Monday, May 22, 2006

Wake me up before you go-go

My artist of the week is Wham/George Michael..mmkay?

So I am not a person who looks down on any ethnic group, race or religion. I find weird people of all kinds. Well they find me. I have come across more crazy white people than anything, but this story brings me to the Mexican race. For some reason there are lots of them here, not that there is anything wrong with that..I am just wondering why if your fleeing Mexico do you come to the upper Midwest. Makes no sense.

I for the most part have nothing but good things to say about Mexicans. My very first love was a Mexican, heck,my second love, Mr Shaky Pants looks Mexican in the summer when he is exposed to the elements...

While at my jewelry counter Friday afternoon this lovely toothless Mexican family wanders over. The woman is looking at some earrings on a spinner. There is a big sigh on top of the spinner that says " 6.99-29.99"...Which of course means all the items atop that spinner are between the prices of 6.99 and 29.99..simple right?

Now I must of been asked by the only member of the family who knew a lick of English " how much is dis one"..I look on the box, it clearly says $9.99..So I point to the price and I say in my nicest voice " that is 9 dollars and 99 cents sir"

He talks jibber Jabber or what some might call Spanish to his fellow lady friend. I go about my business and look like I am doing something important. 5 minutes later he brings me 4 more boxes , the prices are clearly marked on the boxes and he askes me how much each are. I point to the box and show him where the price is..again..

He talks back gibberish to his lady friend with no teeth...Then again he brings me more boxes...By this point I am wondering if someone is playing a cruel and sick joke on me..Alas, it was no joke.

Now I am no master of languages nor will I pretend I am. Hell, most of my Spanish I have learned from Dora..But I am pretty dang sure that our number are the same. 9.99 in English is 9.99 in Spanish...Right?...They don't have some special numerical system I am not aware of do they? Not like Chinese or lets say Arabic. Correct me if I am wrong. Please.

And it made me just now think about my deal last summer with the "Spanish kid"..Remember my neighbor's who were Mexican? The little boy who caused trouble. And Butch Bee was so shocked that this kid was a monster and he said to me " I thought The Spanish people were a peaceful people"...Oh God I love that kid. I had to correct him and tell him number one..They are not Spanish, they are Mexican, and B, its the American Indians who are the peaceful people..mmkay son? Till we stole their land, but we wont go there today, that is for your history teacher to explain.

Speaking of Chinese..( oh Lordy this isn't looking good, I am not insulting Mexicans of Asians...Its just what has happened to ME...Please, no emails about how I hate people who aren't white or anything..Gawd)

Mr shaky pants and I decide to go out for dinner Saturday night. We have been to the local Chinese joint before, but we were not really impressed, but thought we would give it one more chance. The lovely lady askes if we want the buffet. I tell her no I do not, I want a menu please. I order some cashew chicken..Its good, or its suppose to be good anyway.

I take a bite of my chicken..I quickly spit it out. Mr shaky pants looks at me in disgust and says " couldnt you of at least used a napkin"

I explain and plea to him that what I had put in my mouth was indeed not chicken, nor pork and I gave him a piece to try. He agreed.

I do not know what animal I ate, and I am thinking it is best I don't know. All I can say for sure is I will not eat there anymore, and I have a new found respect for my dog now.

Bee Real

don't forget to submit some dreams at my dream blog, the link is on the side bar folks..Come on, I know you guys are weird, so let me hear your dreams..mmaky?


Mike said...

They actually sut down a chinese..or asian type restaraunt in the quad cities about 5-6 yrars ago for serving some stuff that wasn' to say the least. (I want to say dog...but I'm not positive on that one.)

Kelly said...

Hey girl! I am the least judgemental person around...but I must say that I find myself very annoyed when I go to get my nails done, and they are speaking with eachother in another language. It makes me so uncomfortable...What are they saying about me??!!

