Friday, February 03, 2006

I must hit gym, repeat..Must hit gym

Yesterday when I had nothing to do, I was messing around with my camera. I mean, I could of been cleaning the house, sewing buttons on britches, mending socks, praying..Or what have you.

But I wanted to mess around, and see what hideous things I could capture on film..

I have a photo here that will prove once and for all that I need to work out more. I am almost embarrassed to showcase this..Almost

I don't know any of you people so this is the only reason I am able to do this..

I need to add about 20 more pounds to my free weights I can clearly see...

Here is another one of me..I think I may have used part of this in my new profile photo..Now mind you, it looks a little creepy, because I was giving a cheesy smile because that is what I do..

you can clearly see I am PMSing as I have a ton of zits sprouting all over God's creation..

OK what have we learned here boys and girls?

I will tell you....Working out is a must if you don't want flabby arms like me, and Proactive may be a good idea if you have zits at PMS time..These are two things I should consider.


I guess this is all I have for today......We have the infamous slumber party tonight..This should be full of lots of materiel for Monday..

Have a super great weekend....And only 6 more weeks of winter

what Bologna



Cliff Morrow said...

I wouldn't have put that picture on my blog. Because it's not of me, and people would ask a lot of questions.

Meow said...

Those photos don't look too bad. Good luck with the gym ... I really need to go, but motivation is sorely lacking.

Hope you survive the slumber party.

Have fun, Meow

Melis said...

Omg girly! You've really gotta stop being so hard on yourself! Those are fanstastic pics of you!!

Hope the slumber party is fanstastic, and you don't end up with too much of a headache! LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, that is a good point..and I shouldnt put them on mine either..haha

oh they are bad must need to put your glasses on..:)

i already have a headache just thinking about it;)

Working Mom said...

I hope the slumber party goes well - it sounds like fun!

Your pics look great! Plus your arms are NOT flabby. I wish mine looked that good! Don't be so hard on yourself. I don't have the nerve to post a pic of me (I'm working on it).

JD's Rose said...

Ohh my... look at your teeny tiny self... which part of you was it that needed to loose weight again?

You look great!

LocuTus of Borg said...

LOL thats funny - and no the photos arent that bad. Have a great weekend!!

Angel Girl said...

I agree with JDR! I am trying to get my arms to look like YOURS! Your beautiful dah-lin' just as you are!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i am sure the party will go ok..i mean what damge can 3 little girls do anyway??..haha

and i need to see a pic of you, becuase i am betting you look way better than I do.

Jd rose,
ok, your probelm is your pregant and your eyesight is going..dont owrry its temparory, after you have the baby your sight will return to normal;)

ok, I told you it was funny..LMAO

oh your pullin my leg..and what happen to your blog..i can not get to a sista out will ya;)

Samantha said...

And, um, I'm trying to find the cow in those pictures, and I just don't see it! You look great!

Have fun with the slumber party... Oh joy, I get to look forward to those

Anna said...

I'm praying that you survive the sleepover (and that all the kids do, too ;)

Have a great weekend!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the cow is right there with the dirty blonde hair..haha

well here is hoping they all make it out alive;)

Mrs. Diamond said...

you are def braver than me. I'll show my fridge but i'm not showing my arms. LOL You have beautiful blue eyes. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs diamond,
well like i said, I can only do it because i dont know any of you people..hahaha

vani said...

u call that flabby arms?? lol...u should see mine! but then again, i wouldn't do that to you or anyone good luck on the book! :)

Anonymous said...

That skinny little arm....puleeze

The other picture is a bit scary. Is that the idea?

Have fun with the party.

What a beautiful girl!
Happy Birthday to her.

angel, jr. said...

Yes working out is definitely a must for everyone. It even helps with the mind!

Anonymous said...

there's nothing wrong with your arm you weirdo. all people aged 30 and over have arms way worse than that. if you really want to build up those biceps, do some pullups.

have a good night, i don't envy you at all. you might die.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it dont get much worse than that sweety, i need some proof yours are worse;)

i wanted it to loo wierd, i did a little photoshopping to it:)..just made the color all weird..did it work;)

yes, i second that :)

pull ups, not a bad idea..only i dont have a pull up bar..I do all sorts of free weight excersises..i think I need to add more weights though..

you think I might die, gosh slumber parties must be worse for ya than I thought..hahahahahaha

HizzleThizzle said...

Okay. I so like this profile picture better.. I swear in that other one you looked like you were wearing a hat :P

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

your not the first one who said that..I didnt see it, but I guess the shadow made it look like i was wearing hat, this one I am sprouting some zits and a devilsh smile..hahah..u sure you like that better?

Krystal said...

The great thing about digital photography is that you can make all the zits magic.

Anne said...

OK this is the LAST time I will say this....get off yourself!

I know it's winter...I know winter is are beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful. umkay?

Now quit.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

only thing is I can not figure out how to work that feature..I tried removing my zits, but I couldnt do it..damn photo shop

yes winter sucks....and your blind:)

but i love ya anyway;)

Karin said...

If you go to my wedding site and look at the photo album you will see that your arms are skinny compared to mine.

Sometimes I am as dense as can be. I read slumber party and instead of thinking about meg and her friends I thought, there is some sort of blogger slumber party tonight that everyone is staying up all night and chatting, how have i missed this? Then I realized what you meant and felt dumb. Dumb is way longer lasting than plump.

Anonymous said...

i went to karins site and signed her guestbook. i am a good girl. its meeeee, don't be disturbed by my new look. i've had a sex change operation, and i'm much happier. i was so confused about my identity. and dylan got so embarassed at school during the pta meetings and such.

all the cupcakes i took for parties had beard hairs in them. it was nasty. and i couldn't afford all the waxing anymore. so this seems a naturally better choice.

you know what JC? i think you should get you one of those cute little pics like i have. click on dawn maries site, and ask her for one. she could do one with all 3 of your kids hanging off your legs. or your flabby arms. hey, when you run, does your belly jiggle? mine does. i hate it.