Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap

Boo Bee wakes up from her nap around 2:30pm Wednesday. As she is walking out of her bedroom, she demands a cookie and some juice. Just like that she says "momma, I need cookie and juice"

I say " did you just give blood?"

she said "yes."
With the 2 days off in a row it has made me wonder something. How many days is too many wearing the same bra? Its not like underwear. underwear (according to me) should be changed about hourly. I know this is not possible for most people, but it should be. Not that I get close enough to anyone's underwear area persay, but I know what goes on in there, and that's enough for me.

I know a girl I went to school with that would wear the same pair of underwear for 2 days, she would just turn them inside out. It made me feel dirty when I was around her, I never knew what day we were on. I always hoped it was day one.

But back to the bra's. How long is too long? Do you change them everyday, every other day? I don't have as many bras as I do undies, what is the correct number of bras one should have?

Ponder that, and let me know..

You know who I had a crush on when I was naive? Well I am not sure either, it was either Milli or Vanilli. I never knew what one was which, and I guess now it doesn't matter anyway right?

How come the pants I bought my two older bee's and Christmas time now look like floods? How is it possible? They must be putting miracle grow in the milk.

I let Boo Bee have cake for breakfast. And lunch....I only had to dirty one plate.

I went shopping. I had to buy some spring clothes. I was kind of shocked when I had to buy a size 12. When the Sam bloody hell did I get so Phat? Granted less than 2 years ago I was a size 18 and well over 200 pounds, but still, its like shock and awe.

I need to go on a all liquid diet. How can having kids make you so phat? Is it written in the handbook I never got? Because if I would of read the chapter on bossy two year olds, no sleeping for 18 years and the weight gain..Well I might of adopted....A dog.

I will leave you with yet another wise thought by Butch Bee..Mr shaky pants says to him" stop acting so childish."

" but I am a child."

his retardation seems to be coming to a close folks....Ivy League here we come.

Bee Real


Kelly said...

You are grossing me out with the underwear thing! I know we lived in hickville, but ewww!

Cake for breakfast isn't so bad. Did you regret her sugar high though?? My darlin' had cookies the other morning and of course that was the day they discussed what they ate for breakfast during circle time at school. She said her teacher didn't believe her...her word against mine :)

Until later!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i is gross..

thats too funny bout the cookie and circle time..that would be my luck.

so how did your hair turn out?

Peggy said...

you have so much fun at your house! LOL

vani said...

happy belated birthday my dear! LOL at the norm the gnome pics. he is a cutie.

i have a hard time finding bras- the victorias secret bras have been good to me, but so expensive, so i can only afford like 1 a and every time i have a kid my boobs get bigger- so that means i have nice expensive bras that don't fit anymore.

i'm stuck with sport bras for the moment. so ugly, but so damn comfy and cheap!

until i get lip and a lift ;)

vani said...

lipo, not a lip. LOL

Fantastagirl said...

okay - here's the deal - on bras -I feel you should have the same number of bras that you do underwear... clean undergarments are a huge thing with me... turning your panties inside out - is just well gross...and I couldn't wear the same bra two days in a row - I'd feel like a skanky Ho.


Kendra Lynn said...

Sounds like you are having some interesting times at your house. LOL
As for the size 12...come on, girl! I wear a about fat...its me that is fat.

As for the bra thing...I think you can wear the same bra (unless you are a sweaty, nasty mess) two days in a row. I think that is a reasonable answer to your question.

Kami said...

I wear a new bra, well a clean one, every day. You know, you sweat under the girls, and stuff. Ew!

Okay, and yuck on the undies.

aatank said...

Your a good mom...I would give my kids cake for dinner too.

As for insight on the bra situation... I think that in the winter you can get away with 2 days of wear. Besides who sweats when it is -20 below. On the other hand if you workout or it is summer then it should be changed daily. Yes, this means more laundry but we have to make choices somewhere.

Ju said...

That is really gross with the underwear thing. I cannot imagine my dirty underwear touching my pants. GROSS!

As for the bra thing, I wear mine two days in a row except in the summer because it's hot and I get sweaty.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

we have nothing but good tiems here;)

I have a hard time finding bras I like, I will spend 50 bucks on one and never be able to wear the damn thing..

ok, I am in total agreement, I have to change mine daily...but when i am behind on laundry i will go two days...I change bras when I workout..then I use the same workout bra two days, but it is not worn all day..just while working out..

i have as many bras as undies, but most of my bras I hate and refuse to wear..its a delima..and the underwear thing is way gross..

very intersting times indeed..