Regarding the Chinese food thing...are you or any of your neighbors missing a cat??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, i am afraid this was..well..i wont say dog, but at least rat anyway..

i know i hate that too..i need english..please speak in english..

um, well my cat is here, but i cant vouch for the neighbors..

vani said...

i'm very weird! i'll have to start writing them down, cuz i remember them as soon as i wake up and then 30 min over life happens and i can't remember

the mexicans and the asians have taken over my side of the world too, come to think of it...i can't remember the last time i saw a white

Working Mom said...

I'm with Kelly on the nail know darn well they are talking about you and it makes me so annoyed!

Ew, double ew & triple ew on the chinese food thing! I really have a hard time with "trusting" chinese restaurants. I stick with one until the "chicken" starts looking different, then I don't eat chinese for awhile.

Well I needed you to tell me about my dreams I was having a few months ago....might as well get it in writing that I'm a nut job...LOL

Bumbling Bav said...

OK... not eating out for a while!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, i see white people, i mean i see my family i am just sounding more and more anti mexican, and I am not, i better just stop talking..

and get me your dreams lady..

i know, its gross huh? least you didnt put the questionable item in your that is qaudriple ewe..

and get me your drams too..come on now..

think of the calories i am saving you;)

Meow said...

Eeewww, I knew there was a reason we didn't eat Chinese !!!
Hope you have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i could give you more reasons:)

pack of 2 said...

I am afraid of some chinese food for the same reasons.

Maybe that guy couldn't read at all. I hear there is a ton of peeps that can't read....maybe that was the problem with him.


Jamie Dawn said...

Hey, Lady, how much for this earrings?
These one are how much?

I'm off to check out my dream!!!!

I hope you didn't find me to be CRAZY!

Angel Girl said...

I AM OFFENDED!!! haha jk

Like you said it's not any one particular race, just our species of humans in general! And oh man, you have to wonder about them humans sometimes!

Hey, George Michael is coming to concert here in Italy I think in October! I am really thinking about going :) I must get over the excitement of going to see Depeche Mode first, to me they are like how Prince (or George Michael) is to you!!!

Micky said...

I am so paranoid when people are speaking another language around me. Can you imagine how creepy it must be for them when they get here and can't understand a lick of English? I bet they get wicked paranoid.
I love Chinese food! It is my weakness. But, I expect chicken to taste like chicken.

aatank said...

OK your small hometown may be lame....but majority of the people speak English and our Chinese is really good. The chinese family is of course part of the minority and very difficult to understand. I remember the worst thing from there was 14 years ago in high school we went there to eat and there was a fly in our rice. It took me a long time to go back.

Princess said...

I wish we had some mexicans in our neck of the woods. it would be a change from the aboriginals and asians. (not that i have anything against them, but change is good)

i would have been sooo disapointed about my dinner. i love chinese food, and eat it as a treat so after craving it and not getting what i wanted (or what i thoguht i`d ordered) i would have had a hissy fit!

did you get your money back?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i never thought of that..but he did point to the price on the top of the spinner and say..these are this price? that made me think he could read, but maybe he couldnt..

are you making fun of me?..haha..well i hope i did ok with your dream..i am NOT a professional..hehee

i may be making a trip to Italy in Oct..haha

if i were to move to another counrty, i would make dang sure i could speak the langue first..thats for dang sure;)

i must admit, the chinse joint there at home is the best..i have ate chinse in lots of places...and you cant beat good ole china lee..but finding a fly in your rice would make me think twice though;)

no i didnt ask for my money back, i was so hungry i picked all my meat out, set it on a another plate and ate my rice and my cashews and my veggies, i wont even go into the fact i bit into a peice of rotten baby corn

Cliff Morrow said...

Did you see any stray dogs running the neighborhood by the restaurant or had they all been 'gobbled' up by someone?

keesh said...

I can only pick up on a few random words when around spanish speaking people. I took a year of spanish and I mostly only remember all the swear words. what is wrong with my memory? :)>That's right, my 3 year old sucked all my brain cells out when I carried him...

See, I knew there was a good reason I didn't eat Chinese food, you never know what you are going to get.

lawbrat said...

