Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Living on the edge

This week's featured artist is Aerosmith..mmkay?

So I have had a busy holiday weekend. I worked everyday except Monday. It was well over 100 degrees on Saturday. It was truly magical.The air was so thick with humdity I could barley breath. It was a wonderful thing.

Sunday it was the same, 2 whole days in paradise. Monday it cooled down to a chilly 89 degrees, but I wont complain.

Monday we went to the Mall of America. I thought it would be packed, but really it was not. We tried to talk Blondie Bee into getting her ears peirced. But to know avail, I even threatend her with no food and water...her response..

" yea wight"...it is cute, she does not say right, its wight....its funny folks, trust me.

There was not much traffic, so I did not have much trouble getting around, I really hate driving in minneapolis...Its like what I invision hell to be like, only colder.

While at the mall my 11 year old cousin from New Mexico wanted to get her ears peireced. We went to Claires..Here in this state any one under the age of 18 has to be with a parent or they dont get a peircing...so my aunt had to whip out her ID...The young lady doing the peircing on my cousin says " oh, are you from there?"..I am thinking that is a really stupid question, but then again my lisence says I live in Michigan...so I know its possiable for such things to be.

But its gets stranger from this point. She then says to my aunt..

" I knew this girl once who went there, she said everyone got arrested for dumb things and it was scarey there."

My aunt says.." um, thats Mexico sweety..I live in NEW Mexico.."

The girl than says " whats the differnce?"

Now this brings many questions for me...Is our public school system that bad off that ours kids are not learning all the 50 states,or what Mexcian people look like. It is clear looking at us, or heck , even hearing us speak that we are not from Mexico. I was going to give that girl my blog address so she could read up on the Mexcian culture..I know it very well....Too well maybe...not bad for a white girl I say.

I will share some pics with you.....I dont have much of a post today..I have been spending lots of time with my aunt and my cousin...I have not seen her since 1994...And she bought me a new pair of walking shoes..she told me the ones I had were just not good enough..so while at the mall she took me to The Sports Authorty and gots me some new walking shoes... I love my aunt..

Ok on to the picutre portion of this Gawd awful post..

ok, let me introduce you to these people...People..this is my aunt (in the blue) , my cousin ( in the black)..my mom..( in the pink...)..and my bees you know them already..ok lets move on..(no boo bee and mr shaky pants did not go with us..damn party poopers.)

this was just the view from the ferris wheel at the mall...

um, this is just Ikea....we parked by it..its much easier then dealing with the parking garage...

Just another view....It was such a pretty day..

The bees pouting on the way back to the car....kids are big fat whiny babies sometimes..thats all I am sayin..

This my friends is The World biggest ball of Twine built by one man..it took 29 years to make..why?, dont ask me...but this is a big attraction near my house. I thought we were the only fools there, and then a few more car loads of fools pulled up..I didnt feel so stupid then..

ok I wont show you any more twine...here ware some of the bees in the pool and just playing around...I know your gonna enjoy this.

Ok this is a cloud, just in case you live under a rock or dont spend much time out of doors..

A Cumlmbuis cloud

for you retards, that is a rain cloud.

But that cloud only produced a few sprinkels

This is my legs, I thought it was kinda funny..I am not sure what I was taking a picutre of, but I was obvoiusly not looking thru the view finder.

I can tell this post is going to come out all weird, the pics are going to be in the wrong spots..My internet has been so slow and weird all weekend, I have not been able to check my mail in 3 days..the Yahoo thing wont open at all for me..damn them..I could have some very important mail and not know..someones life could be hanging in the balance..

In the time it took me to write this and load the pics, I could of served a full 4 year term as presidnet, been a sarragate mother to a goat, birthed 2 sets of siamse twins, and ran 24 marathons...yes it took that long...

At least 3 hours.

Target is starting to suck the life out of me. I get to close tonight. I work with a girl who has the same name as Blondie Bee...I will call her "scabby"...no she dont have scabs, but that is going to be her name.

I can not call her by her name, becuase she taints the very name of my second born..The girl is 21 years old...And I can not stand the site of her. she is one of them who thinks they are really pretty, but she has the face of a bull dog...And the attitide of a castrated pony....

So me and scabby close tonight, there may be blood shed..Bossy doesnt care much for scabby. Not one bit, nor Target..so it is a double wammy.

aww well.

