Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We eat like kings when the master is gone

I forgot to tell you I gave Meg a haircut. Don't panic, I am a professional...Her hair was down to near her rump, and I could see it was getting a little straggly for my taste. So I decided to take matters in my own hands..And here is what happen..

Not too shabby huh? For those of you who are not hip on it, I took about 5 inches from her length and gave her very long layers...There..That will be 30 bucks please. What? You don't have a job? Ok I will be gluing your spiltends back on then..mmmaky?

So hubby is gone to Ohio for a few days. And I am a good mom so this is what I fed my babies last night for dinner.
Meltdown spawn : peanutbutter sandwiches..(this is what he has every night..He has issues)
Meg Ryan spawn: Easy Mac
Toddler spawn: spaghetti 'os
Mom: 2 bowls of Lucky charms with skim milk of course

see we eat like Kings over here people..

Ok I don't ever talk about celebrities or anything, but something has been pissing me off. It has to do with the Star Jones....

Please bare with me...okie dokie?

Ok we all know she was a good 400 pounds. She now claims she is 150 pounds and a size 10. Now if she can squeeze her big spongy rear end to a size 10, then I wear a size 5...And we all know this is a lie..

What I don't get is why she is so secretive about her weight loss. Why cant she admit she was morbidly obese and say she had bypass...Because we all know she did. I mean if she really wanted to empower women in their weight loss attempts, she would be upfront and not be so vain as to not admit she had her tum tum reduced to the size of a pea. There is no way she lost her weight doing Pillates...I can not even do pillates for crying out loud....Am I the only one pissed off at this?.....And I wont even start on how her hubby is really gay...I wont go there....

For some reason I can not get these words outta my head....Please read them..And tell me what you think?...

"Dear Mr. Man"

What's wrong with the world 2day?
Things just got 2 get better Show me what the leaders say Maybe we should write a letter Said Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand Why poor people keep struggling but U don't lend a helping hand
Matthew 5:5 say "The meek shall inherit the earth" We wanna b down that way but U been trippin since the day of your birth
Who said that 2 kill is a sin Then started every single war that Ur people been in?
Who said that water is a precious commodity Then dropped a big old black oil slick in the deep blue sea?
Who told me, Mr. Man, that working round the clock would buy me a big housed in the hood Cigarette ads on every block Who told me, Mr. Man, that I got a right 2 moan?
How about this bog old hole in the ozone?
What's wrong with the world 2day Things just got 2 get better
Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand Maybe we should write a letter
Listen, Ain't no sense in voting - same song with a different name Might not b in the back of the bus but it sure feel just the same
Ain't nothing fair about welfare Ain't no assistance in AIDS
We ain't that affirmative about your actions until the people get paid
Ur thousand years r up Now U got 2 share the land
Section 1 - the 14th amendment says "No state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law" Mr. Man, we want 2 end this letter with 3 words
We tired a-y'all

no this is not my writing....you can thank Prince for this...This song makes me run faster on my treadmill...Its a great song..and so true ....

I was making the spawns write out their Valentine cards for school last night...Meg Ryan says

" sometimes I just hate being a woman"

just wait till you start your period, have your first broken heart, have boobs that are too big to fit in a size small shirt that use to fit you before you had kids, get married, and go thru labor and push out a 8 pound baby..Then do it again 3 years later, then again three years after that....Welcome to womanhood then my friend.



Badoozie said...

why are you getting all ruffled about star jones. calm down. if everyone knows the truth, then she's only making herself look stupid. and i have to agree, i wear size 10 and i don't weigh that much. she's a big fibber. except a lot of clothes vary in their sizes. a size 10 in one style will fit, but not another brand. you know what i mean.

and yes, you guys do eat good. sounds like here. and thats why my boy has trouble in school you know, its my fault, all my fault. if i'd just feed him elkburgers everynight things would be fine.

Karin said...

I like the hair it looks good want to come cut mine? My Dad used to travel a lot when I was growing up and so my Mom would make that time special for us so we wouldn't miss him as bad. So when Dad was gone we would get to eat Taco Bell and Long John Silver's and all the other things we loved and Dad hated. Those times when it was just me and Mom at Taco Bell are still some of my favorite memories. So I say let them eat crap, make the time special and create some lasting memories.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i dont know why I let her ruffle me..i need a hobby..

