Wednesday, May 31, 2006


My internet has been having some issues. Everytime I try to go to blogs it tells me the page can not be displayed, I cant check my mail, and I can not check my weight watchers points..yup, I am on the WW bandwagon. The whole thing seems very difficult to me. I just wish it was an easier system. I am so not in to checking what points value my turkey burger is..My points for a day is 20....I used 40..No kidding.

I still have 8 to spare..I may save them for something special, like maybe a grape..

I think I am going to device some tin cans and a piece of wire..Make my own internet. What bugs me is I will still have to pay for the last 5 days of mediocre internet service.

I was watching Last Comic Standing last night. I could so win that show..I have lots of material...Maybe one day..If your lucky, I mean really lucky, I will share it with you.

Of course I think I could win American Idol too...I am a very versatile artist..So get over it.

You know what I did yesterday? I called in sick to Target..Left scabby pants with no softline help....I am hoping if I mention Target enough times I will get fired. It seems when you blog about your crappy as$ job and less than desirable pay, they fire you..They totally throw that first amendment out the damn window..What the hell did our fore fathers invent such a law if we can not use it?. I am hoping it it does the trick for me though..Target..Target...You suck ass. Migrant workers who smuggle themselves in from south of the border make more an hour picking weeds out of the cotton fields than I do standing at your jewelry counter...Plus they get a potty breaks..Its like I am held prisoner. I cant leave my quarters unless someone like scabby says its ok...Scabby and Target...Suck...Donkey balls.

Well I better end this before my connection fails...I could not re type this. This is pure gold here.

Bee Real


Jamie Dawn said...

I haven't been in a Target for so long.
I'd like to go into one again.
It would be better than our Walmarts.
I am surrounded by Walmarts. It is kind of scary.

just_tammy said...

You were sick alright - sick and tired of Target! I think that counts. Hope Scabby had a great time all by her little lonesome.

We all know how very talented you are. You just need a proper outlet for it all. For now this blog will have to do. Oh, that's right, internet problems. Ours has been acting up a bit as well but not like yours. Glad I didn't take time to e-mail as well! Hope things get much better soon.

Kelly said...

So tell me, How do you really feel about your job? :)

Bumbling Bav said...

Girl you so crack me up! I love this blog!

I get 22 points a day... and well can I stick to that... nope. And I suck at writing what I eat down and I forget how many points I eat.... yep I suck at this WW thing. I need a personal counter... someone that does the counting for me... they can just follow me all day, see what I eat and record it. But I dont want them talking to me... that would just be strange. lol.

novaks8 said...


better than Wal Mart.

That's your slogan right there.

vani said...

i love aerosmith and target! lol..seen aerosmith a few times and target like twice a week at least...i know, i'm pitiful. sorry your job sucks donkey balls..and who is scabby? i gotta catch up here.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well target is better than walmart, i just so am turned against it since i have to work there..bright side? i dont work at walmart.

oh you always make me feel better..

yes emailing me would of been bad..anyone who has since last thursday..sorry dudes..cant get to it..

cant you read between the lines?..haha

aww, are you sweet on me now?..

you know on the weight watchers web site you can track your points on there..that is what I do..i still am not sured of the point values of everything so i am always looking stuff up..well when my internet is working that is.

for sure:)

yup I like them too things too..but i would rather shop there than work there..yes go catch up on who scabby is..

Fantastagirl said...

Sorry you hate Target - I love it - and would rather shop there then Wal-mart...I HATE HATE HATE WAL-MART.

Hope you had a good mental health day - we all need and should use those.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i like there anyway....but working for peanutts is not my idea of a fun time..haha

pack of 2 said...

Sounds like you needed to take the day off or scabby might have been dead by the end of it:)

I like Target...but I don't work for them...I'm sure I'd feel differently then.


lawbrat said...

I so love, love, love target! But i've never worked there. I dont think i'd want to work there. I'd spend my paycheck before I changed out of the uniform.

aatank said...

I do love Target. That's the one store I do miss moving back to hickville.

The internet is so frustrating. I started my post last night and it also took 3 hrs, and 1/2 of the pics wouldn't upload. Why do I pay $54.00 a month?

I completely agree and the comic idea, You would be great.

I quit WW for the summer, just to busy to think about adding all of the numbers.

Working Mom said...

Poor Scabby! Left to fend for herself, you should be ashamed...LOL

So you're doing WW online? I heard it's harder doing it that way than going to meetings. I get 22 pts a day and I've been slacking in the past couple weeks in writing everything down. It gets easier, really it does.

The Blog Whore said...

I like Walmart.

