Friday, May 05, 2006

Look Away

So while I was working hard, or hardly working Thursday, I was called from my jewelry counter to meander with the common folk in the checkout lanes. I waited on this big Mexican lady. Two things struck me odd. First up was the fact that she had one plastic or wooden hand. It was shiny. Shiny things distract me. Then her bill came to lets say 21.76 . She handed me a 20. I stand there waiting for the rest of the money. She finally realizes that she needs more money. Then she does the unthinkable.

She takes her plastic/wood appendage, and fishes around in her bra to get a sweaty wad of money out. Then she expects me to touch it with my clean mortal hands..

Homey don't play that!

Guess what I ate for dinner last night...Cake...Like mother like bees...

My award for mother of the year should be in the mail any day now. I think it will have gold lettering.

I forgot to add that yesterday my granny bee had to go in for some surgery on her colon or bowels or something in the crapper part of the body. She is doing well I think, my poor gramps is gonna have to cook his own meals for a few days, he may go hungry..They will be married 60 years next month..I think he is spoiled. Mr Shaky Pants on the other hand, is not spoiled. He will do fine when I die:)

Bee Real


vani said...

that is gross!!! i wouldn't of taken the money and what was up with that hand?

happy 60th to your grandparents. :)

Peggy said...

My life is so boring compared to yours... I must get out more. As for whats up at my blog. My friend opened up the new prayer blog and some people started telling her because she was including saints for different prayers that she was going to hell. I stuck my 2 cents in and said I talk to my guardian angels and then I got the emails telling me I was a sinner. So thats why I did the post... just a nice way of telling them to keep their beliefs on their own blog and off mine and outta my mailbox!

Cliff Morrow said...

would it have been proper to offer to give her a hand??

Fantastagirl said...

ewwww - you need a different job - touching other peoples dirty money is soooo not you.

Happy 60th to the grandparents - that is awesome!

Bumbling Bav said...

Oh that is just wrong... WRONG!
I am just shivering from the fear for touching that money. GROSS!

My husband would die.... oh lets get real, he MOTHER would jump right in and I would be forgotten! Well atleast in the cooking area.... lol.

pack of 2 said... least she didn't crap on the

So I can't believe you haven't responded to my email blog I sent you.
What up with that?


Kendra Lynn said...

Wow...thati s totally disgusting.
I am not sure I would have taken the money.
Take care...and don't forget to use plenty of hand sanitizer while waiting on people.


p.s. how is the hubby doing these days?

Charmed1 said...

Ewwww! Boob sweat money! Thankfully for the rest of the world my money won't stay in the boob area! So when you decide to get rid of some of yours pass it this way!

Prayers for your Grandma for a speedy recovery!

Karin said...

ok so funny you should mention a boob sweat dollar bill. At my bachelorette party over the weekend some people at the piano bar stuffed ones down my front, it was very hot in the club and so by the time I got back to the hotel the ones were soaked. I layed them out to dry and have since pawned off all but one of said bills. Today at work a coworker asked for a dollar bill to play a joke on someone else. I reached into my wallet and was about to give him the dollar when I thought twice about handing over a sweaty boob dollar. So at least you knew from the get go the bill had boob sweat on it, you could be getting bills all day and night that a stripper or bachelorette sweat and dried.

Jamie Dawn said...

Cake for dinner? Sounds good to me!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the hand was the creppeiest thing..i couldnt stop starring at it..haha

yes, you must get out more;)..well that is too bad someone would do that..some people just blow.

Lord knows she needed a funactioning one;)

oh I didnt take it, I asked if she had some qaurtes, becuse I was not taking that money:)

I saw her change purse was full of coins and I only needed a she got out the coins and slid her boob money back wehre she found it;)

oh no, I didnt touch the money, I asked her if she had coins..i only needed a buck, so she got out some coins..I was NOT going to take it and I told her so;)

well she could of on the way out! and I never got your email sweety..try again..the last few days something has been going on with my mail..not sure whats going on.

you would not of taken it, trust me..I didnt touch it, I told her to give me coins becuase I was NOT going to touch that.

well he is doing lots of pain since they took him offf one of his meds..

nothing worse the boob sweat money..there was no way in heck I was touching it;)

or shal I call you booby sweat karin?..haha..

yup, thats what I thought too:)

Working Mom said...

Totally yuckiness! I would've died! Ew, ew, ew!!

60 years?! That's wonderful!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it was pretty sick...they dont pay me enough to touch boob sweat money..

Michele_3 said...

Okay, sweaty Ta-Ta money?
NASTY! I hope you made the "Yuck" face at her when she gave it to you..That's crazy..LOL!

Speaking of, why do people put money in their boobs? did she have the twenty in there or was that from her pocket? if not then why put some extra $ in the boobage area too? I'm just curious, never got this..

Cake for breakfast happens over here sometimes, especially when it's one of the kids b/days..

Happy 60th to grandparents, that's awesome!
Take care :)

LocuTus of Borg said...

Eeeewww that is disgusting. You know they say that money is the most dirty thing on the planet ... even dirty than dirt!

pack of 2 said...

OK...I sent the email again. Tell me if you get it.


Felecia said...

I've maybe seen a movie where some sexy broad uses her bra as a means of cash storage but in rural Minnesota?! FORGET IT! It's all kinds of wrong.

And thank you very much - I'm hungry for cake now.

Gette said...

So what's the word on the supercenter? Goin' thru some of the same politikin' over here, just not getting as much notice in the WCT as yours did. Maybe they'll promote you to the super jewelry counter...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I didnt touch it..i asked for change..I was NOT touching it, they dont pay me nearly enough to touch ta ta money..

she got the 20 out of her purse and in her bra she had a wad of ones and a 5 dollar bill..

well I can state for sure that was some unclean dough;)

I got it..and holy cat crap..thanks for re sending poor girls..

well there wasnt anything sexy about this lady..she even had a mustache I belive..

well I dont get the paper or anything, so I dont know about any of that...i had heard rumors of the sort..

but I dont work at walmart, i work at target:)..i dont shop or step foot in walmats, they make me feel dirty..haha

~Deb said...

Oh no no no no no she di--in't!!!!!! My OCD flared up when you said that!

I hope Granny Bee is okay. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

EmmaSometimes said...

"the crapper part of the body"


Is that a Grey's Anatomy official term?

PS. Did you have a fab birthday?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh yes she did..and Bossy refused to touch it, you woulda been proud!!

yes, i had a pretty good birthday, as far as birthdays go..thank you:)

I am just too funny sometimes aint I..haha