Wednesday, May 10, 2006

workin for a living

Today is my one year blog anniversary. This is my 573 post. Yes I have issues. I have enjoyed this year immensely. Blogging is a nice way to express what little thought I have. I have met some wonderful people, my very first comment from a stranger was dear old Jaime Dawn..Thank you Jaime, still you make me laugh..So she was the first blog I started reading. And it has grown from there.

My blog has caused many conflicts in my family. Not sure why, I regret telling any of them about it. I thought it would be a fun way to keep in touch with everyone after we moved..big mistake...I had no idea some people had the address that did, I had no idea some were reading it were not only reading, but talking to other's about what they were reading...I still have a sour feeling about it.

For the most part this has been a nice journey. I have met a few scum wads. My blog has blossomed over the last year. When I stared it, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. It has taken a few turns thru the last year, but mostly it has stayed stead fast as one of the sucky ones. I am ok with that.

I will leave you with my very first post..Yes, my blog was much worse back then. If that is even possible.

thoughts of a stay at home mom
hello..Life of stay at home moms are very underrated...I often find myself wondering how I got here...Growing up I alwyas knew I wanted to have kids..but thought I would be able to hold down a job like my parnets did...I was alwyas with a babysitter ..summervaction..Christmas vaction..andy time school was out..I was at a babysitter...Snow days really didnt have much meaning..still had to get up and leave my warm cozy bed....So when I had my first child 8 years ago...I was working full time..thought in 6 weeks I would go back..well that was not the case..I cold not bear to leave him...There wasnt anyone I could trust the care of my new baby with...My mom my grnadmohter..all mom raised 2 kids..we are still both alive...but no..I would not hear of it....Not until he was nealry 2 years old did i go back to work....and truseted him in the care of my mom and my grandma..Then a few years later out came baby number 2...and I have been home ever since...she is now 5...and my baby is 20 months...And I stay home with them,take my 5 year old to pre-school...I am a chouffer,body gaurd,housekeeper,playmate,comforter,referee...and thensome......But all moms are all those things weather they stay home or not....I will share ccrazy things about my days as a stay at home mom...the awfull things..the funny and the bad....I hope you get some enjoyment outta it...I do
posted by Bossy Britches on Tuesday, May 10, 2005

notice the spelling..That was before I discovered where the spell check was. And before I could obviously write in sentence. Looks like one big run on. OYE!

Ok, there ya go....Happy one year to me...Starting a blog was the best thing and the worst thing I could of done. I have mixed feelings about it all.

Anyhoo, have a wonderful hump day. I will be working later on today, I hate my job. Didn't know if you knew that. Trouble is, no one cares how miserable I am..What the hell is new?


As I was laying in my tanning bed last night, something occured to me. I am in a public place naked. How many places do you acctually do that?..Not many! Last week when I was there I got this awful pain in the side of my neck. I was for sure that I was having an annyrusum or maybe going to stroke out. All I could think about was the fact they nice girl at the desk would have to come in and find my charred naked bod. She would see all the goods, layin there. I thought, i hope she at least covers me with a towel before she calls 911, or maybe try and get my clothes back on.I do belive it would be a bit of a "scared straight" for her. Her little 18 year old self might think twice about having unprotteced sex...Because this is living proof of what happens to your body. It would be something that would scar her for life. She may become an old maid. Which would be for the best.

or at least she would know to use coco butter to help prevent your skin from looking like a rotten tomato.

Bee Real


vani said...

happy one year bossy! i love your blog. you always make me smile or laugh out loud. i love your stories and love the pics of the all the bees. its like we've been blogger buddies all our lives. :)

Granny said...

Happy blogiversary bossy!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww your making me blush girl:)..thank you sweety.

thank you my dear:-)

Meow said...

Happy Blogaversary, Bossy. Your blog always makes me smile. Thank you for being you.
Take care, Meow

pack of 2 said...

