Thursday, February 23, 2006

Holy cowlickers

So I have been noticing that some of my fellow bloggers are hitting milestones on their posts, like 100th post, or even 200th post...I was thinking I was around 300 or so...Then I looked at mine.....Folks this is my 501 post....I have issues, this is very clear to me now....Deep , deep issues..I have only been blogging since May..Ok, I am going to BA , Blogger Annymous..Anyone care to join me?

BilboBaggins (the hubby of almost 11 years) has been wanting pickles lately. I keep asking him if he is pregnant, and he keeps denying it....Then the other day he emails me from work telling me he wants taco salad for dinner, then says "the baby must be Mexican"

well you have some explaining to do mister...

Bilbobaggins is having some issues....And me being the doctor I am, have diagnosed him with Parkisnons disease. He will tremble and shake uncontrollably..And it has been very bad the last 2 days....It has been going on for about 10 years now, but very subtle..He goes Friday to the Dr...

he asked when I had my appointment because we should tell the kids at the same time that I have cancer and he has Parkinsons...Are we messed up or what?

My little baby Boo has decided she no longer needs to eat to sustain life. Well unless I am going to feed her spaghetti O's, fruit snacks, apples, grapes,chicken nuggets, spaghetti or cheez its....

Im cool with that....

Editors note for all you American Idol watcher...I heart Ace..


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momma of 2 said...


momma of 2 said...

okay - now that I have that out of my system...

you too are so messed up - you don't have cancer, and he doesn't have parkinson's... You two are just a little nuts... Hugs!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, I think you might be right..I will give you that:)

Karin said...

well you two sound perfect for each other. So Ace is good AI doesn't come on for another 1/2 hour here. Get boo to eat what she will eat and then give her some vitamins to cover the rest. She will be fine.

Marel Lecone said...

In order to feed our kids, we have resorted to fair food--corn dogs and waffles. That's about it. Actually, any food on a stick is interesting to them. :)

And, stop talking about these diseases, will ya?!? Gotta stay positive, ok?

Talk to you later. :)

Badoozie said...

you might want to pre-arrange grief counseling for the kids before you give them the bad news.

i think hubbsters has withdrawels from all the weed he smokes at work instead of working. and you? you're just plain crazy. thats all.

it has occured to me that karin has not been to my blog lately. i am wondering if she hates me. what do you think?

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

congrats on your 501 post!!!
you should do something to celebrate, i say cupcakes for everyone.
thanks for visiting my blog, on my 200th post.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I hope your watching it now..Ace and then the jay leno guy did very well..let me know what you think..

fair food sounds good to long as i can get me some cotten candy..

and I will stop the silly talk..we are diease free here..haha;)

gosh your right..grief counsleing is indeed in order..I never thought of that...

yes karin hates you, she told me know i am kiddin, or am I?...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

better safe than sorry,
acctually i have been to your blog many times..I have changed my name and my blog..sorry for confusing you...I will come back and tell you who i am, cuz its top secert..LMAO

Gangadhar said...

Hey dear..Congrats on your 501 post..Wow..

Melis said...

Ok, I'm thinking I might have to join you with the BA thing! Even with the time I've missed (sorry again!) I'm at 252 just since AUGUST!!! lol

I'm thinking ya'll should just go in together... :)

And baby boo... well, so long as she's eating something... and maybe she's just sees that Mommy needs a break from "real cooking"! LOL G'luck with that! :)

Meow said...

Wow, 501 posts ... I only on 80-something, and I've been blogging since late November. Must blog more, must blog more, must blog more ......
Have a great day / night, you zany lady, you. Take care, Meow

novaks8 said...

First off- His name is TAYLOR HICKS


He is my favorite all around.

but yes, Ace did well and all the girls will get hot and bothered watching him.

Most of the guys did well.
Poor old Bucky from North Carolina...he is just out of his league big time.
And the Copa Cabana dude...what the HELL?

This is funny...As we were watching last night and the kid did George Michael and my man did Elton...I thought about you!
Is that a sign that I blog too much or take it too seriously?

I'm sure your husband will be fine but I am praying for him anyway.
Parkinsons is some scary crap...poor little Michael J Fox is so sad.

Cliff Morrow said...

Your hubby could have some blood pressure troubles causing the shaking. It could go away after the baby is born.
You've probably got cancer. Sorry about that. You'll look good without a hair on your body. I know I did.
Congrats on 500 posts. Oh yeah, and get a life.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you;)

the first meeting is tongiht..i will expect your promt arrive at 6 pm;)

well that sounds normal..I must be obssessed, or very bored..not sure which.

ok I will admit Taylot Hicks was very good..he is differnt and thats why I like him..but ace, i mean did you look at him??..haha

I always thought I would look good bald...ok I am going to get a life now...or should I just goto choir next week?

Mike said...

Turn the thermostat up...might keep the hubby from

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i just saw your witness protection plan thing, lol, now i know who you are, i'll keep it hush hush;)

Working Mom said...

I'm jealous cause our kid eats more food than my kid! Not fair!!

I loved Ace last night! Oh, and I liked the guy who sang Bon Jovi (Chris, I think).

No more disease talk! You're making me start thinking what's wrong with me? Besides the obvious, that

FrogLegs said...

501 posts, wow!! I love the look of your site! Frogs I love first, bee's next! :)

Working Mom said...

I meant your kid!

Kendra Lynn said...

