Sunday, October 16, 2005

If I had a hammer

things arent quite going the way they would of I was in charge of the project. I could of had the damn room painted in like 2 hours. And had all of the crap back in his room by dinner time....So now we are going on day 2. My house is riddled with kissing spawns things all about. Nothing is in its place. And of course hubby heads off to church this morning...Guess God can work mirealces if he think he can get the room done and go to church......I hate doing this..but I may have to pick up the rollar and get er done.

I am just screaming on the inside, everything pisses me off. I mean everything. I dont know if its the added stress I am feeling since mother is here now. Or that I am so dreadfully unhappy living here. Or the fact that hubby said in 3 weeks we would have a realtor come by and give us an opioin...and that 3 weeks is tomorw and we havent got sh*t done.

All I know is my house is a dreadful war zone,and hubby skipped off to church leaving me with all the kids and even more of the mess...

I just cant do it anymore. I want this house to sell...If it doesnt and I end up haveing to down grade to an appartment till our home sells...I will not be happy!!. But it seems nothing is getting done here. There will be no way on Gods green earth that any bank will give us another mortgae loan. We already have 2 right now..So selling this house is our only option. I will not cramp the 5 of us in an apartment/condo..It is not worth it to me.

So I guess I better go and get all this stuff done. So maybe I can at least have a freaking path to walk though. ..

I keep hearing this damn buzzing sound.....It is making me want to pick something heavy up and toss it out the window, watching the window and the item smash into a jazzlion pieces.

Right now I just want to take a small hammer, and clobber it over my hubby,s head. Not to kill him, just maybe knock some sence into him...Men usaully are lacking sence. yes while the house is looking like it was ransacked by monkeys in the night, this wouldbe an excellenet time to go teach your sunday school class, as I am sure you could not call someone to cover for you ..just this one time..uh-huh..

I better go, before I say something really bad.



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Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i only turned my word verfiation off one day ago, becuase it gets on my nerves...and looky here...son of a bi**h..

oh well, I will just have to delte it..i will not tunr the word thing back on..that is another thing that pisses me off:)

Heather said...

Keep your chin up girlie.. the realtor won't be so bad.. and she/he will she that you guys are working on the house and they will be understanding.. unless you get a mean biddy. But then you dont want a biddy for a realtor so you'll just have to find a new one. I'm sorry hubby left you.. this is a prime example why if I want anything done in my house.. I call a professional. We learned a long time ago I am not a painter.. and really neither is my hubby. We get paint on the woodwork on the floors... its cheaper in the long run to pay someone.

Slap your hubby for me when he gets home. The nerve! But really isnt that just like a man to walk off and leave a woman with all the work.. and feel no guilt.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know this only probelem is, i enjoy painting and doing my own decorating..only no one in this house appreacites my hard work and what not..screw em is what I say:)

Angie said...

dang girl, need a little more stress in your life or what??? yikes.....maybe you should have thrown in the towel and went with

give me a call soon.....i can't find your number anywhere, nice friend eh?

Melis said...

Hopefully this will all be a distant memory SOON! Ahhh... if it were only that easy while you're all in the middle of it, huh?! I'm sorry that everything is compiling and causing you more & more stress! I do hope for it all to be done and overwith quickly for ya girly!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

angie,oh honey if u only knew..LOl..I am begining to think maybe I should of..I could use a little relgion right now;)..You will have to resewnd me your number..u wont even belive what happen to it now..I swear, I could write my own soap oprea:)

Mel, I am sure this will all blow over soon..I mena it better anyway..thanks for being there girl:)