Thursday, February 09, 2006

My kids need a sitter

As I was taking a much needed break from whatever it is that I do during the day, I wondered where my cute little Toddler spawn wandered off too. She usually will go in her room and play or sit on her sisters bed and look at books, upside down..

Well today I went to go find her and this is what I found in my kitchen..

So I had a mess to clean up. I guess she wanted them floors to be clean enough to eat off from..When I decide to cook dinner that is...


Meltdown spawn asked me yesterday why I did not have a job like dad. I told him my job was to be here and make sure that he and his two sisters were taken care of.

He then says,

" gosh, my wife better have a job when I grow up..She don't need to be sitting around watching Days of Our Lives all day long"

Um son, Days of Our Lives is only on for an hour, Heaven knows I wish it was on all day long..But thanks for noticing the good job I do around here. I just may forget to pack your lunch tomorrow and find you clean underwear ...hows them apples?



momma of 2 said...

OH this hit a spot with me - but since he is your son I just wont go there...but GRRRRRRR!

Karin said...

Ok so how long is meltdown spawn on restriction now? Little booger, he would hate it if you weren't there for him. I see you have a little baker in the making. She is far to cute all flour covered to be that mad at. It looks like she had fun.

Working Mom said...

Was she trying to make dinner perhaps? hee hee

Your son won't stay married long if he says that to his

Lavender Dawn said...

That is so adorable! i find post and pans and spoons in the darnedest places, but never anything like that!

Don't you love what kids say? my son is ten and can still be a snot!

Marel Lecone said...

Your little girl is certainly up to no good. But how cute, she is?!?! As for the boy, don't you just want to knock a child out?!?! heehee :) Talk to you later. :)

pack of 2 said...

hehe...that is too funny:)

Kids have no idea why they are always in the dog house.


Melis said...

Ok now with that picture of her, and our previous conversations.... Our two girls would WITHOUT A DOUBT have a complete and utter BLAST hanging out with eachother! However... I don't think it would be in our best interest! LOL If you've never found anything like that before.. you surely wouldn't want my lil "angel" teaching her anything! lmao

Ummmmmmm.. Meltdown spawn - My wish for you is that your darling mother that sits and watches soaps & eat bons bons all day beats those thoughts out of you.. that your hard working father has the sense to explain this to you... or that you get amnesia before you get married or envolved and never have that thought again!!!! LMAO

Meow said...

Kids are cute. He better not speak like that to a future wife, down the track, or that future wife will be an ex-girlfriend. Lucky he is only young, and his thoughts can be retrained !! Good luck, Meow

mom of 3 girls said...

Awww she is so darn cute!!

As for your son, Maybe he is just trying to get rid of u for a while. Kids really can come up with some good ones!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well dont you worry, he had I had a chat if you will....he said it would be a good job if I got paid for it..I about busted up..

then I told him I might not be here when he got home from school today, then he creid...mwuaaaa!!

oh, its not flour honey, it Comet..she got it off the counter becuase i forgot to put it away after I cleaned the sink..:)

well if she eats dinner outta Comet , we are all in trouble;)

Ithink he was trying to be funny..but I think he knows now he isnt funny anymore..heehee

dawn maire,
I find measuring cups all over too..and my spatuclas..

my son comes up with the weirdest things..he will be 9 next month..I hope it doesnt get worsew from here..haha

well I would of beat the crap put of him, but I was in the bath tub when this all ent down..and I wasnt going to sacrifece a hot bath to go out and beat him up..LMAO

yes, he still has no idea why he has been grounded ion the just do not learn from thier mistakes, thats for sure.

I think if they goit toghter we would have one hellofa mess to clean up..

dont worry I have beat it out of him already...I think the little bugger is worried Iwont be here when he comes home from school today:)

yes I ope so too, I dont want him living here when he is 30 because he cant find a wife;)

if hes trying to geet rid of me..he is doing a good job..

Anne said...

You know, I hate those types of comments from my kids.

My 4 yr old once told me she wanted me to leave (I wouldn't get her something) and when I asked who would do everything, she said Dad would so....after asking her about everything that gets done daily and WHO does it (every response was MOM) she changed her mind.

Mike said...

lmao.....out of the mouth of babes huh?

Badoozie said...

i think what he said is funny. my son says stuff like that. if i'm on my computer and he wants to yak my ear off, its "you're always on that thing, you never pay attention to me, this is abuse!"

he gets all kinds of flipping attention. main point here, he is a MAN and if you are not flapping your wings around them 24/7 they file a complaint with the better wives/mothers bureau that you have 'abandoned them". babies all of them.