I am with you on the two thing, a slong as your not sweaty..

my thoughts exactly:)

good point on the -20 situation. I think 2 days is reasonable..if your ot a skanky ho..i wear separte bras for working out, that is what gets me thru..haha

i know the underwear thing is real nasty, trust me, someof the girls i went to school with were just plain icky!!

The Blog Whore said...

Why is it that we never have enough bras? I have a drawer stuffed FULL of underwear, but only 4 bras. I have to do my laundry every 4 days!

If I'm lazy, I'll re-wear the last one, ONCE!! It's not like I'm sweating or anything...Although I need to. Sweat, that is.

That chick with the reversible underwear? In a word? Nasty!

Anna said...

On the Bra Debate:
I say wear it until it's dirty. If that's 1 sweaty day then that's 1 day. If that's several days then that's fine with me.

On wearing underwear more than 1 day, that is DISGUSTING. Ew!

I like cake for breakfast, lunch, snack, etc.

Size 12 is NOT fat! Marilyn Monroe was a size 10 and she is an ultimate icon of beauty.

d said...

Oh gross about the underwear - how does turning it inside out matter?

Now bras are a different story - I say it depends. I used to be of the change your bra everyday school of thought but that's when I had a gazillion bras and smaller ta-ta's. Now it's not so easy to find bras that fit just right - I know you can relate ;)

So for bras - summer and sweat - change 'em - winter - wear 'em for at least 2 days - it's not like they get dirty - shoot - it's coverd up all day and is usually better smelling than I am at the end of the day.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

blog whore,
i have a bunch of bras but only like 3 i will wear..i am fussy about what holds the girls up;)

yes I agree with that, i mean bras dont get that dirty, unless your doing something you shouldnt be doing;)

yes it depends on the season..and the temp..and if you were doing anything nasty that day...

and yes the underwear thing is gross..very gross.

Babble said...

Bra.. never wear them... never..

Ok no really am not a hippe. Its depends on the weather. It depends onthe weather I think. In the summer time I will change it 2 times a day some times. Winter 1 or 2.

Normally after a morning shower new undies and bra go on.

Oh and I want a cookie and Milk NOW.

Princess said...

I think that you should have a bra for every day of the week. Not to mention bras that you should have for "best".

Your poor smelly friend. Maybe her mum never taught her how to look after her personal hygiene? :(

Cake for breaky an lunch - yum! can you be my mum? ;) hehe

Oh - and Marilyn Monroe was size 12! So your soo not fat!!!


Felecia said...

I love it when I'm on the phone trying to get the toddler out of my hair; "No cookies!" ($#@*&%)

... "Okay, but only one!"


Here is my own personal upper body undergarment practice... Buy at least two in each shade; i.e., I have 2 dark, 2 colorful, 2 boring tans, 2 boring grays, and mayb 6 whites. That way you know your girls are in fresh quarters more often than not;)

Meow said...

Wearing the same knickers twice ... eeewwww !!
Bras ... I'm with the others ... up to 2 days in cool weather, at least daily in warm weather.
Nothing wrong with cake for breakfast or lunch ... my Chicky had M&M's for brekky this morning !!!
Take care, Meow

Jamie Dawn said...

I wear size 12. It's okay with me.

Bras can be worn without a wash, but dirty bra straps are just horrid looking.

I need some cookies and juice.... NOW!

Granny said...

Bill Cosby had a great monologue (probably his most famous) years ago on chocolate cake for breakfast. Milk, eggs, flour = nutrition. I couldn't find the text online (probably copywrited) but it's available for download on some the quasi legal sites.

It's hysterical.

Bras - I wear baggy around the house and put on a bra only when I leave. I've always hated them.

Hope your gramma is doing okay. I got a little behind on posts yesterday and today.

Anonymous said...

Screw the bras! I say let em swing in the breeze! If they get a bit saggy, toss 'em over your shoulders, tie knots in 'em, or roll 'em up and clip with clothes pins!

But seriously...if I'm home alone (which I am during the day when the husband and kiddos are at school/work) I don't have a bra on! When they come home, or I leave the house or have company, I not only have on a clean bra, but darn tootin' it matches my undies! Pink bra! Look....I'm 45 and not the thin cute chick I once was, not that I'm looking for any affairs, but if some twenty something stud has an old lady fetish and wants to seduce me in the produce department, I damn sure want to be ready! ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I like all your undergarment suggestions..and granny, I remeber that bit of bill cosbys..he use to be really funny back then..

annymous, amen...i like to have matching ones too, i dont have many anymore, but back in the day I did;)