I know I can wear a 10 in most things, certain thing its a 12...but i try ti only wear the brands that its a 10..haha

I may break down and cook tomorw, but the boy will still eat his peanut butter;)

taco bell and long john silvers?..your making me hungry, and making me fatter just thinking about it..haha..

Kendra Lynn said...

I wish my girls would eat peanut butter! They refuse!!! I don't think they are normal kids.
You did a good job on the haircut...although I'm not a good judge of haircuts considering I've never gotten one. Kelsey's hair looks just like that, naturally...I've never trimmed it even...its quite amazing really.
Hope you have a good week with your husband gone.
Take care.

Working Mom said...

MR spawn's hair looks great! How talented you are!

Bug won't eat pb or spaghetti o's. I really wish she would.

I won't even start on the Star Jones thing. All I can say is if pilates does that then when I turn sideways, I should disappear. BS!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well PB is the ONLY thing he eats..he has an eating disorder..differnt foods make him gag and puke..its weird..

ok your the second blogger i have met who has never had a haircut..amazing..if I dont get a trim every few months I can not even get a comb thru it..haha

I am with you on the whole pillates thing..haha..

my son is picky too..and he is almost 9 so I wont even tell you she will grow out of it..its a load of crap...they wont..:)

Wethyb said...

Star Schmar...blah.

Too funny about Meg Ryan spawn. This is only the beginning for her! Good luck! LOL.

Good job on the haircut!

Badoozie said...

you guys should pity me. i have a child who refuses ALL types of sandwiches. try packing a lunch for him. he would rather starve then eat school food. and i've been there, it is nasty

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my son refuses to eat just about anything..man the more i get to know you, the more I lvoe you...really this is scaery...am I in the twight zone or something?

you and i could compsoe our own blog on the way our kids eat..or lack there of..I am surprised my son is still kicking to be honest;)

JD's Rose said...

Nice Chris. I love the last paragraph. I am not nearly as scared now...

I lvoe dinner time - sounds like our dinner time when we can't be fff... bothered.


Jamie Dawn said...

If you count all you had for dinner, then you guys had a four course meal. Not bad!

Nice hair cut. You did good.

Star Jones lost a ton of weight, but I don't think we'll see her modeling bikinis any time soon.

Meow said...

Great haircut ... did you train as a hairdresser in a previous life ?? When my husband is away, Chicky and I eat stuff like macaroni cheese, toasted sandwiches, and other simple stuff. Nothing wrong with that !!
Take care, Meow

Melis said...

On the eating like kings thing... I do this as well, which then turns me to this question, Do we not do this when hubby is home because we all feel we have some "wonder woman" thing to prove to our men?? Things that make ya go Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

Great job on the cut! Fantabulous even! :)

And boy! If she's hating being a woman now.. I agree.. JUST WAIT! lol

JD's Rose said...

You've been tagged.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you kknow what cracks me up? my gramdma and dad are the only ones who call me chris..LMAO..

I figure notihgn wrong with taking a break once in a while..you wait till that baby comes..you will see what I mena;)

your right, I should of combined it all..that would of been the best meal yet;)

not in a privoius life, just this one..way back in 94..seems like another lifetime ago though;)

well this is my thinking on it..follow me..

when the hubby is gone he is on vaction, doenst matter if it is for work or not..so if he gets a vaction..than I do too..Now when I am away..(whuch rarely happens) he does the same thing.

and I hate cooking a big meal whan I am the only adult anyway...I hate leftovers so I just thorw them out..and I waste too much food;)

makes sence to me

okie dokie

Nerdine said...

Oh I desperately need a haircut - wanna come over and take care of those split ends? I can even pay for it - oh wait - shoot - there's a lonely fly in there...
Where did all the money go??

The Blog Whore said...

Star Jones, LOL! She had a gastric bypass and is married to Big Gay Al. She needs to just admit it!

Funny about the womanhood. I didn't even push my kids out, they sliced me open, gutted me like a deer and then 2 years later did it again.

Yeah, good times!

momma of 2 said...

alrighty already - calm down about Star Jones - mmmkay?

