Friday, October 21, 2005

Its just for protection

For some reason on nights when there is no school the next day the spawns like to sleep in the living room, only they fight who gets to sleep on the big couch, because they are both to big for the love seat. So one if them has to sleep on the floor.

We make them a bed on the floor and they are as happy as clams....Well covert spay spawn said that everytime she lays on the floor the dog chews her hair.

So hubby told her , next time wear a hat...Then the dog wont eat your hair.....

Well last night this is what I saw

now you cant see in this pic too well..But kissing spawn has a pile of drool running down his hand,,,bout cracked me up

ok there ya go....U can go bout your business now and read my real post for the day.

Yeah, like that one is any better, right?



Felecia said...

That hat is hysterical; I've seen it on both of your girls - now I just need to see it on the kissing spawn and I'll be happy.

Read your "real" post as well - sounds like you're supposed to say put for now, eh? Well, the good news is at least you're not waiting around for something to change. You have to admit, there is a sense of peace in just relaxing for a little while longer.

Now go paint something.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

felcia, that is just what I was thinking....but I am running out of rooms to paint..maybe i should come do a room for you:)

Kristen said...

She is so adorable. So the kids sleep in the living room for fun? You should be renting out their bedrooms. LOL

momma of 2 said...

this post is better - it has pics of the spawns! Love-em!

Tee said...

Like the new effect and the grphic of your name :)

The hat pic is too funny. I love seeing my kids sleep. Mine are always drooling too. LOL.

pack of 2 said...


So cute.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

kristen, yes I dont know why, but on days there is no school they like to sleep in the livivng room...and good thinking...i really need to rent something out..LOL

Momma, LOL..agreed

Tee, thank you...i did not do it though..LOL....i thought the hat was a nice touch for nighttime appaeral too:)

Shelly, Thank you:-)

keesh said...

Holy long eye lashes! That boy has some serious long eye lashes.Sorry about your bad week. Try to look at the blessings you have, that is what i try and do (well sometimes anyway :)), but seriously, you have a nice home, husband and 3 beautiful the end, the rest is just "stuff" and it will work itself out somehow someway :). Does that help at all?

Melis said...

Holy CRAP that was priceless! Another one of the Kodac Moments to be used later in life! :)