Thursday, May 11, 2006

Heart of rock and roll

Do any of you watch South Park? Or am I the only one here going to straight to hell? A few months ago there was an episode where Kyle is down because he isn't tall enough to play basketball on the school team. Being that this is South Park, the little tot goes to a plastic surgeon and get s a Negroplasty. This is a procedure to make Kyle tall and black, so he can play basketball. After the operation he is tall. And black. I would like one of those. Minus the black part. As of lately I feel like I am much shorter than I use to be. My son , who is 9 years of age, does not seem that much shorter than me. When did I become so damn short? At one time I was 5'8. Now I would guess about 4'7. I am not sure where it all went wrong. Maybe I have me a case of good ole fashion Osteseoparosis. Or maybe my son has some sort of growth diease where they out grow their parents in an attempt to take over man kind.

Plus if I were a few inches taller, I wouldn't be so fat. If I could add just about an inch, I would be in my normal body weight range. I need a Negroplasty fast guys..I wont be fat, and I wont be short.

Speaking of weird shows, have any of you ever caught this new show called "Honey we are killing the kids"? Well it is a show where over weight parents have overweight kids and this lady doctor shows them what their kids will look like at 40 if they don't change their eating habits. What I cant figure out is how they know the kids will have glasses , be bald, or have humungo zits on their face. Why can they have this technology, but I will be damned if I cant figure out how to upload my pics to the computer half the time, or why I cant hook up my DVD player, or hell, even change a tire. But yet they know what these kids will look like at 40..Zits, receding hair and all..It is really very amazing.

My baby boo bee says yesterday, in her cutest little boo bee voice " momma, me want juice pees"

I tell her " I will get you milk, but no juice"

then she says " damn it momma"

My baby has a potty mouth. And she is chubby.

I am hoping she doesn't end up looking like one of these honeys..

and then marry this guy..

Lord have mercy on us all.....For now though, she is still my cute, potty mouthed, chubby lil Boo Bee..

Just the way I like it...Dirty mouth, dirty face..Like momma like baby..

Bee Real


Granny said...

Another Eagles fan? Good for you.

Loe Desperado but I'm torn between the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

in my eyes The Eagels are the BEST rock and roll band of all time;)

my fav song of all time is Hotel California;)

Karin said...

ok the song is nice and all except that it scared the crud out of me cause you didn't have sound on here yesterday. So I was already feeling a bit jumping when I saw the picture of your future son in law. Yeah I jumped. As for the height thing I am convinced that I am actually a couple inches taller than I am but my vertibrate got squished, that is why I always have a creeky back. Oh and yes I watch South Park.

Kendra Lynn said...

Wow...she's sayin' stuff at such a young age! Thankfully my girls have never heard that least, I don't think they have.
The worst it gets around here is when I say something is "stupid" and Merry says, "Mommy! That is not nice! We don't say Stupid."

As for South Park...never watched it, probably never will. But I do love the Eagles and AirSupply.


Fantastagirl said...

South Park? I used to watch it - BK (before kids), now not so much.

I want that surgery. I'm only 5 ft.

just_tammy said...

I haven't figured out the 'Honey, We're Killing the Kids' show. With the age progression, they always have the dudes and dudes losing their hair if they don't eat right. Yet lots of very healthy people have problems with hair loss thanks to genetics. Plus they have them go from eating absolute garbage to eating some very strange healthy stuff which for most people takes awhile to learn to like if ever. Then they only follow them for a few weeks. Change takes time. The show bugs me. Plus right now there are cookies hanging out by the whole grain bread in the kitchen. I like balance. Oookay, think I'm rambling.

Now I can't remember anything else you wrote about. Oh, Boo is still cute even if she has a potty mouth.

Badoozie said...

yes, you are the only one who watches that show. just you. its all you.

your song came on and scared me.

and those pictures came on and scared me. now i'm just scared.

Peggy said...

taking words from boo bee... damit! You scared me with those photos! Are they your or king bees family? LOL

Meow said...

Looove the Eagles ... Hotel California is one of my favourites, too. When your music started playing, I got a fright ... I guess that's what happens to everyone first time visiting my blog, too !!!
I love visiting blogs with music, though ... it shows another side to the writer's personality, I think.
Take care, Meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, ok.
sorry for scaring everyone.

See my volume is always turned off, so I guess I didnt think about it scaring anyone:)

my bad.

just_tammy said...

Now that you mention it, that one picture should have made me toss my cookies....wait for the trash! But no, the cookies are still on the counter. Now I'll just make the tall skinny ballerina eat them since her short tubby mummy so doesn't need them. If I was 5'8", I could eat them all. Some bossy people have all the luck!

The other picture should have had your people brushing and flossing far and wide. Nothing like a wake up call!

Mrs. Diamond said...

I've watched that food show. It is eye opening and shocking, but I make my cookies with oatmeal and whole wheat flour, so I don't care. The few chocolate chips in there are just for balance.

Your daughter is gorgeous. Those babes are frightening. And that son in law........ tell her to stay single!!! ;)

JD's Rose said...

Mmmm, those girls are beautiful! I can only hope that my daughter will turn out like that. And as for him, what a stud. HA!

Don't complain about being short. I'm not even 5'1"! Are you picking on the little people?!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

after I saw the pic of the laides, I deceid a liquid diet would be best..:)

mrs d,
that show is a little way in 3 weeks time a family has made enough changes to change the outcome like that..yet i still watch it..

thank you, she will never date, nor will the other 2;)

wait, your having a know this?..did I miss something?..crap!

Working Mom said...

Yep, I'm going to hell too, I watch South Park. Though I think the older ones are better than the newer ones.

Thanks for posting those pics, I'm definately sticking to my diet now!

Anna said...

I love Southpark!

I've seen the Killing the Kids show, but I don't know that I think much of it. How is it that they can know that kids who eat sugar will have no fashion sense and will look like slobs? But the kids who quit eating sugar somehow also grow fashion sense.

And last but not least - SCARY PICS of the old people!

novaks8 said...

That is just wrong!

Sad that the chick on the right looks skinny next to the other 3!


d said...

LMAO. OMG - I don't watch south park but everytime someone tells me about it, it's funny as hell.