Friday, February 17, 2006

I am full of something....

**note...I decided I am changing the name of my blog along with its address...if i do not have your email, please send me a note so I can inform you of the changes...I will be changing my name as well...not legally of course, but I am not going to give the adresss out on your blogs..too risky..**

The last few weeks something odd has been happening here, in my house. It seems I am full of electricity. One day last week I went to answer my phone, and I literally had a charge go thru me that actually knocked the power out of my phone. I thought I was being electrocuted. It was painful. And it happened all day yesterday. I did not knock the power out of my phone, but there was a freaking lightning bolt that went from my fingertips to my phone set. I think I heard thunder and The count going " ha ha ha"....Does anyone know why I am so full of shockyness?..

another thing I did yesterday was decide to put on my mint julep deep cleansing mask. I like to put it on before I go tanning, so my face is really clean. Normally I do this before my shower or bath, so Toddler spawn has never seen me wear it. But yesterday I did it in the middle of the day, for no reason other than I wanted too.

I walk out of the bathroom with my invigorating mask on my face. As soon as toddler spawn sees me, she says with fright " momma, momma, no momma" and she backs away from me. She than runs to the couch and hides under a pillow. At this moment I am praying no one comes to my door, as I may frighten them. Then my dog wanted to go out..No way on God's green Earth am I opening this door under any cirumstances....Piss yourself dog..Sorry..

So I try to go cuddle up with the toddler and she refuses to look at me. She then says " green momma,yucky....Momma ghost"....Then I realize this is what I look like to her.

and that is a pretty close depiction.

I have a question. I was watching Oprah yesterday and it was about some ridiculous show where they turn white people black and black people white for 6 weeks..Really stupid concept I know...But what really pissed me off is the fact there was a scroll on the bottom of the screen warning us of the "graphic content" and "graphic nature" of the program, even before the show started there was a huge disclaimer...

So my question is....Why the heck is there a disclaimer on this show....But not a warning on a show that aired 2 days ago about a teenage boy who masturbated on his webcam for money, or when they talk about graphic sex topics. Are we so numb by the crap that airs on TV that openly talking about oral sex or forms other sexual subjects are non offensive to us anymore?...I for one am offended....And I am down right pissed off....

Our high tempature for today is negative 4....Yes that is -4 degrees F...That is the HIGH...The low is suppose to -15....Yes that is negative 15.....Anyone wanna come over for a visit today?

this is our weather alert for today


don't you feel a lot better about your life now?

I have been thinking of switching websites..Going to something with a password for a while..I have looked at but it just seems way to juvenile for me..Too many glittery things and changing colors...It is kind of like a bad acid trip..(not that I know anything about that)..I have about 10 blogs I read there....And they give me a headache every darn time...But they are ones I have been reading for over a year now..Even before I birthed this piece of crap...So I don't want to go there..If I was a teenage girl looking for glittery butterflies or to hook up with friends cuz I am a megga loser and cant make them at school, then it would be wonderful..So if anyone has any ideas on that, lettme know..mmkay?

Gonna go bury my head in an electric blankie with my long johns...Anyone care to join me?



Peggy said...

Maybe its your phone thats the problem. Is it still the same one that dies all the time? It might have a leaky battery that is causing a short or something. Poor spawn, you have given her mental problems for life now with your green face! LOL I really do wish I had your cold temps. We bought 12 acres and a cabin in Baudette, MN but William sold it cause the only way to get to it was by boat and he hated me being there alone.... Personally I LOVED IT!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup its the phone that dies, but it happens when I touch everything..but seems to be more forcefull on the phone..haha

oh peggy, you dont want 35 below cant even breath, it feels like your swollowing razor blades;;not fun..

Mike said...

I'll trade some snow for colder

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there.
I know what you mean about electric shocks...Merry and I seem to have VERY shocky hair, and we are always shocking each other. I try not to hug her too much if we've been out and its cold and dry, because then the electricity is worse than normal.

I was laughing about the toddler spawn's reaction to your face's great. The girls find it very funny if I put my hair in hot sticks...they think that's crazy.
Kids are such fun.

momma of 2 said...

You need a humidifier.. to help with the static in the air of your house...

The witch made me think..."I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!... and I'm melting, melting..." I think I've seen the movie a few too many times...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think I will take you up on that..I would rather have 2 feet of snow than not being able to breath..heehee

I shocked the baby today and she was totally mad..she said owe momma u hurt me" i did it on purpose..

hot sticks..sorry that made me giggle;)

that is what i was thinking, that I may need a humdifier...

I think that is one scaery movie, I always hated it..the monekys freaked me out too..:)

Cliff Morrow said...

*I assume you'll be powering the electric blanket.
*I'm with you on the tv show. Don't think this isn't planned.Turn ol Oprah off. That's why I don't go to movies. I can't be dummied down if I don't let them.
*Showing a child that green face means you must be a mean little Mommy. Poor thing. Knock it off!

pack of 2 said...

That weather system you have is making it's way to us. We are expecting it sometime tomorrow.

When I am freezing my butt off...I plan to blame you & d since it came from your neck of the woods.


Meow said...