I am thinking of shooting my own foot off so I can collect some sort of goverment aid and not have to work anymore.

Bee Real

Oh double treat for you...my spell check wont pop up..enjoy folks:)..and this is me fixing it...

well I better go get blondie bee ready for her last day of school..oh to be in school again, summers off, no crappy jobs at target, and sleeping in..

wait, that was my life just last year before I thought that getting a job was a good idea..I shoulda shot my foot off way back then,

ok i am done now..I swear.


Cliff Morrow said...

When you were a kid did you ever put your head back and spin until you couldn't stand up.
Bossy's spin til you can't stand up blog. New title.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok cliff, does this mean you think I am wasted? or I did not make any sence?..becuase either one could be true..

and it took me 10 minutes to get your comment to come up, then another 20 for me to be able to post it..man this bites..

sorry for making you dizzy cliff, maybe you were the one drinking:)

Krystal said...

Aerosmith is one of my favs!!

Now you impress me. I would have had to tell that girl what an idiot she was and explain to her that it's that type of stupidity that will have her working at Claire's for the rest of her useless life.

But that's just me.

Princess said...

good to hear from you! sounds like you have had a good weekend.
i would love to go the the mall of america. sounds like my kinda place!

its been freezing cold here in Aus. but i love it!

LOL at scabby. keep away from her, i say. you might catch something ;) (yes i know she doesnt have scabs.) hehe


aatank said...

I loved the ball of twine. You should have told the girl in Claire's about that amazing history.

On to the teacher bashing, not all of us are bad. Yes, some teachers could care less if a student even showed up for class, but in my case the kids these days are just idiots. And their lazy parents make excuses for them. Ok , Ok now we just have to remember not to do that for our own kids, Ha Ha

Have a great day and quit that job and become a bum like me.

aatank said...

I loved the ball of twine. You should have told the girl in Claire's about that amazing history.

On to the teacher bashing, not all of us are bad. Yes, some teachers could care less if a student even showed up for class, but in my case the kids these days are just idiots. And their lazy parents make excuses for them. Ok , Ok now we just have to remember not to do that for our own kids, Ha Ha

Have a great day and quit that job and become a bum like me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I just didint wanna make a scence in front of the family..haha

well I think I just might catch something from her..I am keeping my distance:)

well the funny thing about the girl was she told us she was from Africa. Why was she here?..for the education..Now that just made it all the more funny to me..plus she was preganat and wearing clothes that reviled her strech marks and her nasty thong..

your gonna have to bring the girls to see the ball of twine..along with our wild life:)

just_tammy said...

Sounds like a very interesting weekend. At least you ended up with a few sprinkles, we had a flood. Sure put a damper on holiday fun for many. They put all the American flags on the graves in the cemetery the night before so that was good. Nothing like living right up the street (literally) from one of the original national cemeteries. Lots of families must have braved the weather yesterday since there are flowers everywhere today.

Okay, now I've rambled just like Bossy! Some days that's life! Stay clear of Scabby please so you don't make headlines.

Angel Girl said...

"she is one of them who thinks they are really pretty, but she has the face of a bull dog...And the attitide of a castrated pony."

Oh man how true that could be for oh so many people I know!! So true that I am still drying the tears from laughter lol.

Michele_3 said...

Mall of America looks so fun..
I wish I could go!
Looks like you guys had good time with family! great pixs!
Take care :)

The Blog Whore said...

I woulda went to see the twine too. I'm a 'tard like that.

We got the girls ears pierced when they were 6 months old. They had no say in the matter and I just KNOW in a few years they will hate us for mutilating and scarring them.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i need the rain.my flowers are dying and i am too darn lazy to water them myself..

maybe you could come do it for me:)

angel girl,
haha, you liked that line huh?..i think we all know someone like that..but its true..she even has a nose pericing..and 2 tone hair..cute body, ugly as$ face:)

you can go..come on over baby:)

blog whore,
well i am thinking i should of done that...she refuses to get it done..

come on over to see the twine you tard:)

Choppzs said...

Lol, you are to funny! Sounds like you had an exciting weekend. Mine was boring and we didn't do squat. It was beautiful weather though!!

