Monday, May 01, 2006

Blame it on the rain

It has rained everyday here since Thursday. NONSTOP. I love rain.When it last a few hours. I love the smell of the wet ground when there has been a light dusting of wetness on the pavement. It smells fresh and crisp. I love opening my windows and letting the damp air trickle thru my window screen. The smell that illuminates the air is nice. Stale dull air is replaced with fresh, spring air. It also masks the odor of my bees..They smell sometimes..Not sure why, I do bathe them. Occasionally.

But when its raining for 5 days in a row, things get messy. Your nice crisp smelling air turns into air that smells of dead fish and rotten worms and seaweed. The carpet in my basement is getting damp. It is making me mad. I am about ready to send a dove out to land with an olive branch soon. I wish I had Noah's cell number, I would call him and ask to build us a boat, or a yacht.

Ok I will explain about Norm. A dear blog friend of mine Peggy at has sent her little garden gnome Norm on a vacation. I think she is getting out of feeding him for a few months. But it was my turn to take him. This little Gnome will make his way around the world before he makes his way back to Peggy late this summer.

Here are some more pics of Norm...This is one of him smelling my cookies..He was hungry from his trip.

Here he is napping in my dogs bed..Gosh I hope he isn't a bed wetter, or my little pooch Ellen will probably chew his legs off..yikes..

tomorrow I plan on seeing how well this little guy holds his liquor. By gosh someone is gonna get wasted on Bossy's birthday. I will put a party hat on him and let him have a sliver of my cake..Just a sliver mind you. I am pig.

Nothing pisses a 2 year old off more than those special markers that only write on special paper. My boo bee has some and was coloring a picture on the special paper. When she tried writing on her hand and could not, all heck broke lose. She threw it at me and told me the marker was broke.

Praise the good folks at Crayola. I would like to meet the brains of this operation. It saved me from having to give that one a bath today.
I am applying for a job at our sheriffs dept. My pay would be over 100 % more than I make right now at my jewelry counter. I really hope I can snag it. I would love to help pay for Mr Shaky Pants books and some of his tuition at the Holy School. I know it wont save me a place in Heaven, but gosh maybe my seat in hell wont be so warm.

Bee Real


Peggy said...

Norm won't be home till September the little bum! He gets to go to Australia and Scotland before hitting the states again. All I get is the photos of his fun times... sucks! LOL
I think the sheriff's dept. job would be perfect!! keeping my fingers crossed. Besides you need all the help you can get to keep from burning!! just kidding... don't let Norm drive after drinking!

Working Mom said...

Oh, that's a cute idea! That gnome's gonna go more places than I can ever go...damn gnome...LOL

Good luck with getting the new job! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Michele_3 said...

Okay, So Norm got invited to your birthday party & we didn't, I see how you are.. j/k-LOL!
That's a very cute idea & a very inexspensive way to see the world too-cool!

New job sounds cool, I'm sure you won't get bored there either..
good luck to ya!

I like the smell of rain too,maybe just once on a warm day but not after hurricane season, we have that alot over here..

take care :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I wasnt gonna let him drive, I wasnt sure if he had a lisence or not;)

it is a cute should send something cross country so I can break it;)

I decapited Norm the first night he was here;)

well you can come if you want..its BYOG..(bring your own gnome)

Meow said...

What a good little dog Ellen is, to give up her bed for the guest. Norm looks extremely comfy. So, did he wet the bed ??
The smell of rain is gorgeous, but as you said, the smell after days and days of rain is overwhelming. We have had a fair bit of rain, and there are mushrooms (probably non-edible) sprouting on all the lawns and nature-strips. They look so cool ... I must go and take some photos of them !!
Hope the job at the Sherrifs Dept works out ... whoo hoo, for you !! Best of luck.
Take care, my friend, and have a great week ... Meow

Mrs. Diamond said...

good luck on the job!

Kendra Lynn said...

I hope that you have a really nice birthday, and that you can get that job you want.
Where is your husband going to go to school?

Merry hates those markers that only color on special paper. She gets so mad if it won't color what she wants to color!!!
I love 'em keeps everyone and everything spotless.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i put a diaper on norm just to be safe..haha

i hate the fungus in the yard too..i never thought about that..i hate that..dang it.

mrs d,
thank you:)

well i love those markers too..very brillant idea..but the kids hate them..haha

pack of 2 said...

Cool...I hope you get the job.

We have had rain for about 8 months now...we are starting to get nice weather now though. You have the basement??? I don't the basement a living area?