I used to have that problem with the old car mats I used to have in the car. After I had been in the car, and as I was getting out of the car, everything I touched was zapped by me ... I even on occasion saw the flash as it passed through my hand to the object. I think they had a lot of nylon, or something in them (the carpets, that is !!). Once I took them out, it stopped !!! Good luck, take care, Meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well since I really dont own an electric blanket, I wont be powering up anything..haha..did you say I was a menay?..oh cliff, my heart breaks;)

listen you little travles from west to east...we got it from you little lady:)..right now as I am getting my son ready for school, it is -15 outside and with the windchill factor its -38..i am making this kid dress in layers abd boy is he pissed off:)

I use to get zapped in the car its just everuthing I touch in my house...i hate it..yuck

Anna said...

You're getting shocked all the time because it's so cold that no moisture can stay in the air. A humidifier will help. Also, if you wear shoes with plastic soles in the house on carpet, that'll make it happen, too.
Layers is the only way to go in MN in the winter. We'll get you cold weather tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to that.
Please email me at with your new blog address.
Have a good weekend!

Working Mom said...

I shock myself at work constantly on the metal file cabinets. Hate it cause it hurts.

My weight watchers blog is on freewebs. You might want to try there. I can't stand myspace. I have an account there so I can read some people's stuff but I can't stand it. Make sure you let me know where you're going :)

I was just thinking the same thing about tv yesterday. I never realized how much they talk about sex on shows during 5-9. I have to keep switching shows cause they say too much with Bug in the room. What happened to the more risque stuff being on after 9 when the kids are in bed?

Oh, it's in the 70's here today ;)

Badoozie said...

i thought you decided against changing the addy? oh well. Mrs. Diamond has a password protected site, don't you visit there? ask her about it. you already have my email, or at least you should, and when you go, just comment on my blog, or drop me a line so i know where you are. i promise i don't work for the cia, or your inlaws, so i won't leak it.

the shocking thing is just cause you're a "hotty". so there. and on the TV show? that is stupid, you should lodge a comlaint

don't you love the weather report includes "common sense advice" like people are so stupid, they need to be told to wear a hat and gloves. whats next, make sure you wipe front to back?

novaks8 said...

*warning* explicit language in this post!

Girl, I would be scared too!

Oh yeah, sex is okay to have all over TV at all times now didn't ya know?

They can say bitch and shit and asshole and my favorite GODDAMN

Fuck is bleeped but they always leave enough so that you know what they are saying.

But anything "politically incorrect"? Oh NO!
It's okay to call women bitches and ho's though.

And God knows it is a crime to see Janet Jacksons breast for half a second from 100 feet away!

I think the FCC people are on crack.

Very inconsistent to say the least.

Oh and don't even get me started on the violence!
Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes on at 7am!
7 am my kids could see someone biting a neck and sucking blood if I let them!
Machine gun fights at 12pm...woohoo

it's crazy.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think your right on the shocking bit..and i wear my rubber soled shoes all day long;)...i swear i have a heart aryhtmis cuz of this..I will email you when i have made the changes;)

did you say 70's...yup dont like you anymore either;)...

i know I wasnt going to chagne it..but it bothers me too much..yes. i do read mrs diamond..i may go over and ask her bout all that...
i know..wear your mittnes if you cold..they think we are so stupid;)


all i can say is amen thoughts exactly..

Felecia said...

Green face and shooting electricity at ramdom? Yes, I think you grabbed the right picture for that kind of day. Poor kid...

You make a good point about Oprah; I used to be able to watch her and Dr. Phill (who I secretely want to marry) but the topics became too racey for my growing boys. I think you should write a letter.

And YES - it's dang cold out there! DANG COLD! My 7-yr old looked like Ralphy's little brother (from a Christmas Story) waiting for his bus this morning "I CAN'T PUT MY ARMS DOWN!" Gotta love MN...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i thought i summed it up pretty good too.haha

the tv today makes me really is a shame our world has come to this..

my 9 year old looked about the same, I wouldnt let him go out till the bus was coming and he was was -15 and with the wind it was -45..sad thing is the school will still have recess..I hate Mn:)

mom of 3 girls said...

Poor toddler spawn!! U will give the child nightmares again!!! U need to get some moisture in your house. Get a humidifier!!

mom of 3 girls said...

Oh by the way u r full of something alright heeheehee!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

haha..full of hottness, thats what suzie said..LMAO....

or maybe bullcrap....take your pick;)

The Blog Whore said...

I agree! My perception of Myspace is a pick up joint. I have a profile there that SAYS I am married etc, STILL dudes send out emails trying to hook up. Pluuuueeeezzzee! It is good though if you want PRIVACY, you can lock that blog up tight over at My space, I'm just sayin'!

Oh yeah, you got my email Beyotch, hook me up with the new address!

Anne said...

New nickname for ya: Sparky! lol

Hey I wear the same green moe similarity.

Umkay, I know you have my addy! Don't shun me, I'm cute :)

Michele_3 said...

Yeah,I finally got back to you! did you miss me?

I so agree about myspace, I can't stand it- I had an account for 2 days and cancelled, I felt like I was trying to be a kid again and that wasn't the point of me being there.LOL!

I saw that show on Oprah about the kid w/ the porn site, I kept changing it, so my boys wouldn't hear it-but it was awful and way to much info for me! I know that crazy stuff is going on in this world and I understand he was trying to make parents aware but it was too much for my little boys to hear ...
take care, r u feeling better?