I will pray for you and hubby...I bet its just stress. :) That seems to be the source of all my woes, anyway.
As far as the kiddo not eating...I know all about that. Its perfectly will get better. Thank God for that! :)
Hope you have a great day today.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

never thought about that..

ok, I am glad you figured it sucks goin under cover..haha

well my 9 year is way worse...i mean that kid has some seruois i should nto complain..i am sure its a phases Boo is going thru..

the guy who sang dead or alive was good too, i forgot about him..

when I hear Ace was singing Goerge Micheal..i paniced thinking he would butcher it..but he was pretty damn good..then when I saw the last guy was going to sing Elton John, I had anohter panic attack..but he was amzaing too..I am torn between the two of them;)

Frog legs,
well hello..and thank you...I like frogs too...thanks for stopping by;)

well I am hoping is stress, but it is something that has been going on for about 10 years but is progersvly getting worse..he just wrote me an email saying he cant hardly type at work because he is shaking so bad..and its just one side...I better brush up on my medical stuff..haha

and I know there isnt anything wrong with me other than I am stressed and bit crazy..haha

d said...

I agree, Ace is cute - but he knows it, which is not so cute.

I thought the Vin Diesel guy was the best last night, he sang th BOn JOvi song - He totally rocked.

So the hubby's having a mexican baby! Congrats, maybe once the baby comes he/she can explain to us what the hell it is that Dora is saying.

mom of 3 girls said...

I have to agree I think the 2 of u are just nuts!!! I am sure everything will be ok. When do u go to the doctor? Well boo will eat when she is hungry enough. At least she has things she will eat. My kids are not fussy. They eat pretty much anything although sometimes they tell me they do not like something just because they would rather have something else.

Well I am going to go post on my blog what my plans r for the weekend so u can keep track of me. LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes the guy who rocked out bon jovi was pretty good..

ace is just got it for me though...

well after the baby learns to speak we will ask it about dora..that is good thinking..

oh no, you alwyas have plans for the weekend, your making me look boring;)

Robin said...

Wow, 501 and posts!! You are one talkative thing aren't ya?? ;-)

I'm down with the preschooler diet. Sometimes you just gotta feed them what they'll eat, for the sake of your sanity, you know??

Anna said...

Happy 501st Post!!!

Sorry to hear about the hubby's afair with the Mesican woman, but at least you should make a bunch of money from the Enquirer when he has the baby! ;)

Also, sorry to hear about all the deadly diseases. Good luck with that ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i think its more that I have no life..I am really not that talktive..heehee

true about the preschool diet..i mean as long as we dont lock them in dungons we are good..a can of spegetti o's never killed anyone;)

i should kick him out for his affar..but now you are on to something, i could make a killin off that story;)

lawbrat said...

You and hubs are too funny! You sound like Phil and I. Except we're not married, and the boys are 'for real' his kids (yet he's more of a dad to them than their own dad), other than that... ;-)

Kids and food! Holy crap. The only thing you CAN do is feed them what they will eat.

Hi, my name is Dawn, and I have a blogging addiction...
Enough said.

Have a great day!!

mom of 3 girls said...

I agree sherlock! I think I am the misterious marrissa!! LOL I was going to tell u that a few days ago, but I guess u are wearing off on me and my memory is going too. LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

its nice to know there are other couples out there as crazy as us..haha

ok the BA meeting is at 6 pm tongiht at my house..i better see you there;)

maybe we should open a crime solving buisness..

Felecia said...

Once again, I shall ignore your death sentence(s)... until I see a doctor's note at least. My sister-in-law has this medical dictionary that another family member and I plot to steal and destroy for the sole purpose of our hating self-diagnosis. It scares too many people and is usually DEAD WRONG (pardon the pun).

Now - you know I don't like to scold you, but if you keep this behavior up I'm going to have to talk with your dad. That's all there is to it.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh so now your threatneing me huh?.....well i am not even gonna tell you my dads there;)

novaks8 said...

hey girl
I made a blog just for American Idol discussions.

Come check it out

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am all over this one..:)

Wethyb said...

I am so for Ace....I've been saying it on everyone's blog mentioning it! Him and Chris....hell yah!

Angel Girl said...

I agree it's just the pot withdrawls, or perhaps crack.. hmmm.. just say no to crack!

Be grateful that boo has atleast a few fruits in that equation hehe.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope there's nothing seriously wrong with your hubby... I mean besides his being pregnant.

I love to eat Cheez Its & grapes together. I haven't done it in quite awhile since I'm doing the diet thing, but boy that is a gooood snack!

The Blog Whore said...

American Idol? I heart Bucky. And that bald dude.

My kid has food issues. If she doesn't eat what I put out, she gets nothing.

I know, I'm mean.

amkell said...

Hey I am entering the BWPP - email me... and can you take Momma of 2 off your list... thanks - will have a new name and site!

Cori said...

okay I am sorry but most of those guys last night sucked! you might be in love with Ace but......I dunno.
And are we talking a little hypocrondriac? I am thinky so so.

vani said...

ace huh? i guess i better start watching american idol..:)

and i hope bilbo is ok. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

just wanted to let you know i read all your comments there...but do not have time right now to comment indivaully..but thanks for the good thoughts on bilbo and if your not watching AI..get on it already;)

Mrs. Diamond said...

you don't have cancer and your hubby doesn't have parkinsons. i won't have it.

I like Ace too...and Katherine for the girls. I can't stand Brenna

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen mrs D..

I dont like her either..

Michele_3 said...

See I told you to check out Ace- He's a cutie and sings pretty good too! remember my prediction! Finals! Ace!
My husband is jealous! J/K!