I love the haircut and when Hubby worked nights the kids and I ate like kings all the time - cereal is not just for breakfast ya know?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well if your willing to come here from norway, i will do it for free:)

Blog Whore,
oh you were gutted huh?..man, nothing like having kids the ole fashoined way..haha..I got lucky..that was my biggest fear..

ok, ok, no more star jones bashing I promise...I jsut had to get it off my chest..and my boobs are still too big..teehee;)

Badoozie said...

mine is actually rather pleasantly plump. but he was not always that way, he spent many years the same weight because he would sprout in height with each pound. i think it's all the strawberry milk. maybe it's the one case of snickers bars for breakfast, and the half rack of pepsi at least thats what his dad's sock camera found out.

d said...

Yum...lucky charms. I had a bowl this morning myself.

Now...Star Jones!!! I hear you sister. Ya, she's 150 my ass! I saw her on Dr. Phil, she said she lost 150 - ok, I can accept that, but there is NO way in hell she weighs 150 pounds. Her and Kirstie Alley are in denial. Be honest, the public isn't stupid, we knew how big you were - we have eyes - shit!

(end rant. see what you started?)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well my son is about avarge..he is a skinny little thing.i try to plump him up...but it dont work...

he would not touch starwberry milk with a ten foot pole, not choclate milk..he loves white milk,water, cetain kinds of juice..yup, thats it..

now that he is getting older, his face is filling out a bit.which is good...these boys and there eating habits I tell ya;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am glad to see someone else is as enraged as my self..at least kirsty ally tells how she is "trying" to lose weight..

and there is no way star weighs no 150..I wanted to slap her when i heard her say that...maybe she was only counting one thigh:)

CoolChic said...

Great job on the hair cut. Healthy food lol I can't stand the canned food stuff, I do like chicken soup from cambells, I don't know how kids can eat that other stuff. Speaking of peanutbutter, omg I've been eating it like crazu the last week. I told K my body has to be craving protein.

Funny what Meg Ryan said. Too cute. :o)

vani said...

nice job on the haircut! can you do mine too? i can't afford 30 bucks though....and i'm fellin ya on the dinner menu, now with 3 kids...easy mac and spaghettios are my best friends! lol

Marel Lecone said...

What a great haircut. I so need one now! :) I wish I had your talent on this one. :)

pack of 2 said...

I no likey Star Jones...I think she is a huge bitch!

That is my kind of eating going on at your house...please pass the Lucky Charms!


angel, jr. said...

I am so tired of hearing about Star Jones anything.
And yes, there is something very queen about her husband. No man is that metrosexual.
My 3 year old nephew only likes grapes and oatmeal. And he'll eat cheetoes whenever he can get his hands on them. That's all he'll eat.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I hate canned food too..thats why i went with lucky charms:)

I know all about having 3 kids honey..LMAO...and someites canned food comes in handy for when momma feels a little lazy:)

I wouldnt call it talent honey...its called " I wasted my dads money on going to beauty school then decided I could not handle the smell of people who cant wash themselves and quit"..heehee

come on over, I will share..I also have cinnomon toast crunch and fruit loops..take your pick;)

Angel jr,
well your nephew sounds like my son...who knew men statred out as such picky eaters:)

Cliff Morrow said...

Good job on the hair. The groomer I sleep with couldn't have done better.
Star Jones?
I must tell you, ie the prince dude. I read that thinking that you wrote it and had actually decided I was done visiting you. (I'm like that) But I hung on long enough for the disclaimer. I'd disclaim that too, or at least plead insanity.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

boy was that close..I am glad you read on..haha..I dont want to lose my Cliff..

now you got me nervous...I dont want you to run off on me;)

Anna said...

Love the haircut! Great job!

You supper is just my style. I had Kix for supper last night.

My problem with Starr Jones is that she still has a huge head and big, scary eyes. I liked her better as a bigger woman.

And last but not least- Your kids are hilarious! :)

Samantha said...

LOL... Hannah had canned Ravioli's last night.. I had scrambled eggs at about 8pm..

Star Jones... I can't figure out why she wants to keep it secret.. Unless it's illegal in this country..lol

LOL at your daughter, kids say the darndest things!

Anne said...

I need a haircut. After Rogaine, and THEN I need a haircut k?

Star Jones looks stoooopid now. Some people are not really meant to be thin and they just look dumb that way.

If your cereal is what a King eats like, I'll remain a pauper thank you :)

Poor Meg spawn...yeah, she has ALOT to look forward to, er, dread lol