Monday, May 15, 2006

I hate myself for loving you

Well I am back for a while. I know it was a short break, but hey, Bossy got her laptop fixed..That is big news..

I worked all weekend, I closed. I hate that. I hate people who look at clothes and then don't put them back..Because at the end of the night, I have to do it, you lazy sucker.

And if you are buying your wife a 200 dollar ring, go back in the health and beauty aisle and buy yourself a damn toothbrush. I saw more plaque caked on this mans teeth then there was in Bill Clinton,s arteries. Not pretty..

My Boo Bee has resorted to the "damn it" anytime something goes wrong. I try to punish her. But I just laugh. I tell her " don't say damn it"

She says " no momma, damn it"

Ok, ya got me there Boo, when you say it , it makes so much more sense.

Funny thing is she uses it at the appropriate times. So how can you fault her. She stubbed her toe the other day, she says " owe, damn it"..

Yup, momma woulda said it too.

Mr shaky Pants is not impressed with either one of us.

But who the hell cares?

we are ladies just trying to make it by in mans world.

Or practicing for our impending jail time, or naval career.

Bossy has a mouth like a sailor. Damn it.

I started a new blog for the dreams I am inturpting. the address is

if you want to submit a dream and let me disect it, go there and leave it in the comment section.

hope ya'll had a great Mothers day.

Bee Real

(sorry this is so lame, i am out of sorts. too giddy about my laptop working..cant think about anything else..MUST. GO. SEE.MY. LAPTOP. MUST KISS HER. BRAID HER HAIR...just tell her I love her)


Working Mom said...

Yay, you're back!

Damnit, at least she's using it correctly...LOL I'm still waiting for Bug to slip up and say something much worse than that :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, I am for now..i needed to tell someone about my laptop. although since mr shaky pants has fixed it, i have not touched it..what is wrong with me?

Mike said... least you have your laptop...dammit.

mal said...

Damn, you got it fixed!

I never understand people who can not brush their teeth. Major social disfunction!

One of the things I really hate when I am shopping is finding a top with white deodorant streaks on makes a fast return to the rack, YUCK!

Is it ever going to dry up around here?

Gangadhar said...

It's glad that your laptop's fixed....
Happy Mother's day..

Kendra Lynn said...

I have a new laptop...and have only used it three times in a month.
I gotta start using it more, so that my hubby doesn't snatch it from me and use it for work!!!


Bumbling Bav said...

My husband and I always crack up when the kids say "big people words"

I left a dream.

Michele_3 said...

cool are we back from vacation?
My little monkey started saying "Shit" all the time & it was funny, he would use it correctly too!
We tried to just ignore it & not make a big deal over it & eventually it passed..

"Livng in a man's world"- sounds like my house-one hubby & 3 boys- there's no pink here.. LOL!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup..i have priorites ya know..gotta get that damn thing going..

i will never understand why someone neglcts thier teeth..gosh, i just dont get it..

thank you my friend..

Kendra, have a laptop and dont use it?..ok there is some sort of punishment for that young lady.

big people words..haha...

i did your dream...and yes, they go in the comment section, you did good;)

well i have 2 girls, plus me..but everything always seems so dang manly..

why is it so funny when babies use curse words?...I find ti amuzing ina troubleing sort of way;)

vani said...

i have a sailor's mouth too- not good. i swear i try...but maybe not hard enough. my 2 yr old told me the other day i was a "pain in the ass, and be patient" where would she learn such a thing?? lmao

d said...

Happy belated mothers day!

I don't know - I think the damn it is cute, I don't think I'd correct it because it'd give me a chuckle everytime I heard it - I know, I'm sick. I just think eventually, if you don't make a big deal out of it (hide face when smiling), she'll just drop it. Hopefully before she starts school.

So you're getting into the dream interpreting business are you? Can't wait, the one you did for me made me laugh my ass off.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know me too, i try to stop..I mean i dont throw donw the f-bomb..jusst harmless curse words..haha

i know, i keep thinking if i ignore her she will stop..and it is so dang funny, i cant help it..

yup, i am the dream inturpter now..its a side u have another one for me?..

d said...

Blogger totally ate my comment!

Ok... I was

I think I'll have to start over.

Can't wait to hear the dream stuff, the one you did for me a while back was so damn funny.

Happy Belated Mothers day too, wasn't around yesterday, hope you had a great day.

Granny said...

Yep, you're back. I thought about a laptop but I'm afraid it would disappear into someone else's lap. This PC isn't going anywhere except where it sits.

aatank said...

Yeah your back!!! I knew you wouldn't stay away long, you just have to mush to say.

I had a laptop once. I stole it from the hubby and he took it back and gave it to his mother. What is up with that?

I think all kids say bad words and it is sooooo funny. Around Christmas my nephew was over and the kids were playing upstairs. (They forget that I have a baby moniter) All of a sudden I hear "Tristan your an A$$hole". Of course, my child would never say that so, I kept listening to their conversation. After the third time of her saying it to him I went upstairs and she was scared to death. Of course, she tried to deny it and she got to hear the whole "If you lie to me it is worse than if you tell the truth" story. I put them both in a time out and then went to my room to laugh like crazy. We have to love what comes out of our kids mouths.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i got your commnet, unless you were leaving more than go give me a dream..I know you have some..haha

true..but i like takiong it to bed with me..that is when i use to do my blogging, when i cant is gonna free up a lot of my day now..haha

too funny, i have never heard my kids say asshole ..yet..the older 2 think shut up is a bad word..

i think all three have them have said damn, that is my word of choice i guess...but its much cuter when boo says it:)

yup, not much of a break, I have to much on my mind, i am wierd that way;)

Wethyb said...

That's a neat site honey bunny! How are you so all-knowing??? :) Oh and you hit that dream of my sister's and mine on the head! Too weird!

Peggy said...

My youngest daughters 2 kids wanted to cuss so bad that their mom told them okay each of you can say the worst cuss word you know and not get into trouble. Quintin asked his mom if she was sure he wouldn't get into trouble and she promised him. She thought she would probably hear the F word but she had to hide her laughter when he said "crap". He is 7 and his mom and dad were both in the army and had a colorful mouth. Guess he wasn't listening very well LOL. On the hand Gabby said "sh*tfire" LOL

Meow said...

Welcome back. Hope you had a brilliant Mothers Day. Exciting that the lap top is fixed ... don't know what I'd do without mine !!
Take care, Meow

Mrs. Diamond said...

methinks you and boo need to go repent for all them cusswords. it aint fitting fer a preacher's wife and preacher's kid! :P

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

its a gift..heehee

well my older two think shut up is a bad word, not sure how the baby got so vile..haha

thank you, it was a short break.i am loving the factg its fixed..yee-haw

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d,
have u been talking to mr shaky pants?...

Cliff Morrow said...

How many times has Mike Tyson quit. Yer closing in on his record. Now, just stay here.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no, i didnt quit..I was mearly on a blog vaction that lasted 3 days:)

Angie said...

too funny....all of it :)
You are such an 80s girl, I love it!! Jeff makes fun of me when I get nostalgic during 80s music...LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dont try and hide your 80's side..we cant deny who we are..haha

Mrs. Diamond said...

ha! no i haven't but maybe i should!!! ;)