Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We've got tonight

Our artist of the week is Bob Segar.

This is the first post I have wrote on my laptop since January. It feels good. Too good.

I have some things on my mind. Maybe not really "on my mind persay" just somethings I have noticed that make no sense. First one is why on earth do the elderly feel the need to drive mini vans? I see them spikering..(is that even a word? Or did I just make up a new one?) down the highway, going all of 45 MPH. With their big wide sunglasses that makes them look like maybe they just committed a heist of some kind. But if they did commit a heist, I would hope they would drive faster.

But why the mini van? This is a form of transportation that we as moms or dads can not wait to get out of. Sure they serve the purpose of the "hauling of the kids and crap" but what else would you want them for? Why when you hit 60 and want to purchase a new vehicle, why do you choose the Dodge Caravan with stow and go seating? Now this comes in handy for the busy parents who never get time alone, I mean you tuck the seats down and "viola" you have a place to make whoppie.

Not that I have used this for that purpose, heck I don't even have the stow and go seating, but Gawd I wish I did !..Moving on, back to the seniors with the mini vans..

So there they are, no kids. Just big ole sunglasses and and a car that is too heavy for you to open the door without pulling your prostate outta whack. Those sliding doors can be a bugger.

As I sit here, I am looking forward to the day when I am rid of my Dodge Caravan..With or without the DVD. I just want a car. Preferably a one seater. Maybe I need a unicycle.

And why do they need such wide sunglasses. Its like they go around the full perimeter of their heads. WHY? When you age do you really get eyes in the back of your head?..That's what we tell the kids..Maybe it isn't a lie.

Just some things to ponder.

don't forget, if you have dream you want me to analyze, drop by www.whatthedreamsmean.blogspot.com

Pretty soon I am going to start charging.

I counted, my Boo Bee said damn it 3 times yesterday.We are both falling off the curse word wagon. We need an intervention. You know that show I spoke about before, that Honey we are killing the kids?

They need one called

" honey,your turning our baby into Andrew Dice Clay"

Bee Real


Melis said...

Omg girly! My lil darling one has been saying "damn it" for awhile now.. and, like Boo Bee, using it correctly! I'm with you.. how can you not just lyao when you hear a 2 yo not only saying it.. but using it correctly! Very hard to keep it together while tryin to decipline for that.

And the dream blog... girl! We need to do something with that! I'm seeing bees on a cloud.... just a thought. =)

Love ya's!

Granny said...

My 14 years old Caravan finally gave it up right before Christmas. Now I have an 1998 Olds Silhouette (extended).

There's nothing classy about a minivan but they sure do haul everything and everyone. And this one has the sliding doors on both sides and lots of other extras.

I'd love to have something sporty but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

The Blog Whore said...

I used to *love* all the nursery rhymes the Dice Man used to say...

Better watch that kid of yours...pretty soon she'll be saying a whole new Mother Goose.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, how can we punish them?..they are so cute..

and yes, i am seeing that vision too..now get to work..haha

yes, they to haul everything, and everyone, BUT..when your in your 80's, you should be using public transit if you cant drive above 40..am I right?

blog whore,
yes, he use to make me laugh too..but i dont find him funny anymore...i must be getting old.

keesh said...

Boy when you say you aren't posting for a while, you sure mean it :). HA!
I like Melis' vision :). I am going to have to try and remember one of my dreams and post about it for you to analyze...

Peggy said...

Hey now!!! I have the van and the sunglasses! Why do I have the van? Well because I have 9 grandchildren and they all want to visit at the same time. I also love going to auctions and estate sales and need something to haul my stash. I also haul goat feed, chicken feed and even hay in my van. I am your worst nightmare on the road. LOL I love it cause now everytime you see a little old lady in a van you will think of me. hahahahahahahaa

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well.....so many things going on i cant blog about, so i thought i might as well blog about the crap I can..

hey now, I never picutred you as an old lady..now you just tarnished your image;)

Working Mom said...

I haven't broke down and got the minivan yet, but I only have one child. I refuse to buy one even if I have more. I'm sticking to my pathfinder, maybe get a durango if I have more. I have nightmares of driving a minivan.

Mike said...

So you and the husband haven't broken in the mini-van properly huh?

~Deb said...

That’s so funny. You know, someone started arguing with me about how bad it was for the environment to drive my big suv around and that I should get a caravan. ME! In a caravan! I don’t have kids, and I need 4x4.

Anyway, I’ve noticed this trend as well up here in NY. I guess it’s great when you’re hauling grandkids around or whatever, but the van thing was always a big hit with the older people back in the day when it was that luxury van type of thing—you know---the tinted glass with the couches and curtains inside. Almost like a wannabe Winnebago!

A home on wheels.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well consider yourself lucky, and dont ever break down and get one;)

not yet anyway..too many car seats in there.

i think the old folks drive the same no matter where you live..sad isnt it?

Cori said...

I guess they feel safe in their BIG cars and their BIG glasses. Goes hand in hand.

Mrs. Diamond said...

I know what you mean. Growing up our parents squashed us all into a car. When we'd go on vacation there was so much stuff on the floor it was level with the seat. It was like one big floor back there. We'd beg to get a van.

Nope. Mom refused.

NOW she has a mini van. NOW...when her kids are all grown up.

Figure that one out.

Doug Bagley said...

I relate lmore to Segar's "Running Against the Wind" LOL.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well safety first;)

mrs d.
now thats funny..you should ask them why..haha

oh yes..that is a good one;)