Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hip to be square

Well my day working to earn a living..(hardy har) was so slow. A guy with what appeared to be a rusty nail thru his ear meandered to my counter. I said in my most pleasant voice " can I help you find something?" *gag gag* He proceeds to open his oral orifice and the stench that came forth was enough o knock a woman over. This dude had severe halatosis. He was wanting to look at some earrings, I was hoping he was wanting to replace his rusty nail in his ear. But I wasn't getting that close anymore. He proceeds to tell me..in a very respectable distance , that he is just taking his time, because he doesn't want to get back to work, he is a landscaper and I guess didn't feel like working today. I told him " not gonna stay in business if you don't show up"..To which he said " I have already been paid, no need to rush"

To which I replied "do u need some listerine pocket packs?" to which he said " nope, don't think so"...To which I said " yup, you do."

After that unfortunate incident I was self conscience about my own lurking halatosis. Praying I didn't have it . So I quickly went to the check out lanes and bought some Orbitz gum. On the package it says "feels like you just brushed your teeth".
I thought perfect..You never really know if you have stinky air coming out of your gob hole. I mean , do people with skanky breath know they have skanky breath?..How could you not? I mean I can smell it 10 feet away, and for petes sake its right under their nose, how could you not be aware?

Also people with gut wrenching body odor. How do you not smell it? How do you go out of your house and think your ok? Does the skank not hit till your in the car? Do these people not know that the deordorant is in ailse c-7? The body sprays and perfume are just the next aisle over. Please don't come to my jewelry counter if your having halatosis or perfuseing body stench. I will vomit on my glass counter. Which will make me mad, because then I will have to clean it.

So what have we learned today boys and girls, tots and tweens?

don't leave your house without the proper protection. If you can not afford your own tooth brush, I have about 4 laying around here that my dog chewed on. If you can not afford deodorant...Just don't leave your dwelling..

That is our lesson today...Shower, brush..Repeat..

Bee Real


Cliff Morrow said...

Before I come visit I will at least brush my teeth. Both of them.

Fantastagirl said...

you forgot to say USE SOAP in their shower, rinse repeat... if I don't tell Pan to use SOAP - he just stands there in the water.

Karin said...

Honestly no they can not smell themselves. They develope an imunity to it because the smell is always there. Same thing as if you worked in a perfume store you wouldn't smell the stench of your store anymore. However body odor every once in awhile you will move your arms just right ands get a wiff of your own pits and then you think Oh my God that is me. When you realize it is you you should take action to remedy the situation. But rusty sounded like a winner in lots of ways.

Princess said...

This is something i totally agree with you on!! I brush my teeth all the time and wear 3 kinds of fragrances. (aniti-perspirant, body spray and perfume!)
People that dont have hygiene skills should be put down. Even my dog smells better then some people!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I will look forward to your visit..now are they on the top or one on the bottom and one on the top?

good point..

oh my, you mean I could be smelling and not know it?..you have me worrried now.

I am the same way..you cant ever be too clean:)

Kendra Lynn said...

Lord have mercy.
I hate the bad breath. Man. There is a girl at my church like that.
It is so bad! I haven't figured out a tactful way to tell her. I have offered her gum before, and she politely declined. TAKE THE HINT, CHICKY!!!
As for the body odor..yeah..that's a toughy too.
I live in the middle of an ethnic paradise. They come here from all over, and most of them smell to high heaven. Don't they have deodorant where they come from?
Sorry...now I'm ranting.

Meow said...

Hmmmm, smelly bodies and mouths are just purely and simply YUCK. It is a total lack of hygiene ... don't people know how to wash. I don't think they can smell themselves ... they are probably so used to it and don't know any different. Eeewwwww.

pack of 2 said...

MAn...you should have smelled the mouth of my VP at our last job!!

It was unbelievable.

You could smellhis breath if you used the phone after him..GAG!

I had an office that was about 20 feet from his & I could totally smell it...even sader...I got "used" to the smell!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

there really is no polite way to say it..just better come on out and tell her..haha

i know I wonder if there sniffers are broke, or if they just plain dont give a damn;)

now that is bad, you should never get use to other peoples halatosis..tee-hee

keesh said...

Speaking of this topic, the other day I go into the post office. I walk past this guy and almost throw up!! he was on his way out. all the customers and the staff couldn't get the doors open fast enough to air the place out. it was as bad as it gets. Smelled so nasty. YUCK! I am like, ok, now how do you NOT notice yourself and freshen up before you go out in public...stinky armpits is one thing, but this was total body odor. SICK!~

Jamie Dawn said...

Good lesson. I wish everyone would learn it.
The body odor thing is the worst. I can see if someone just ate some Chinese food or Italian food. Their breath will not be fresh, but there is NO excuse for their body to not be showered.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh my..i hate when you get a wif of someones body odor lingering about after they leave..makes me want to gag..

you have apoint on the breath thing, but this was way beyond the calls of "garlic breath"..but your right, body odor is the worst..

Anna said...

Just reading this made me put in a fresh stick of Trident gum.
I'm always worried that maybe I stink and no one's telling me. I wish you'd just tell me so I could take care of it! Maybe they don't tell me because I don't stink, but I still worry.

~Deb said...

OMG, there is this guy that comes up to my and my girlfriend at this Italian restaurant every time we sit at the bar to have dinner. His breath is KICKIN’ boY! Not only that, I see him pop a piece of gum in his mouth before coming up to him. Holy fricken halitosis! The funky air still gets through the mint-flavored gum. It’s horrendous, and I don’t think he knows he’s still not ‘fine’ when he pops a mint.

As far as body odor and how people don’t know they stink? That’s beyond me. But think of this… Did you ever realize when you and your husband eat a ton of garlic, none of you smell? And, you can’t smell it on him?

To others? You reek. Seriously. The best food in the world, and it's so GOD awful for your breath!

Shoulda' told that guy to brush his nasty ass tongue!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

there isnt enough gum nto make me feel better now..I have seen stickynes at its depths, and she aint pretty;)

OMG..now that is bad if it lingers thru the gum..nasty!

hmm, I have never noticed that about eating garlic..you may be on to something...great, now I am worried I have stunk at some point or another;)

Working Mom said...

There's a couple guys at my work that have the most God awful breath! I really don't understand how they don't know it! We put breath mints on their desks everyday before they come in. You'd think they'd get the hint, but nope, men.....

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

holy cow, how could they NOT take the hint....gee wiz..

Babble said...

I hate to say it but I am woman who hates perfumes period. Instant headache.

I feel for you being thst close to the counter.

Rusty nail in his ear? Essshh.. imagine what .. oh nm.

Krystal said...

Some of those people from Europse don't use deodorant either. It's really nasty.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well sme perfumes make me sick too, but i would rather have a headache then smell skank;)

oh, dont I know it..

Wethyb said...

I don't know how anyone CAN'T know they stink or have rancid breath. Ick, yuck, gross.