This is so funny because that damn song has been in my head ALL.WEEKEND. and I never heard it- just popped in my head! Are you getting into my head? I'm thinking you got some powers, missy. ;-)

There was (notice I said WAS) a chinese place around here that was rumored to use cats and dogs. There was actual carcuses found in their dumpster. Ewww.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well the ones i use to see are no more..uh-oh..

i know pretty random spainsh too..not enough to do me any good..and my three kids sucked all i have too..

i have been known to have powers..haha

now that is plain gross, i cant belive they found dead animals in the dumpster..i am so never going back, you have me paranoid now:)

Jerry said...

Oh, it probably wasn't dog. I think you had #4: Calico Cashew. Meow!

Kendra Lynn said...

Sounds like you had quite a weekend. LOL
Fun, fun.
I'm a fan of Chinese food, but I"ve had some really gross stuff.
As for the Mexicans, Scott won't even let me make eye contact with a Mexican male...he says that they think I'm hot and that they want me.
So...I'm forbidden to even be polite. LOL
Craziness, I tell ya.

~Deb said...

Wake me up--before you go go~!!! Still have that damn song in my head now--THANKS!

I used to work in a Chinese restaurant after school when I was a younger 'bee', and I walked into their fridge and found a carcus of some weird four-legged animal. It was CAT. No lie. They ate it for themselves---not to give to customers. (I hope) And they used to catch their own ducks outside by this pond area. Really gross. THAT was for the customers.

~Deb said...

By the way, I love your new picture! What a cutie you are! *w

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i am afraid that IS whatI ordered..and calico isnt so tastey.

well you hot momma you..turnin heads of all the races, thats my girl;)

you know you love the song!!

and holy crap, they ate it for real?..damn that is wrong on many levels..i bet if the chicken truck was late they used it as back up..someone should really do a dalteline NBC sting on this..

oh and thank you;)

Robin said...

There was a Chinese placed closed down when I was a kid b/c they got caught serving dog AND horsemeat. Neither one seem like they would be very good to eat. Too tough...

Choppzs said...

I will not even go into this subject on your blog because I would probably be called some names and get ragged on!! lol I will just say one thing...learn fricken English!! lol

Michele_3 said...

"you do the jiter bug"-
I'm singing as I'm writing.. LOL!

I'm so with the others on the little chinese ladies who talk smack about you while doing your nails- Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode with Elaine bringing the translator along & they called her a "spy"-LOL!
(I have always wanted to do that! I'm dying to know what their saying as their smiling at me)

I agree with the chicken thing with chinese as well, I usually never order chicken or beef- just shrimp..if it's clean only though..
we had a resturant closed for serving cats! yuck!
I stick to Thai-it's much better food & I know the owners of where we go anyway..

Take care~

Felecia said...

My first job was hostessing at a Chinese restaurant called Yin Yang's when I was 15. It was an awesome place to work and the cooks, who spoke hardly any english, made jokes about the meat to us little white kids a lot (when a shipment would come in, they would hold the container or label up and brokenly annunciate "CHI-KEN...see?") We would always roll our eyes and continue picking our peapods. My boss said they hated the establishments using bizarre non-meat (not always Rover and Mitsy, but some places use the rank parts of a chicken; the NON meat parts... yuk...)

Wow! I bet you weren't expecting a trip down memory lane, were ya?

Wethyb said...

I used to work retail, too, and would get all sorts of people like that. I'm not prejudice either but geesh!

Ugh...I love Chinease, but I sure hope to hell I'm not eating Rufus!

Wethyb said...

I submitted a dream :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

horsemeat?..oh my word, you have scared me srtaight now..

nuf said..i understand:)

sometimes the shrimp looks questionable...with the poop in its butt still..i dont go for that either..haha

well i think i have ehard enought o make me relaize what a fool i have more chinse for me;)

well it might be moris the cat..hard to say..i am gonna go pop over and see your dream, i will work on them tongiht.

Anna said...

I've always liked George Micheal since I was little :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

me too...i have a weird obbssion qith him, very unhealthy acctually:)