I loved last comic standing. Hilarious!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my blasted internet has been down all dang morining..

ok densise, why is it harder on line?..i need to know these things..i can still go to meetings if i want cant i?..i have no damn idea what i am doing..i get 22 points also..i have 11 left over from many damn questions..

Buffy said...

I always want to try WW...just for the accountability.

Working Mom said...

My boss tried it online and couldn't do it. She said it was really hard and she couldn't stick to it because she kept having to look things up in the computer. So she joined meetings (has lost 30 lbs) and she's the reason why I joined. You can't go to meetings unless you pay to go to meetings.

At the meetings they have this pack you can buy for $21 (I think you can buy it online too). It's a journal, food guide & restaurant guide. They also give you a pts slider. The pts slider is great because you can figure out the pts for anything as long as you have the nutritional info. They also have a pts calculator which I just bought for $10. I like going to the meetings because they have really good tips and ideas to help you. They will take the time to explain anything you ask. At the meetings I go to, you can even bring your children.

OK, I'm rambling. Maybe I should've emailed you...LOL If you need any help with figuring out anything, just ask (email, leave me a message of my blog, whatever).

Working Mom said...

Oh, and you can't roll your pts into the next day. Only your 35 flex pts can be stretched throughout the week. You need to eat at least your 22 pts a day and then dip into your weekly flex if you need more.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, so not only do i have tp pay my monthly fee for thgis, but i have to pay more for the meetings and for all that other stuff?...that fuc*ing is a rip off..i need that crap your talking about..i have to look everything up online...i hate it..

ok then what is your weekely allownece ?..i dont get that?..what the hell is it for?..I am confused?...

I hate WW already..i dont get it.

Michele_3 said...

As usual your cracking me up with your posts..(Target, Scabby etc.)

Also, never saw that "pink" video from aerosmith- quite amusing-LOL!

good luck with WW- I'm was going to join but it's hard to find time to go to meetings for myself..

take care!

Peggy said...

why don't you quit and stay home? We need the entertainment!!!

Working Mom said...

That's why I didn't join online. I heard it was easier through meetings so that's what I went with.

Now you say you have 22 pts, right? OK, you have 22 pts a day you have to use. You also have 35 flex pts you can use whenever you want but that is for the week. You can use them all in one day or split them up. I usually don't use my 35 flex unless I really want to eat something bad...LOL

Is that too confusing?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well it looks like i am gonna need all the luck i can get with WW..i dont get it..i am a retard.

oh Lordy if I could get paid to blog I would be all set..haha

you can sell your soap and stuff, you have talents..

ok, so how much to you pay per month for ww?..i pay 16 something a month...but i have to look everything up on line..and i dont go to meetings..but now that i have signed up online...can i switch and do it your way?..crap..

yes i have 35 weekly allownece do you use them? need to write me a damn manual

Working Mom said...

See when you go to meetings, each week you go, you get different info packets. They stop giving you them after I think week 10 or 12. Anyway, they have alot of ww items you can buy there that you can't get in the store. I pay alot more than $16 a month! It's about $9 a meeting.

I believe you can buy the kit I told you about online. I wouldn't be able to do it without the info in it. Look around their website and see if you can find it. I also go to the newbie boards there alot to get help. I can send you some examples of my daily food journal if you want. Just let me know.

It's really not that complicated if you have someone to explain it. Let me know when your email's back up and I can send you some more info if you want! Don't want to make your blog into the ww info blog....LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I dont email is working now...but i dont mind you writing it here either..makes no never mind to me..

ok, so you pay nine buckls a meeting?...damn..i saw on thier website its called a starter kit and it has all those things you would think it would be free with your sign up..dont they know fat people have no money because all our money has went to making our selves fat?..damn..

well send me whatever info you got, when you hvave time..but I can see I need to get that packet..I have to look up everything, like the ketchup i put on my turkey burger, the whole wheat buns i used..EVEYTHING..for some reason I thought there would be a list of everything and you could glance at it.i didnt know I would have to dig for it..losing weight sucks ass denise..

Wethyb said...

Ha ha...that's funny about Target....I used to work at sucked donkey nuts too! And I worked softlines...and hated my supervisor...what a bitch!

I don't think I could do bad at watching what I eat.

Meow said...

I'm guessing your Target is the same as our Target ... a big department store with anything from clothes & shoes, to electrical appliances, to snack food, to whatever !?!?
Bugger about your internet connection ... are you not on Broadband ??
Blogger is a pain at the moment ... taking ages and ages to upload photos ... I hate it sometimes.
Anyway, take care, Bossy. Have a great day. Meow

d said...

Oh I watched Last Comic Standing last night - there were some bits that had me crying with laughter.

"I've been celibate for a year. Yeah, I sell a bit and I give a bit away,"


Share your material, I could use all the laughs I can get.