..

well hubby said he is not a blogger, and didnt wanna do it..but that I could write stuff if i um;)

well I dont know about the prince part..did you see your card?..your name is on it too;)

cant say my mother ever let me eat candy for breakfast either..but I say what the hell:)

well i better look into the koala then...seems everyone is a tad bit taken aback by my sloth..haha

did you feed all 20 kids today?...iw oulda let half go hungery..haha

Working Mom said...

Too funny about the m&m's! I fed Bug a hershey bar for dinner! We must've been channeling each other

I, too, was empty handed yesterday. Hubby brought me some balloons (which actually Bug took over). Oh well...he's got me, isn't that enough? lol

You are not fat!!! Or a sloth, though they are pretty

Anna said...

Chocolate is totally a food group.

You be a sloth. I'll be a Galapagos Island Sea Turtle. I saw a documentary on them once and it said all they do is eat leaves, sleep in the tropical sun and swim in the ocean. They do this for lives of hundreds of years. That's so me.

vani said...

thank u so much for the laugh this morning...sloth

Cliff Morrow said...

I think I can make my name out over on the left. Thanks for the card. You are too kind. I feel bad, I didn't get you anything.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

now i draw the line at hershey bars for dinner..LMAO...

hmm, sounds like you have really been pondering this idea..haha..but your life sounds nice..teehee

no probelm..thats what I am here for
sloth woman

i know it isnt the best to came out really bad..

dont feel bad, i didnt get my hubby anything, and now i think he is mad..i cant win for losin;)

LocuTus of Borg said...

That is true M&Ms do have milk in them! :) Shit he has to write something .. comn dude!! Sloth .. that is funny, yea I guess they are nocturnal.

Dottie said...

It was a holiday...all food pyramids don't apply. You must have missed that Mommy memo! LOL

I agree, go with the Koala. That sloth is just not flattering.

Mrs. Diamond said...

hold on...I'm coming over for breakfast! LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i was hoping he would write a little something..but he is mean like that..haha

I did miss that memo, so I wrote out my own:)

breakfast is over, buetter make it dinner:)

keesh said...

Oh I know, my son could snack all day and never have a real meal. which is exactly how I am, so I know where he gets it. Geesh :)

Felecia said...

The only protection needed around our house would be Midol for me and a bomb shelter for the family... (need I say more?)

I want M&M's for breakfast and I want to be a sloth. I think your family's got it all pulled together with these wonderful ideas of M&M's and hibernating animals. Keep up the good work!

lawbrat said...

Um, so ah, is it bad that my 7 year old had pringles for breakfast? I cant even claim there is milk for calcium. ::shaking head in shame::

You are too cute- you could make stuff up, but why bother. Adorable! I tried to get Phil to do a 'how we met' post, because I did one. He was like...why, it would be the same.

Yes, men that are total romantics!

He came home yesterday with roses and a heart balloon. I said I didnt get him anything but me. He liked his present. I may have to do that for presents more often.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I dont know why kids think fruit snakcs and candy are meals, but hey..its beats cooking right?

I know exactly what you must be doing somehting wrong if your not feeding your kids candy for breakfast and hibernating..i pity you really..haha:)

I have to say, once I let one of the spawns have cheez its for breakfast...but I musta been real busy that day:)

the hubby wants no part of the blogging thing..doesnt care if i do it..but he wants no part in the "post making process"..such a damn wimp;)

Bumbling Bav said...

You are one hot sloth!

Michele_3 said...

Hey there, you are too funny!
My middle son got caught this morning sneaking into his little valentine bag to eat some peanut butter cups, so I know where your coming from.. LOL!
I have to say i don't blame him, i'm not much of a breakfast eater myself..
take care!

Cori said...

I know about a "JOB" you could give your husband for Valentines day!! Oh yeah its over. Forget it!

Peggy said...

You could get a job writing all our blogs for us. You know we tell you about our day and you write it up in your crazy way... I'll pay ya!! LOL
watch the mail cause I found some mittens! Guess here in the south where we have had no winter this year they decided to keep the mittens hanging near the kids swimsuits... go figure. anyhoooo got a pair on the way for sweet little spawn.(or will in the morning's mail)

keesh said...

Oh yes, i hate to cook, I mean hate it. I think it is the most annoying, pain in the butt thing to do with my time. but we gotta eat right :)....

Wethyb said...

You're hilarious! I thought Chocolate was the 5th food group??!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I've read that sloths let their offspring eat M&M's for breakfast, so you may very well be a sloth!

I'm a turtle. I don't know why. I just feel like one right now.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

why thank you;)

my son loves peanut butter cups..and i am sure i have let him eat one at breakfast...I would rather eat breakfast than any other long as i dont have to make it.:)

haha..its never too late honey;)

how much ya gonna pay me??..teehee..I have a hard enought time writing my own..:)

mittns, did someone say mittens? is gonna be a high of -2 on friday..and thats the HIGH..holy crap I am scared..haha

well i would be a lot thinner if I didnt eat, thats for sure;)

oh it is the 5th food group...i am re-doing the pymramid;)

I feel like a turtle today...a hundered year old one..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I hope you have soaked up lots of sun...I heard there was a cold snap there...I have missed you;)

Kendra Lynn said...

HEy there...hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day. :)
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days...been in Florida...where it was ALMOST AS COLD AS MICHIGAN! The only difference was the sun was shining.

Hope you are well.


The Blog Whore said...

Don't feel bad about the M&M's. I fed my kids cupcakes the other morning, BUT I made them use a fork.

See? Next time just give her a spoon. Besides, it keeps 'em busy chasing those little m&m's around the bowl.

CoolChic said...

OK what the heck is "hump day"?

Funny about Meltdown spawn wanting you to work...what is up with that?