Happy one year girl! You always have us laughing our asses off. :)


Mike said... year you're a big girl blogger...hope you got a cake and had one candle on it.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..glad you can somtiems crack a smile, and u do the same for me;)

thank you my dear..I will try to hold your asses on from now on;)

cake?..did someone say cake?

Peggy said...

happy one year.... you went from crawling to walking to running... your blog has taken off. Pat yourself on the back.

Karin said...

Happy Blogiversary! It is funny how in less than a year these blogs have made me make some good friends. Thank you for being there always and bringing forth over 500 stories to amuse all of us.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well at times I act like a toddler;)

well I am glad you have enjoyed a few of my stories..and I am glad I met you..(well sort of met you..haha)..blogging has been nice in that respect;)

just_tammy said...

Congratulations - one year older and wiser too!!! So glad you have kept it up. The day just isn't the same without a little Bossy wisdom.

Just for the record - I care! Unfortunately, there's nothing much we can do about the craziness. Think we are just along for the ride.

Hope you are at least wearing clean undies to the tanning bed. You know just in case there is an accident, they will notice the clean undies - of course you won't be wearing them!!!

I so need to get off my butt and start my stupid blog so you can be my first - and only since I'm so pathetic- visitor. Then I could tell you how my son and his fungus are headed back to the jungle for six weeks. At least it's the touristy city this time.

Thanks for all the laughs!

Cliff Morrow said...

I've never worried about dying in public. I figure someone will come along and say, "Man look at the size of that guy, we gotta get him buried before he gets rank." Free public burial.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i have been hounding you for months to start that dang blog, pretty soon i am gonna start it for me young lady;)

oh boy..they may do the same to me..i never thought about that...

Anna said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Baby!

Maybe you should get to celebrate today as another birthday, complete with cute caddy and all! ;)

aatank said...

Do you know how hard it is to catch up on a years worth of posts. I think I have only read 297 posts; since Easter, of your 573 posted. I love that it let's you vent and we get to laugh. Thanks for the good times.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well dont i wish;)

gosh dont waste your time doing that the world , rid the childeren in afirca of hunger..something..haha

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh and i hope you started from the makes more sence that way..teehee...

just_tammy said...

You called me young!!! Once again you have made my day!

Let me know where to find my blog so I can use the stupid thing!

Have a great day. Take a cloth's pin to work in case of stench.

Gette said...

Happy Day! My poor blog has been through so many incarnations and domanin hosts that I don't think I could find the "first" post if I tried.

Working Mom said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'm glad I stumbled across your blog. You've been a good "blogger friend"!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok I am starting a blog for you right now..gosh do I have to do everything?..are you gonna makeme write in it too?..geesh;)

well i know i have a heck of a time finding yours..haha

i am glad you stumble across me too..even thought i hate you because you live in florida;)

Robin said...

LOOKY LOOKY!! I'm commenting!! :-)

Happy blogiversary, you don't look a day over 6 months!!

love ya! :-)

d said...


Wow, the blogs grow up so fast don't they. ;)

I for one am glad that you became a blogger, that you decided to share your life with all of us. I'm sorry that it has caused some problems IRL - that sucks and I don't know how I would deal with that myself - but I sure am lad you decided to stick around.

Evertime I read your blog I actually Laugh Out Loud. How many times to people type "lol" - but they aren't really? You really do put me into a fit of laughter more often than not.

Seriously, once in a while the phrase "smashed bananas and retards" pops into my head and I laugh to myself - most recently last week, on the bus.

Here's to a more worry free year next year and lots more laughs!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well thank you sweety..and i am glad i didnt drive you away like i thought i did;)

you really liked that smashed bannans and retard bit didnt you? i havent stopped hearing about it..haha

I am glad I can make you laugh..(even if it is at the expense of myself) but truthfully, you make me bust a gut..that is when you deicde to post..(had to get a jab in there)..

Kendra Lynn said...

I am amused as usual by your blog. :) certainly have a way with words. :)
I'm glad you started this blog...its been fun.


