Wednesday, October 05, 2005

someone please put a fork in my eye

well Tuesday was ugggggg!!! It rained and did not get past 60 degress today. I tried getting the rest of my wallpaper off the living room walls..tried..being the oprative word here. Worked all day, then painted about one tiny section..and called it all good:)

I dont know what is wrong with me. I mean I have one spawn in school full time, one spawn going to school full days every other day (KNG here is like that..not sure why) and I have one spawn who will be heading to pre-school next year ( if i can get her to do her normally body functions in the proper respepticles)....

This time next year I could be sitting on my screened porch wearing maybe a light jacket, sipping a Mint Julep enjoying the peace that is...Maybe going out and weeding around my friut tree or pollentaing something, or watering my palm tree or

But why I am thinking that a baby sounds nice???..Someone please put a fork in my eye. Why would I want to sacrfrice alone time..for poop, vomit, and no sleep time??..Someone please put a fork in my eye.I am this close to having all them shipped out to school and married...why do I want to mess with a good thing? And who wants 4 kids? I dont!!

I hate being pregant, I hate gaining weight, I hate puking at all hours of the night and day, I hate being so fat I can not tie my own damn shoes, I hate labor/delivery, I hate stiches in that area....But...the one thing that can make that all better....the smell of a baby!!....Has to be the best smell, unless they have a load in thier pants, vomit on thier clothes, or wearing dipaer rash cream..Then they dont smell all that good.

Someone please put a fork in my eye!!

I am not pregant , nor do I have any futrue plans on it. I mean isnt it normal for mothers whose toddlers are growing up way too fast to have a breif moment of insane thoughts of doing it all over again??? Or I am the only one?

I mean I love babies, when they get to be about 2 and start talking back and 8 and start having meltdowns and kissing girls...thats when it all goes arye. Kind of like getting a puppy. They are so cute..They can do no wrong..But yet in about 6 months time you want to put a fork in your eye for being so stupid as to think that getting a puppy was a good idea. The fork in your eye is your punishment for such crazy thoughts. It wont kill you, yet it will make you see things more clearly..Granted you will be blind in that eye, but at least you now know that if you mess up again you will be totally blind. I think it would be quite a deturant. But thats just my thinking.

Ok I was soooo freaking dissapointed last night. I took a sceduled break at around 8pm..put some of my fat free poopcorn in the micro and grabbed a diet dr pepper. Got the goods out of the micro and plopped down on my sofa. Turned it on FOX...aww, yes my show night...2 best shows in one night..It does not get any better. I sit back and WTF!!?? It is a freaking baseball game.

On a bright note I wacthed a sitcom called to do with the name earl..cant remeber the name..It was soo funny...Then I watched The office, another funny gem. Too bad I can not watch them as I will not watch these shows when House is on..So note to NBC..dont put your best shows on at the same time as better shows. like put them on thursday in place of will and grace or some other lame as& show..ok, tip from me..i will give this tip for you for free, next time there will be a finders fee..

well have a happy hump day..luv 2 u all



Dottie said...

LOL! I remember crying in the baby section at Walmart when my 3rd baby was a toddler. I ended up with a new baby and a new puppy! LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Faith is my sister's daughter born very tiny and very early but all is going well for them. I have four and I'm done! LOL

Marel Lecone said...

I think the words "hell no!" came out of me when I thought of it today. They [the kids] were driving me crazy at the moment. But, my husband has taken away the option so I guess it's all for the best. I've been thinking about it less since the option has gone bye-bye. If you know what I mean . . . :) Take care. Talk to you later. :)

Charmed1 said...

It's okay, I think we all go through it. I think though I had my fill this weekend with my 8 week old nephew. He likes my sister in law and I better than mommy and daddy. I already have 4 and I took care of the option after number 4 so it's no longer an option for me either.

keesh said...

Christina - baby fever is simply because your spawns are growing up. I have major baby fever, I only have one child, but I want another one really bad, but hubby isn't ready yet.
Yeah, hate to break it to you, but HOUSE wont be on until November due to the play off's..sorry hon. I was pissed off too. That is one of my favorites!

