Friday, October 21, 2005

and so it goes

well, for those of you who didnt think my days could really get much ya go..

ok, so our house in Michigan we rent out, because it did not sell fast enough. Well we had not got our rent payment from them yet this month so I had hubby call. Turns out the guy has no job now and they can not afford to live there.

so now I have to try and sell that house now, or hopefully find another renter. But I really hope to be able to sell it.

And I am still waiting for my blog to be done. It has been nearly 3 weeks now. I told her to send me the codes and i would have someone install it for me.

I have not heard back. It is very unprofessional of her to do this. She says her dad is ill, but she should of let me know and just sent it to me......I am going to ask for my 60 bucks back and find someone else to make one for me , if this doesnt get done soon.

So I may get drunk tonight....drunker than I have ever been. And I am not a drinker, but tonight I may make an exception.

Have a good weekend...I keep thinking mine can only go up from here, but it seems one thing after another keeps I am just going to count on having a crappy weekend, and if it turns out not so bad, it will be a pleasant surprise huh?



Gabriel said...

Hey there.. you're changing the blog again? Is it the same person that updated it up to this point..?

Drink if you must, but stick to some good red wine, a bottle should put you in a warm mood ;)

vani said...

hey girl- sorry things are so sucky right now. i wish i could drink with you! i have been dying for a drink for 6 months now- just 3 more to go! lol..hope your weekend gets better. and yeah- 3 wks?? what's up with that?? and 60 bucks?? wow! i wish i was a wiz and could help you out. later. :)

Jewl said...

Sorry about your Blog. That sucks when you really want something and it ain't happening! I hope you have a better weekend...

momma of 2 said...

Hope things go better soon - Get that house sold - sucks when renters don't pay rent.

Sucks when you pay for a service and it doesn't happen....

You know - you should get a do over for today!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

gab, well its the same gal who did this template for me last summer..i had her design one for me...said it would be 2 weeks...ugg..still waiting..

and i had a big ole freaking mud slide at mm good:-)

vani, thanks...but i had enough tonight for both of us:)

Jewl,tell me about it...ugggg..LOL..and i still ant comment on your

Momma, u know it sister friend...

have a good weekend:-)

Melis said...

You know how I feel about the chicky workin on your blog... unprofessional to say the LEAST! GEESH! Sorry to hear about more drama being added to your life. However, maybe it's a sign of better things?? Sell that monkey on your... errrr HOUSE (lol), then things could look up for that loan ya'll called about! :) Happy thoughts girly!