Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Careless whisper

Boy did I have a day. Do you ever have a day and when its over you say to yourself "now that was a day!" Well I had one of them.

It all started early afternoon when I got a call from my sons teacher. Now this boy of mine has not once been in any trouble. He is a people pleaser. Unlike his mother. Anyhoo, apparently he was saying some things on the playground that totally freaked out another boy. According to the teacher he was caught saying " I am going to destroy you." He freaked a kid out so bad that the kid went crying or something thinking his life was in mortal danger. This school takes these kinds of things way to seriously, because they said he could of been suspended from school. I mean they have less than two weeks left, and this is the first time he has been in trouble. But when he tells his side it makes me wonder what the hell happened. He says he was chasing 2 girls and one boy like always. According to him he was saying " I am going to defeat you"...I don't know the whole story, a letter is going to be sent home..But I know this...My boy has a record now. He has a red flag on his school record for this. Now if a gun or other piece of lethal equipment is ever found, guess who will be the first one arrested..That's right..My Butch Bee..

Then later on that same day my Boo Bee says " momma got go potty"..I have been waiting all my life for this moment. I quickly wisk her to the bathroom and get her potty seat out..She sits there on the potty with her tiny feet dangling from the big ole potty..When she is done she announces very proudly that she is done. I pick her up and low and behold there is a tiny boo bee turd in there. We tell her what big girl she is, and praise her over and over. She then says she wants to wear underpants. So Blondie Bee goes and finds a pair of hers to lend her. A while later boo bee says to Mr shaky pants.." Daddy pants dirty"..Yup, she wizzed all over herself. She needs to stop all food and drink till she can go on the potty every time..

And it only gets better..The older bees had their dental check up today. I was informed that my Blondie Bee needs to have 6 teeth pulled in order for 4 teeth to come in..Her big mouth is really cramped. From the size of her attitude you would never guess she has a small mouth. So in two weeks she goes in for her oral re-assignment as I am calling it. Some of the teeth they are pulling wont even come in till she is 12..That is what happens when I make fun of people with no teeth..The dentist also informed me that I need to save all my income tax from now till she is 12 because she will be needing a mouth full of metal.

Bright side..No cavities..My bees have never had a cavity..My anal ways about teeth are paying off..Well mostly anyway..

Lets see...What else...My son is nearly suspended in the last week of school, my daughter cant hold her urine in, my other daughter is going to be toothless till she is 12...All a all a pretty damn good day.

Here is one thought to ponder and one PSA from me to you..

First up is my ponder. How can a 150 pound lady step on an ant and the ant still be able to live and tell his buddies about it? I musta stepped on him 3 times with full force and the minute I left my foot, he hobbles away. Granted with a limp, but he was still alive.

My PSA....When your walking over 4 miles per hour on your treadmill, do not close your eyes for any reason..Even if you think its a good one...mmaky?

Bee Real


Fantastagirl said...

I could have told you not to close your eyes... you end up with a face full of treadmill....not that I would know anything about that.

Good luck with the potty training... ugh!

oh and I was first!!!!!!!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well it would of been nice if you would of passed that along to me..

potty training sucks..i mean really sucks

Cliff Morrow said...

Memories like these will fade...and then in a weak moment you'll say... "Should we have another kid?"

Bumbling Bav said...

Ok my son would be kicked out after the first lunch hour! YOu got me freaked out... I better have a little chat with the Mr B.

My kids have had teeth removed as well.... I suggest the gas (laughing gas) it makes the whole adventure from hell a little more liveable knowing your kid is high!

And thanks for the tip.... shall I dare add, do not run on the treadmill with your eyes shut and keys in your bra!

aatank said...

Your a mom aren't all your days crazy. I will remember if I ever get on a treadmill again not to close my eyes. I'm still getting over the trama of when I was younger (maybe 12), back when strech pants were cool(if there ever was a time). I was on my mom's treadmill and fell...when I did my super cool strechy pants got caught in the belt and gave me a nasty belt burn on my leg. I still have a scar today and still a little leary of the treadmill.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i am praying for no weakl moments;)

yes, the keys in your bra is a good tip..i forgot about your mishap:)

its hard to belive there ever was a time when stratch pants were cool, i try and block that out..

i am hoping today will be a better day..lets keep our fingers crossed;)

Working Mom said...

I can't even walk on the treadmill without holding on to the rails still! I'm a complete klutz(sp?).

That would've totally freaked me out when the school called. Did more than one kid say he said it?

