Monday, October 17, 2005

its all sunshine and roses.

what a weekend. We got Kissing Spawns room all done. I may post picutres later, then again, maybe not.

My laptop is gone to sh*t, this will be the last post I can make from it. It needs some help, maybe a good shrink..oh wait, that is me. But it does need to be looked at, it is acting weird, and i still can not do spell check on it, cause you cant pop up more than one window at a time...dang!

So the 2 older spawns spent the night with my mom Saturday, which was nice. While they were their mom was teaching them to play "go fish". They were having a good ole time, when mom noticed Kissing Spawn was cheating. When my mom told him that he should not be cheating, he told her that it was ok if her and I did when we were playing Eurker that night...Crap, I knew that would come back to bite me in the as$!!.

I was trying to watch Law and Order Criminal Intnet...Where is the "the know it all guy and the moderatly ugly red head?"....They have been replaced with the chick from Jungle Fever and The hand that rocks the cradle and Mr. Big...

I just cant catch a break anywhere.

Baby spawn, God Bless her heart, we were singing a song this weekend and when we were done she pats me on the back and says " Great job Momma"...Man I love that kid....I took a short nap Sunday while she was napping and hubby was "painting". When she woke up she comes up to me on the couch and pats my head and says softly " wake up momma"....Then when I ignored her, she hit me in the eye, screamed in my ear and said " Momma I said wake up"....I love that kid..

Well I love them all, but she just makes me piss my drawers sometimes:)

I keep waiting for my makeover, she told me last week she was going to start working on it in a few days. well I havent heard from her since....and she must not know how mentally unstable I am now....Maybe someone should warn her:)

Man I could go on and on with my crap, but I will stop here.



Melis said...

I had to really LOL at the way the lil one wakes you... my 2 yo does the same thing, even when she knows I'm just playin asleep! Too cute! :) I hope you get your make over soon... I know how anxious I was to redo mine! So much so that I did it myself! LOL Hope you're day today is wonderful! (and psssttt... the pics are up now, didn't know if you'd seen them yet)

Cliff Morrow said...

Sounds like you're raising a young Sam Kenison there. If it doesn't work the first time,,,start screaming.
re:the makeover, at least the adjuster hasn't 'totaled' the car. If I asked for a makeover I would be asked "why"?

mom of 3 girls said...

Well glad you got the room done. I finally got all the paste off of mine and am ready to fill in the cracks and then prime and paint, but first I have to get this Halloween Party out of the way.

Gotta love that little emma! She sounds so darn cute.

Well I will try to caught you later, I am going to apply for a job and then I have some work to do around here and I work from 4-9. But I know we have some caughting up to do

mal said...
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mal said...

not to feel bad, I drove over my lap top two weeks ago......not a pretty sight. Sounds like you have a software bug. Hope to see you back soon *S*

momma of 2 said...

Love how she wakes you up...mine will jump into bed to wake us up... SUN's UP - let's play! Isn't that always the right way to start the day?

vani said...

good that you got a little break- yay for mom!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

melis,kids r so funny sometimes huh? I amde need u to do mine for me if she dont get er done..LOL

Cliff, sam kienson..oh u got me scared:)

Jackie, we will have to try and catch eacother today sometime..u need to fill me in on all:)

Mallory, yeah mine has some kind of a bug..grr...but now I am just gonna have to trot my lazy rear dowsn to the desk top computer...oh the misery:)

MOMMa..LOl...suns up...yeah well the sun had been up, itwas 4 pm..LOL..little bugger

Vani, even a short lived break is ok with me..LOL

Wethyb said...

That made me laugh when I read what Baby Spawn said to you. Arn't they just precious??!! LOL.

Jamie Dawn said...

"I said Wake Up!" I love that! If Baby Spawn's awake, then mommy must be awake!

midwest_hick said...

Just think of the payback when they hit the teenage years and YOU get to wake them

Dottie said...

Gotta love little ones, Lilli started patting her sleeping brother on the back this weekend like she was loving him and then proceeded to a full fledged assault. She wanted attention and wanted it NOW! LOL
Post some pics of Kissing Spawns room girl, I'd love to see them!

Anna said...

lolol! Cute kids ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

beth,u just wait till little gracie does the same thing..wont be so funny then..LOL

MWH, ya no, I never thougth about that,,thanks for the pick me up:)

Dottie, I probably will post them tonight..I amy do a little mantage of all the rooms I have done thus far..i tell u..i am the decorating queen..LOL

Anna, dont u know it..LOL

Gabriel said...

It would have been nice if she just cuddled with you instead of screaming in your ear.. huh? ;)