Happy Birthday tomorrow:)

I know we need to post but I've got nothing right now. Actually I do have a story to tell but I can't tell it on the blog because the person it is about reads our blog. Maybe I'll send you an email instead:)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, email would be like my own persnal bog from you:)

yes my basment has a living room, bathroom and bedroom and a play room...its not your typical i have a laundry room down there too..but its all carpets and furnished..

your birthday is coming too..i know your a may baby..i think its the 22? I worng..mine is the second and i thought your was the 22..i jave been wrong before;)

Jamie Dawn said...

If you get that new job, I hope they give you one of those silver stars to pin on your shirt. Brush up on your western accent, partner.

You and Norm are gonna partaaaay!

Cliff Morrow said...

Just a little word of warning, watch Norm closely. These little guys have been known to be in places they shouldn't be in. Keep the door closed when you're dressing. And it's best to throw a towel on the bottom of the door. They're pretty sneaky. I'm just saying.
He's probably harmless but it's better to be safe.
Hope you get the job!!

LZ Blogger said...

Double the pay? Good luck with the new job efforts! ~ jb///

Ju said...

A 100% more pay than what you already make?! That's awesome. Good luck and keep us posted on whether you snag the job or not.

I have seen those markers televised on tv. I guess they really do work. I might have to get some at the store for when Alexa gets a little older. That will help me from having to clean the walls...LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well as long as I dont have to start listening to country music, I will be ok;)

hmm, have you had a peeping gnome at your place?..when i was getting ready for bed last night I thought I saw tiny eyes peering under the may be right..

lz blogger,
thank you sir;)

I recomened you stock up on the paper and the markers. If she only ever uses those markers, she wont even know about the other ones..the ones that leave marks on your walls, your floor, on the kids themselves..start early my dear:)

keesh said...

You are so funny. Norm is a cutie pie and he probably doesn't say much which makes him even more lovable :). I am not fond of lots of rain either. it is much more enjoyable to send the little one's out to burn the energy :).

novaks8 said...

You broke Norm's head off?


I'm a groupie. I read all about Norm and look at his pictures. He is the wisest celebrity I know.

Sad huh?

The job sounds cool.
Don't work too hard girl!

pack of 2 said...

You are right .....Shel's b-day is the 22nd. Good memory. You won't believe the story Shelly is talking about! OMG! I wish we could post it, but....she reads our blog....dammit!;)


Badoozie said...

wow, the sheriffs dept is way better, i hope you get that one. instead of selling jewelry, you can sell drugs, that have been confiscated from bad people. what do you think?

i really do hope you get it, if not, keep trying for a job like that.

happy birthday to bossy, how old are you? 29? cool

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well norm is quite the chatter box:)maybe thats what is pissing me off, the kids havent been outside in a 5 days..

yes, i broke his head off..but tis all better now..peggy will never send another gnome here again..

well one of you needs to email me the have me dieing here..

you always have a bright side to everything..i can make one job inot two jobs..i can sell the drugs for a side job..

my b-day sint till tommorw..yes..29..i will go with that:)

Princess said...

mmm cookies! they look good! and i want to eat them!

goodluck with getting the new job!


Felecia said...

Well slap a cone hat on me and call me Norm! Though I'm not sure postage will come as cheap with the weight I'm carrying:)

Good for you to not settle when it comes to getting a paycheck; Lord knows that if I settled back when I thought I had a "good job" I would be 300 lbs overweight wearing a polyester blend office suit that "swishes" all too loudly when I walk and stark white Reebock's to catch my bus with. Seems like that's what happened to a large percentage of my graduating college class. Scary stuff...

SO SICK OF RAIN. I'm with you on that one. If I have to hear one more overly-optimistic neighbor say "I love this rain because I'm actually getting some dusting done!" I'm going to vomit. (Clean that up while you're at it!)

Okay, off to lecture my boys on the importance of keeping gum IN their respective mouths. Wish me luck!

Babble said...

See I would be the sick and twisted person who would tie up norm to a stick of dymonite and black mail your poor friend.

So he looks to be having a much better time with your bunch.

Good luck on the jump interview!

Babble said...

jump? I meant Job.. yeah yeah thats it.. job

Wethyb said...

Send some of that rain our way! We haven't gotten squat in weeks!

Good luck with the sheriff's job! That'd be awesome!!

angel, jr. said...

Seeing that gnome made me think of an episode of Will and Grace in which Will loved this garden gnome he had as a child.
Don't know the moral of the story, just reminded me of that episode. I'm rambling. I'll stop.