I will pray for you that somehow or another Scabby will fall off the face of the earth and not be able to show up anymore at work. Or maybe someone will shoot her foot off??? lol Good luck on that one.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

acctaully pray I dont have to go back..haha..let scabby take her medicore and less than desriable pay job..

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...that is so hilarious. The ball of twine was great...and the part about working for Target...that was good too.
Glad you had a nice time this weekend.
I'm in NJ...its fun too...except for when my MIL tells me about her bowels and root canals.
Yeah...or when she and my FIL yell at each other about how they didn't do such-in-such, but that it was the other's fault...oh god, deliver me.
Still...the MIL likes to buy me and the kids stuff...she's really a sweetheart if I can keep her off the bowels and cysts subjects during lunch.

pack of 2 said...

I work with a ton of peeps like scabby...think they are cute but...

Some are cute but their attitudes make them so ugly!

How is Mr. Shakey Pants doing...any word on what is wrong with him?


Gette said...

I had twine ball pics on my old blog! Rawk. We had the concrete animal tour of the midwest, too. The big Catfish in Whapeton, the Pelican Rapids Pelican, and that bigass chicken over in Montrose at the c-store. Heh. Goodtimes!

Mrs. Diamond said...

When I went to Bible College in Saint Paul, someone actually asked me if we lived in igloos in Canada.

So yeah...the edumication is somewhat lacking there.

I told him yes we did, and we had dog sleds and skidoos to get around in.

Working Mom said...

I love me some Aerosmith!!

I would love to go to the Mall of America. Plus I'm one of the geeks that would go see the twine...LOL

Sorry to hear you have to work with scabby. I have to work with smelly people...do I win? Do I get to shoot my foot off first?

I'm glad you had a good weekend!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the ball of twine is like 6 miles from my house..anytime you wanna come see it..let me know..haha

well this girl aint even cute..she looks like a man in drag sort of..

mr shaky pants is doin bout the same..i guess i should update that in a post huh?..thank you for asking though..

so you have been to the twine?..now that just cracks me up..how far do you live from me?..

mrs d,
igloos..now that is pretty funny..i thought only eskimos lived in them..haha

come on over, we will go to both..in ONE day..teehee

Kelly said...

Wow, some people just don't get out much! Scary to think how uneducated some people are! Regarding the ear piercing thing...should've done it sooner. Syd was two months old - BAM- done before she knew it was coming...best thing I ever did for her! That and I was sick of people calling her a "cute little boy". Does "scabby" bring back memories of "Naps"??!! I will never forget that! Tell me your not too old to remember "Naps" ??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

who the sam bloody hell is naps?

i tell you, I dont remeber much from school, you may have to refresh my mind...Naps..doesnt ring a bell..crap I am getting old.

Naps, Naps....nothing..

Jamie Dawn said...

Good gravy! What a post!
That post went here, there and everywhere.
Are you feeling okay?
Target has made you go completely mad. You don't need to shoot off your foot, cause you've gone crazy.
That's reason to sue, you know.

Enjoyed all the pics. Even the twine.

Jamie Dawn said...

I answered you at my blog, but if Casa Loma is a big castle, then we did go by there and take some pics.
It was closed so we could not tour, but we got out and looked at it from outside.

Kelly said...

Are you kidding me!? I don't remember much...but I remember what a living hell you made school for "Naps". I sooo have to email you now!

Kelly said...

Oh shit! I can't email you, the f-ing thing isn't working for ya! Another time I guess.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes it sure did go everywhere..i guess that is what happens when i dont blog for 5 days..

i am glad you went by casa loma..yes it is the caslte...so beautiful, wish you could of went inside though..

nope, it does not ring a bell..is naps a female or male?..i made life hell for lots in school i do belive..haha...you can try to eamil, i may not get it till 2009 though,,

Meow said...

Hello, I'm here !! I haven't forgotten you. I seem to have missed a couple of your posts, though ... last time I looked there was only last Friday's. I'm sorry, I have been lost (don't know where, don't know how, but I have been lost).
Love your photos ... your little bees are too cute. I just love swimming pool photos, I'm cold, I want to go swimming ... it's Winter here ... oh, no !!
Sorry, I'm going crazy today ... something has inhabited my fingers, and I am typing really weird things.
Anyway, just wanted to apologise for not stopping by much. I'm here now, and will remain !!
Take care, Meow