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

Bah Put a fork in my eye too! Of course this is my first one and the wife gets the brunt of the nastyness but I might as well share the consequences right? Fork...
Right here...

Anytime now...

The Lumpy

momma of 2 said...

LOL - I am so there with you - YOU DON't want another baby - once you start your daycare (i'm guessing you'll still do that) you'll be out of the I WANT ONE phase and into the - yeah the parents are here!

Have a grood one!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dottie, i have not done any crying yet..but if i end up knocked up i will:)

marel, yes I am going with hell no !! works for me..i really should make sure things do get taken care of:)

charmed, i have no babies anywhere near me..maybe if i did it would cure me

Kish, well i have a feeling soon you will be having baby fever even worse...only having one and all..hubby will give in..

house not on till NOV??? holy heck no

Lumpy, oh no, I do have plenty of you prefer a salad fork or dinner fork?

Momma, I know, I know. I am not doing my full blown daycare. as we plan on leaving with in 9 months or before..i am looking for kids to babysit. but being around babies only makes me want one..hense how i got baby spawn, i was babysitting my frineds newborn while she worked..yup..:)

vani said...

do you want the fork that's in MY eye?? lmao

Peanutt said...

OMG I was so going to say what Vani said! LMAO!!!
I have been there done that, and would LOVE to have another baby. Am like you where I really didn't enjoy the puking 24/7 for 9 months like I did with Andrew that I actually was losing weight!!! If I put a fork in your eye, will you put one in my eye at the same time????

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

vani, u need to put it in the other eye now..LOL

peanut, we will do it on the count of three..:)

d said...

The smell of babies is my favourite smell.

I know what you men about wanting another. Even when mine was still a baby I was thinking that I wanted to have another soon.

Get your daycare up and running soon and then you will have your fill of kids and probably run screaming to the doctor to get your tubes tied ;)

Heather said...

Man.. I took care of that with my last c-section.. but my son is only 9 months old today! so Im not even ready to be feeling the "Oh one more baby would be nice" insanity. But hey.. one more might be nice, Christina..

Go for it :P

pack of 2 said...

HEY... I love Will & Grace! :)
Pick some other lame show;-)

Ugh, I can't imagine having to go through all the things you stated to have a kid...I'll pass!


Tee said...

I missed House last night - but knew it wasn't on - they said last week at the end of the episode.

And SOOOO normal to want another baby at this point. I know I'd be prego right now if Hubby hadn't gotten snipped.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

d, yes why is it that babeis smell so damn good??..i acctually start watching a kid friday..he is 5 though..still not gonna shake the babies outta me..LOL

Heather,well i think having 4 kids is a bit much for me..i barely can handle the 3 i stop taunting me:)

Shelly, well I use to love Will and Grace..I dont know, just doesnt do it for me anymore, but really i dont wath any sitcoms anymore please dont hold it agianst me..LOL

and all the things i stated about having another one..makes sence right?..i should not mess up a good thing!!..:)

Tee, well my hubby was going to get his snipped when covert spy spawn was a 5 years and one baby later..its all still working properlery:)

guess I should of got myslef done..dang dang dang:)

Felecia said...

I'm on the same roller-coaster. Somebody's going to have to hit an outlet mall for all the forks we're gonna need...!

Anonymous said...

But, with the vomit and poop, you get a precious person saying "I love you, mommy!"

Not that I'm saying you should have another, it's just the reason you're thinking about it.

I watched the Office last night for the firt time too. So. Funny!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

felcia, it will have to be BYOF

(bring you own fork)...heehee

annymous, yes true, but i am not ready to risk it yet!! i know u..u look vagualy fimailar!!..LOL

Jamie Dawn said...

I LOVE babies too! But, I've learned to try and be content by holding OTHER people's babies. But, we are mommies at heart and we can't help but remember those wonderful newborn days.

You eat poopcorn?????? (Tee-Hee)

Jaiann said...

I think it's a feeling every mother has, especially as there children get older.