And poor Blondie! I'm anal about Bug's teeth too. I get all worked up while they're cleaning her teeth cause I'm afraid they'll find a cavity. Poor thing!

I had a wonderful time with potty training. Bug's school pretty much handled it :)

Princess said...

sounds like a full on time at your house hold. how are you holding up? hehe.

poor lil butch bee, im sure your allowed to give his side of the story so there is no mark against his name. that totally sucks!

potty training is poop. (no pun intended ;) lol


Kendra Lynn said...

I'm trying to potty-train Kelsey, too. Lord...I think I am going to go insane. The kid keeps sayin' she needs to go pooey. I sit her on the potty, and she sits there for 20-30 minutes, grunting...and saying, "I hear the pooey"...nothin' happens. Not a thing.
Its killin' me.
If I put her in panties, she goes all over the place.
You know, sometimes I wish I lived in the 50's...before there were disposable diapers, and you HAD to potty-train your kid or keep washin' out the poop by hand.
I guarantee there were no three-year-olds still in diapers.

Anna said...

I have a couple of great falling off tread mill stories that I'll have to show you if we ever meet. They're a real treat because I act them out and everything. Good stuff ;)

The Blog Whore said...

How awesome! She did a little poo!!!

My 2 yr old asks to sit on the potty, but I think she just wants to read my gossip magazines.

vani said...

yay for baby bee! i have to start training my 2 yr old, kinda dreading it, but it needs to be done. we have 2 diapers now and that is just way too much, not only $ but i find myself changing shitty diapers litteraly all day long!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well there were only two parties involoved, butch bee and this other kid who ran crying for his life..I am suppose to be getting a letter form the princepal explaing what happend.

well lets hope Bug never has to have some teeth pulled..I would now gladly take a filling over teeth pulling..but she will still have a white smile, well with what teeth she will have left;)

i know it makes no damn sence for them to put this in his record, seeing this is the first time he has ever been in truoble, and i wouldnt even classify this as getting in trouble..oh well..

and it is poop..hahaha

boo does the same thing, well she likes to just sit there..not sure why..kinda weird.

hmm, so you did it more than once? you didnt learn your lesson the first time?..heehee

blog whore,
well i was thinking the same thing, but since she holds the magazines upside down, i am sure she isnt getting much out of them:)

it would suck big time to have 2 in diapers..I have never had two in diapers..but I can see where it would be coslty and smelly..heehee

LZ Blogger said...

Those ants are TOUGH! (and smaller targets than BEES). As for the BUSY days... ugh! Me too! ~ jb///

Tee said...

My boys say things like "I'll destroy you!" all the time when they play. It's so normal but these days they're going to say he's a terrorist. Ridiculous!

Sorry about the teeth and the potty training! That's awful :p

Mrs. Diamond said...

oh dear, too bad for your son. sometimes they do take things too seriously.

i think my daughter is going to need braces too. My girls always have to get their baby teeth pulled to make room for the adult ones that always grow BEHIND like shark teeth. sigh.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

lz blogger,
you aint kidding;)

yes, they take it way too serously..it angers me a bit..

mrs d,
well i cant belive so many other kids have thier baby teeth pulled..i had really never heard of such a thing..but my goodness it sounds pretty common..i feel ba for poor blondie but heck, what can ya do?

Nerdine said...

dont you just love the 80's... Thinking about the song-theme you've chosen these days - I love Wham! and am hopefully going to see George Michael live one of these days...

Meow said...

Hmmm, what a variety of things to comment on ... now where do I start !! OK .. potty training is all good, yay for the poo, she did good. All of a sudden, it will just click !!
OK, walking on treadmill with eyes closed ... you didn't, did you ???
Hope all works out ok with Butch Bee and the school. He sounds like a good kid, it must be a mistake.
Bugger about the teeth ... dentists cost a fortune, and toothless kids speak with a lisp !!! Oh well !! These things were sent to try us !!
Have a great week. Take care, Meow

Jamie Dawn said...

I know a lady who fell while on her treadmill. She got hurt pretty badly. Boy, I wish I could have seen it happen. That's terrible of my, I know, but it would have been kind of funny to see.

Please let Boo keep eating and drinking. Please!!!!

lawbrat said...

Ants are resilent little buggers! I dont like 'em.

lawbrat said...

Oh, on potty training? If I ever have another, daddy will take care of the potty training. I will not do it again. Ever. Period. Mine took forever!! Especially the night-time training. I should have bought stock in pull-ups :-(