The Blog Whore said...

Happy anniversary!

Yes, spell check is a Godsend...

I love your blog. And I just don't love any old blog ya know.

Even though I'm a blog whore and all, I'm still a choosy whore.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well thank you. I am glad you have been on this journery with me, you have turned out to be a pretty good friend..

blog whore,
you crack me up..thank you though, thank you for chosing me to go down your blog whore path with..maybe i can be your blog pimp?

Mrs. Diamond said...

LOL. Happy Blogiversary!!! I got a good laugh out of your first post. hehe. I was the same way with my kids. Nobody could take care of them like me. And I laughed when you said you're a bodyguard. ;)

Felecia said...

Congrat's on a more often than not, successfull year Bossy!

ps I used to work in a tanning salon. Thank GOODNESS I was never given that fate...

pack of 2 said...

Happy Blogversary BB!

We are so happy you are around the blogs cracking us up!

We had our blogversary on the 6th but didn't get a post up about it.

looking forward to many more from you!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d,
glad you got a chuckel, but we are body gaurds..just not kevin costener i guess;)

that would be my dream job..heehee..thank you, and i am glad i we met over the past year, i mean we are practiacly neighbirs..haha

well happy blogannivsary to you are a few days older than me;)..thank you for stopping by nearly everyday. I am glad I can make you laugh, and you girls do the same to me, when you post that is..haha

~Deb said...

Well happy anniversary! Wow, lots of posts written by you then! I’m glad I found you this year! When I first started blogging, I was so confused about the comment section and how to comment on others. Clueless as I was, my blog went unnoticed for a while, until I realized that a lot of my friends and family had my url. I would say, “Oh, yesterday was so funny, I was…” Then I get interrupted… “Deb, I read your blog—yeh—I know.” Friggin’ A!

Other than that, I think blogging is a great way to express yourself, and it gives you the ability to say things you normally wouldn’t in real life. It lets other people get to know you better (the ones in real life) and the ones out in blogland to fall in love with your writing.

I noticed your writing has really changed from your first post until now! Wow! See what practice does?

Let me just say something on the tanning bed topic. I go tanning at my gym. And whenever some musclehead decides to drop a 200 lb weight on the floor, the entire floor shakes and rumbles---and I’m in the tanning bed with the loud humming and music going on thinking it’s a fricken earthquake. I HATE tanning, but I gotta do it. I’m too damn pasty to go out looking like a ghost. Damn genes!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes my blog had a rocky start, thats for sure. I am not a writer like you, I am a comedy this is as good as it gets.

I am glad I found you, and it wasnt that long ago, I think I stalked you from Mike's place..after your big weddin..haha

thanks for coming by like you, I love it when you stop by:)

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy One Year with your blog!!!!!!

I am proof that strangers are not all bad. I have not stalked you or written nasty, awful things in the comments. I am a good stranger.

We had a dog that came up to the ranch when Courtney was a little toddler. She pointed at him and said, "Stranger." We took him in and that was his name until he died. Yep, some strangers are good.

Your last paragraph is a riot!!!! The mental images are really funny.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

some strangers are good..although you still could be a an overweight man with glasses and a bald spot. I see pics of your family, but you may be taking pics of the neighbors for all I know;)

it is a pretty bad mental image huh?..just try to block it out;)

Fantastagirl said...

Happy one year! That is awesome!

Princess said...

Happy One Year Blogging Bossy!!

I think your blog is so real and funny and i always enjoy reading it.

I always have the same fear of someone finding me naked in the shower. I always think - "i hope whoever finds me, covers me up or re-dresses me!!"
isnt that funny?


Britmum said...

Happy one year and many more to come. The music made me job out of my skin.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you;)

haha, we think alike huh?

thank you, and sorry..hope you didnt wet yourself, i just added the tunes today..i have music every now and then..tee-hee

Jerry said...

Happy Blogiversary!

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