Monday, May 08, 2006

If this is it

You know how the titles to all my posts are names to songs I like? Well now I am going to pick one artist a week and just do their songs for my titles. Don't ask why..Its just the way it is..This week is don't laugh, or your gonna get kicked in the face..Huey Lewis and the News..mmaky..So every title this week will be a song from them..Ok moving on..

Mr Shaky Pants test are still not back yet. Probably another few weeks still. And its driving me mad.

He starts one of his first classes for the preacher thing soon. He has to take Greek. You cant take anything else till you finish that class.

I told him that we need to start working on more kids. It seems every pastor I know either has one child, or a gaggle of them. You don't see many with just 2 or 3...Its one or a gaggle. How they can afford a gaggle is beyond me. I am half way to a gaggle, so a few more and we will be set. Then normally pastors kids have gaggles too. I don't get that either. I don't know how anyone can afford a gaggle of kids. Well unless the government is helping you out...But to do it on your own..Cant be done unless you are a brain surgeon. So I highly doubt I will have the full gaggle. I wont be having the state pay for my litter. I guess a half a gaggle will do.

I hate my job. The last day I worked the big bosses were coming in to have a looksy at the store. One of the supervisors said to me " the big boss is here, look busy".
To which I replied " they don't pay me enough to care ." She kind of looked shocked, but so was I when I heard what this billion dollar company pays there employees. Now that is something that truly sucks donkey balls.

Mr Shaky Pants does not want me to quit. He likes the fist full of change I bring home every 2 weeks. To me the pain and suffering is not worth it.If he knew how much I would rather stick hot knives in my thighs then go there, he would gladly give up the pennies I am bringing home. Some people are just money hungry. Only he does not realize this is dirty money. Its almost like a sweatshop. Companies this big are screwing their employees up the as$, and that is without lube. Rough terminology I know, but that's the way the grease splatters. It sucks. I hate it. Makes me to not want to shop there anymore. But I will be damned if I am going to that other store to buy my body wash and tampons. I just feel dirty when I walk in that store. They don't sell enough body wash to get the skank off me when I leave.

The last time I went to that store the woman who checked me out was rather large in size. When she bent over to do something with her register her..umm for lack of a better term hoo haas spilled out all over the place where they scan your items. They just kinda plopped there. She had to physically pick them up and stuff them back where they belong. It was really quite very disturbing.

I don't want to see hoo haas spilled all over the register and I don't want to see them when you pull a sweaty wad of money out of their with your wood hand. Am I being unreasonable here?

I get to work all day Monday. Literally for peanuts. Actually you wouldn't even be able to buy a full jar of peanuts with one day of my pay.

Maybe a half a gaggle of nuts.

Bee Real


Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...okay...I'm really sorry you hate your job. But you really make me laugh with your crazy stories. LOL
There IS a worse place to, I mean.
I worked there. It totally sucked.
Christian bookstores just do NOT pay their employees enough.
Its ridiculous.
I got a promotion once, and did I get a raise to do MORE BACKBREAKING work? Naw...not on your life.
I finally quit...liked the job, hated the bosses and the pay.
Not worth it.
Its gone downhill since I worked not a one of the employees knows how to find you ANYTHING. Stupid.

I ranted, I raved...I'll go now. LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am glad you get a kick out of my misery:)but sounds like you have been in the same boat, so you get it;)

pack of 2 said... I know what you mean! Working sucks!!!! I don't think that any biz pays people enough. I know the "Other place" you speak of is terrible to their employees.
This is why people protest when they try to open new stores.

I say if you can't pay a living shouldn't be in business!

I had a bad day too...can you tell?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

boy you aint have a point, if they cant pay enough to be worth it, screw them..

sorry you had a bad day girl:(

Fantastagirl said...

and yet all of america keeps shopping htere - why? Because the stores that used to pay a decent amount had to close up and now there is no where to shop you know for TP, tampon, etc.

I hope you have a better week!

Peggy said...

Well tell Mr Bossy Bee that your job is to have a gaggle of kids. LOL Don't work too hard tomorrow. Most jobs are going out of country so they don't have to pay alot or workers from other countries come here because they don't mind working for small wages. Don't think we will ever have a good pay scale in the USA. Glad I am retired.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, everyone keeps shopping there..its a sad state of affairs I tell you;)

is it too early for me to retire?

aatank said...

I so know what your talking about... I quit my job teaching at a catholic school because after I was done paying for daycare, there was not enough left to pay for the gas driving back and forth to work.

So, I get this great idea to sell jewelry at home parties. I have a great time talking with real people and not to Dora, Ha ha. The plus side is I have to work about 3 hours in an evening and make about $200.00. That comes out to $66.67 an hour...not to many other companies pay those kind of wages. Again, we don't have to have the money it is simply making our lives more comfortable. My personal opinion is it is great to get out of the house and it is so easy sell because it sells itself.

