Tuesday, October 04, 2005

one big lazy peice of me

I love these days. The days the older spawns are both at school and baby spawn is napping:)

I look around my house and I see at least 3 things just in this room that I should be doing. But what I am doing?..I am blogging and watching another lame hour of Days of Our Lives.

This is my only "alone" time. These times are few and far between. sure baby spawn naps everyday. But this is just too darn nice to actually have to do any work. Why cant I just sit here, watch my soap, and then maybe..(and that is a big maybe) do some work afterward?..Or better yet, why not nap? Gosh the nap is to me like what a jungle gym full of balls and ice cream is to a kid..You can not get enough of any of it.

It is raining cats and hippos today. It is cold, it is wet, it is gray. And I hate it. I need sunshine. I almost feel naked without it. Soon the leaves will start to fall and then I will have to start raking. And then..shortly after that , it will begin to snow..Then I will hybernate. Why cant we hybernate? It really isnt fair that bears and frogs and other animals can sleep through the crappiest season in the land. I would love nothing more than to crawl in a nukker hole, and curl up with a fluffy pillow and blankie and just lay there as long as I want...And finally arise with smell of sunshine and flowers. Feel the warm sun on my face and hear the birdies singing. Ahh, whatever!!

Well my little break is over, I must go peel wallpaper:-)



Melis said...

Yanno... that wallpaper really won't go anywhere if you decide to play hookie from it for a day! he he I know, I'm NO help! ;) I hope your day is relaxing as motherly possible!

Robin said...

From one mom to another: dare to dream honey!! :-)

Tee said...

Hibernation sounds good to me.

I get especially disguested with my dogs on days like that. They just lay around all day, and then sleep all night too.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm all for hibernation. Moms could rest undisturbed and their babies would be resting too, so no worries about them. Ahhhh, just rest...
WAKE UP!! Too bad, it's just a dream.
As for me, I've had MORE than enough rest these past couple of weeks. It feels good to be out and about again.

vani said...

i had a little break today too! but now back to the grind. sometimes i wish i could hibernate all year round!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Melis, only problem there is I will have to do it tomorw..LOL

Robin,i know..I know..:(

Tee,yes and that is what i want to do..lay around and sleep all day:)

JD,its all in good in theroy though right??..I know you are glad to be bak out and causeing trouble..soon u will be yelling in the streets:)

Vani, sometimes little breaks just dont cut it..LOL

Bumbling Bav said...

Oh the joy of wallpaper!

Thursday I get 2 hours to myself... oh I am giddy!

Cliff Morrow said...

We're hoping it would get cold and rainy. We haven't had rain since July. It's hot, windy, dry. I'd trade weather with you. Now, lets go back over that part where you're naked.