Thursday, May 18, 2006


I have spoke before of my dislike for the coco bean. I am not a big fan of the chocolate nectar some of you lust for. Now, I don't mind the occasional snip of the coco bean. I hate dark chocolate, but I can tolerate the others. I very rarely get the coco itch..But I have been known to dabble in such items. But its pure experimentation...Just dabbling..That's all

That is, until yesterday. Usually at this time of the month I am looking for my set of 12 freshly sharpened steak knives and a box of salt to pour in the fresh wounds that I carve.

But this month I want to eat. COCO BEANS.. Over the last 2 days I have consumed about 10 cups of hot chocolate, and a bag full of Dove chocolate. ( Dove is the best if your going to dabble)....Plus ..oh yes, there is more..Earthquake ice cream sundae's from Dairy Queen, two night in a row...Will it ever end?

But what gets me is I have not gained any weight. In fact, I have dropped another 2 pounds this week. I think I may be dyeing of some rare form of cancer that causes you to like things you would normally dislike.

I even found myself shoving the Dove pieces in my mouth fast so that I did not have to share with anyone..I was hoping to move so fast no one would see what I was doing. I tried to cover up my tracks...But alas, Boo Bee out smarted me once again. She spotted a wrapper in the trash and I had to come clean. Not only that, but I had to share. I hate sharing..Ask anyone.

So, I am going thru some kind of chocolate thing. But I hate chocolate. Unless I am PMSing, or dyeing of a rare cancer...mmkay?

Yesterday morning Boo Bee was doing her normal knock knock routine..This is it..

Boo: "momma, knock knock"
ME: " whose there?"
Boo:" doggie"
ME:" doggies who"
Boo:" hahaha momma...Knock knock"
Me:whose there?"
Boo:"..Um, um, sagwa..(our cat)"
Me: " sagwa who?"
Boo: " knock knock...

ok you get my point..This will go on forever if I don't stop it..But today she says this..

" knock knock momma"

and I say "whose there?"

she says something and I thought was shoes..So I say shoes who..

she then says..." Damn it momma, no not shoes"

I then tell her she can not say damn it anymore, it is a bad word..

she then tells me " ok momma, I say damnit no more ok momma?"

We are making progress..Baby steps, we are taking baby steps..It takes a lot to reform a two year old of her cursing..Look, I am 31 and still on the 12 step program.

Bee Real


Granny said...

It's probably just a phase. The chocolate.

Krystal said...

Pass the frigging chocolate!

Damn it!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

geesh, i sure hope so..haha

your not one of them coco whores r u ?

Jewl said...

Sometimes I can't wait for Em to talk then there are days that I am glad that she can't yet.... LOL
Yummm, chocolate, me love the chocolate!!

aatank said...

I'm also a lover of Chocolate so I can't help you in that department. I don't think it's a rare cancer though. I think it has to do with age because I to crave things that I used to dislike. You should of loved chocolate when you were younger, because my new weird cravings is veggies. Skip junk food and pass me the veggies Damn it!

Cliff Morrow said...

After reading about the steak knives, I'm hoping MN doesn't have a concealed carry law.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i hope her first words are " how the hell are ya momma"..haha

well since my time is almost done, the thought of chocolate makes me want to vomit...but i still love my veggies..i would take a brussel sprout anyday over a candy bar..

i am glad this has passsed, i was worried i might be fat again..thank you Jesus for showing me the error of my ways:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

haha...yes so is my family:)

Choppzs said...

That's so funny!! It makes you want to laugh,but you know you shouldn't when they are so serious when they say the naughty words!!

hmmm, I was a chocolate lover when I was pregnant, but not really any other time. Could that be a sign??? lol I'll let you strangle me later!! lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well seeing i am having aunt flo here, i dont think so, so nice try..i will strangle you next time you say it:)

Anna said...

I LOVE Dove milk chocolate. I also love Dairy Queen. Good choices!

~Deb said...

DOVES are the best! My favorite! But you're like me, I crave crave crave RAW red meat (well not raw, but still has the cowbell on) and tons of salty treats. The water retention is do die for! It look so hot. ;)

Enjoy. You deserve this since you deprived yourself of chocolate!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well seems we would enjoy geting fat toghter then huh?..hehe

its funny you say that about red meat, I was soo wanting a cheeseburger yesterday..i rarely crave sweet stuff..

Felecia said...

I'm certain I could survive wholly on chocolate; I *always* crave it. A bag of Dove chocolate's sounds like a good start in my opinion!

Michele_3 said...
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Michele_3 said...

okay I mispelled greatly before..
let's try again..

you should of tasted the chocolates my hubby brought home from Scotland! YUMMY!
You would never eat Dove again-They make wonderful chocolate over there, it melts in your mouth(not kidding)
Out of this world!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well its got your dairy and your cafine, what more do ya need?..ok I did your dream, go check it out..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

um, whats a few spelling erros between friends, i mean if you read mine even with spellcheck i still manage to screw up..

well I am not a big fan of choclate, but i love the kind that melts in your mouth..if it is better than dove, i need to try it;)

Working Mom said...

**raises hand** Hi, I'm Denise and I'm a chocolate whore. I keep trying to quit, but I can't. I love hershey, dove and godiva.

There, now maybe I will get some help.

pack of 2 said...

You're just finally taking the final step to obsession with chocolate. Don't be alarmed.....just feed it constantly.;)


Kendra Lynn said...

I'm not a big choco fan either. I like it sometimes, but I'd rather have something salty.
Take care.


Nerdine said...

Unfortunately I LOVE chocolate, but Actually most of the time when I have cravings I crave salty stuff. Like Pretzels. I LOVE pretzels.
btw - new photo of my sister. None of me. Not suitable for blogging. don't wanna scare y'all away, see?

Krystal said...

Oh, I am SOOOOOOOO a coco HO!!!