Friday, October 28, 2005

yes, friday nights rock

took the two older spawns to my moms where they are spending the night.which is hard for me , because I always prefer them home...Kinda stupid huh?

Hubby me and baby spawn go to Target for some much needed items ( I am a target whore)..End up getting things I didnt realize I needed till I got there..

Then had to go to "hell on earth"..yup walmart. But only spent like 20 bucks that is ok...right?

This has been my Friday night ever since mom moved here. The older spawns go there and me and the other 2 members of this family head to Target....Ok why?

Why do I need to head to Target every week...? Some weeks I dont even have any money. I feel so much better when I walk thru the doors. Like the angels are singing. Like the employees put everything out just for me. Its like everything I need is right where it should be.

baby spawn had to wave and say " hi" to everyone we came across, then chatted it up with the check out lady..every question she asked her, baby spawn would say " NO"..then giggle....I love this kid..

Toodles** ( need advice,please read it if u are among the ones who I allow there..LOL)


Anonymous said...

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Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i aint going to see anything my freind.... I dont even no what the hell a womans rashguards are...get bent please..pretty please with a cherry on top

Melis said...

Omg! You're just too funny girly.... you tell them off!! LOL And I know what you mean about Target... I love that place too!!

southern_in_my_soul said...
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Bossy♥'s YOU said...

melis, i cant commnet on your site..the box wont pop up for me..did u cast some kind of spell on it trying to keep me away??


midwest_hick said...

Target is much better than Walmart......I hate going to Walmart.

Jamie Dawn said...

Target and Walmart are beacons of light, security blankets for moms.
Shine on!!

d said...

Hey, that's not a bad deal, you get to unload 2 kids on Mom every Friday, woo hoo! Just get her to take Babay Spawn and you're all set.

Um, just what is a rashguard? I'm so curious I'm gonna go look. Will report my findings...

d said...

Well shit, it's just some sort of surfing clothing thing....BORING!

novaks8 said...

I think we are soul sisters!

I have posted many times about my love of Target and their orangey/red clearance stickers, how I always spend $100, and how I loathe going to Wal Mart.

We went to Target this morning for a present, fairy wings and wrapping stuff.
My daughter wanted to know why we only got a "little bit of stuff"

Oh that is SAD.

Dottie said...

Target.....what an addiction! I always find stuff that I never knew I needed there! I had to go to Super Walmart last night for groceries....note to self....DO NOT GO TO WALMART ON SUNDAY NIGHT BEFORE HALLOWEEN! I was so crabby once I got out of there! It was hell on earth!!!!