Kendra Lynn said...

lol...that's hilarious! Kids really know how to sock it to ya!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thats funny becuase i asked him
" who pakcs your lunch
who makes your dinner
who washes your clothes
who wakes you up in the morning
who cuddles with you
who makes you do your homework..
who makes sure you teeth are brushed and your hair combed..

he said well you do...but some of that stuff i dont like..i dont like combing hair..hahaha

yup..there is never a dull moment with them hanging around all day.

it seems like he says these things when he is last night i was making him get ready for bed..they are all alike...we get no darn respect..

thats for sure sista;)

vani said...

LMAO! omg...i can't believe he said the pics, looks like you and i have our hands full girlie!

The Blog Whore said...

OMG! That is too funny! What a mess! While I was stuck on the phone the other day, my two got into the bathroom and had a sopping wet toilet paper party. Putting scads of toilet paper in the potty then dragging it back out, putting it on the walls floor and cabinets. All this in about 3 minutes. Thankfully they didn't flush that mess, I would have had an even bigger mess of an overflowing toilet!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

awwwww, you poor thing. hope you have time to get off the couch to read this comment. my kids told me that they think i sit around all morning, reading the paper, drinking tea, eating candy and then nap in the afternoon. ahhh, memories.

d said...

Ha! You show him!

Too cute about baby spawn - I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had to clean up a mess like that. Rice, chocolate powder, jello powder, broken eggs...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh you better belive it, and wait your time is comeing;)

oh I have had more than one incendt with a toilet in a matter of minutes..barbie heads, a whole roll of TP, a little chair from the doll house..fond memories;)

Better safe than sorry,
haha, i just found the time to read it, took a break form my tv watching heehee..I just read my girl 10 damn books, now i have a headache..

my son asks me why I check my mail so much he said" are you famous or somehting"...oh I wish I told him:)

why do these 2 year olds think they can just willy nilly make messes?...its alwyas something, darn babies;)

Felecia said...

I don't think it would hurt the poor lad to forget a few lunch goodies or laundry! Think of it as an invaluable lesson that will serve this future wife of his better - (she WILL thank you for it!)

I love the flour mess! Had a similar experience one time involving EGGS... I wasn't inclined to snap pictures, however. You're a good mommy!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

one of these days he will be sorry I tell you what..haha

sad thing is its not flour, its Comet...I had just got done cleaning my sink and forgot to put it away, she grabbed and it cleaned my floor along with herself...hubby said I should of called poision control, i said oh shes fine:)

novaks8 said...


I'm sorry.

Man o man.

My son has been having these heart to heart talks with Dad on the way to school every morning.

he says I don't wash his clothes, I won't ever let him go to a friend's house, etc etc

Funny, my husband hasn't washed a load of clothes in 6 years but my son has never gone nekkid!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh thats cute, yes my son has never went meal less or clothesless either, guess the some kind of fairy comes in and does all this crap for him..

very true...silence usally means "up to know damn good"

Peanutt said...

When kids are quietly playing you know they are up to no good!

Wethyb said...

Did you tell him that keeping up with "Days" is hard work??? LOL. That made me chuckle.

Oh Baby'd she like that flour?? :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it is hard work..especailly when I nap durring it anymore..haha

its not flour its comet:)

CoolChic said...

Too darn cute, I love seeing and hearing the stories of what kids do/get in to.

My friend, when her son was still in a crib, climbed out and got into the vaseline, he had pretty much the full jar in his hair. Try washing that out!!

Oh and one time she went to the store (father was home with him, but apparently not watching him) her little boy went under the tree and he got in a box of chocolates, he had melted chocolate all over his face when she got home.

Jamie Dawn said...

How cute she looks, and she looks like she KNOWS she was doing some naughty mischief. She looks like she's wearing Geisha makeup.

Meltdown Spawn is smart as a tack. You will REALLY have your hands full when he becomes a teenager.
God be with you!

Jamie Dawn said...

Uh, correction... I said your son is "smart" as a tack instead of "sharp" as a tack.
I had no idea tacks were smart?!!?

Peggy said...

Comet huh LOL maybe she wanted to clean too. As for your son... take all his clean clothes outta his room, cook or feed everyone at meals but him, do everything you normally do for everyone but him just for one day... he will be crawling back and kissing your feet! LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sounds like soething that might happen if my kids were left for too long with dad, he tends to let them do things I dont:)

he may be too sharp, that is my trouble;)

I may just have to do that..have him coming begging for me;)

lawbrat said...

Oh boy. Kids! Sometimes you wanna send 'em back, but their too big!

Samantha said...

LOL @ both of your kids.. If my daughter could get to the flour, she'd be doing the exact same thing! lol. Her thing is pens and drawing. I have to keep pens away from her or she'd draw on