Ok... enough about me and I hope your week gets a little better.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

when my oldest was a baby I sold Mary Kay for a few years. The money was good..but I hated going into other peoples homes..I am weird that way..

yes, we dont need the money persay, it is just going to come in handy when mr shaky pants needs money for books and or tution..and if those damn renters I have decide to not pay thier rent..Gawd dont get me going on that one..haha

Like you I wanted to just get out of the hosue..but I guess I would rather be trapped at home where I can sit my as$ down when I want, then being trapped behind a jewlery counter..what the hell was I thinking?

Karin said...

I am sorry your work sucks donkey balls. I hate working for other people that is why I now own my business. I don't need to make a lot of money but the money I make helps out and I have the freedom of deciding if I want to take a job or not. Man what the heck is taking so long on these tests you would think they could rush it up a bit. Keep your head up, things will get better soon.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I need to start my own buisness..only I have no damn skills:)

Kelly said...

Being your own boss isn't always that great either. Better money...a hell of a lot more work and stress!!

On the other hand, maybe you should start your own landscaping company, I mean look at what you did on the before and after pics of your own lawn (ha ha)!

Granny said...

I sold Mary Kay in Phoenix almost 50 years ago. Hated it for the same reasons you did.

I worked behind a counter at Woolworths (remember them) just long enough I didn't want any part of retail sales. Same thing with restaurant work.

I don't think it's work per se that's the problem; it's the lousy jobs that are available.

I could rant for a while but you know the drill.

Nobody has come right out and said Wal-mart but I shop there once a month because I really have no choice. They've seen to that. I could boycott but I can't afford it.

Melis said...

Why???... Why pick an artist every week???

Huey..::chuckle::..Lewis and the :::LOL:::: News?? BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sorry about the tests and the hurry up and wait situation. I think you should give them a call on your break when the venim is really boiling in you and tell them to get their ass in gear and do THEIR high paying job! ;)

Sorry to hear about the peanuts that you're working for. Can't say I miss earning the ones I use to. :)

Gaggles??? Are you kidding me???? ::::faints::::

Meow said...

Sorry you hate your job so much. Keep looking, something better is sure to turn up somewhere. Hope all goes well with Hubby's tests ... the waiting is a pain, isn't it ??
Take care, Meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well now your talking;)..I do love to mow..haha

yes walmart is the dirty, skanky store..its too bad you have to go there..its an awful place.

and retail sucks doneky balls;)

well I could call and spew all the venon I want, but they said the genitic testing would take weeks..and I think they mean it..haha,,ok, I am kicking you in the face for making fun of Huey naughty girl.

well I am looking hard, trust me..I should hear about the 2 jobs I really want this week, we willsee;)

Anna said...

My dad is a pastor and he only had 2 kids, so I guess it can be done ;) I'm sure your 3 will be just fine.

Work sucks pretty much no matter where you work. That's why it's work. If it was fun, they wouldn't have to pay someone to do it. Where do you work, anyway?

The Blog Whore said...

Uhoh...I know I shouldn't say this, but you should quit that job if you hate it. Life is too short to be miserable...

Mrs. Diamond said...

well, ok, look at it this way. it's good practise for you new job... of PREACHER'S WIFE.

If you think that's not a JOB, think again. And there are wonderful people who will love you, but there are also people who will be jealous and critical and think you have too many kids or not enough and that they could raise them better. It's tough. I was a preacher's kid. So I know it's not easy. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

You are all gaggles and hoo haas and stuff.

It's all Greek to me! (I couldn't resist that.) :)

Nerdine said...

think of it this way - You COULD've been working at McDonalds saying "you want a supersize fries with that" 5 gazillion times a day..

Reading your posts about this job just make me cherish my own job so much more. I get decent wage for a stupid job... :)

vani said...

working anywhere sucks- there is always something. is there anyone truly happy with thier job? if there is, then they

Gette said...

OMG, you don't work at the dreaded D do you? My MIL threw her back out working at the one in Dawson and they didn't give her jack for WC. Talk about treating the staff like crap...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...


i just wrote out a big long coomet to each of you and blogger messed up and went blank..damnitalltoheck..i give up..

Jamie Dawn said...

Blogger is EVIL!!

Micky said...

Hope all is well with you and your gaggle. Sorry about that crappy job. Too bad you couldn't buy yourself 14 clones so you could scope out a gazillion jobs and find yourself something really fun (that really pays), but I imagine all those clones cost a mint and their upkeep is more than that 1/4 gaggle of yours.
Sorry to hear its taking forever for those tests. Hang in there, I'm praying for you and yours.