Saturday, October 29, 2005

mother daughter bonding, I am going straight to hell

I was channel surfing this afternoon. Not really much else to do, as I am lazy.

I came across some good movies, Old movies if u will. Since it is a " holiday weekend" there are tons of holiday movies on..if u catch my drift!! I love scary movies, they have to be my favorite.

I came across one of my all time favorite movies. " A nightmare on elm street"..The first one.I can not help but watch, and I find myself reciting every line. ahh, memories..

I look down and my baby spawn is sitting on the floor in from of the tv with her eyes fixated on the movie. I think for a brief moment, this is wrong, there is something really wrong here.

Then I say, oh heck, she has no idea what she is watching. Then hubby walks in room.

" what are you doing"

" watching a movie, duh."

" ok, she should not be watching this"

" um, she likes it..see"

" I am turning this off"

So there went my day. You just dont come upon good movies like this everyday. I was tyring to teach baby spawn the finer elements to a good horror movie.

I am not one for " romantic comedies". They bore me. They are so full of crap I can not find a diaper big enough to hold all the crapthey spew . If you think about it, your more likey to become someone,s chopped liver, then to meet your "dream guy" on top of the Empire State Building and live happliy ever after. I am not stupid folks..

Thats why you always need to "watch your backs"

My friendly reminder for this holiday weekend:-)



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Bossy♥'s YOU said...

go away u bad spammers...I curse u..but your still not getting me to turn my word verifaction back on..u can not force me..BACK OFF..JUST STEP AWAY FROM MY CRAPPY BLOG

novaks8 said...


I have never looked at any of that spam but WHAT THE HELL?

Georgia Highway Construction?

I am here with the two youngest only and they are sleeping.
I already creeped myself out last night reading about the Amityville murders so I resisted the urge to watch the Shining which is on right now!

New horror movies don't even compare!

Cliff Morrow said...

The spammers are here cuz I gave up a turned mine on. I put on a group of pics and by the time I was done each pic had 2 or 3 spams.
I agree with your husband but that was some really funny stuff you wrote. Keep up the good work.

midwest_hick said...

I used to love horror....whore?....nah....scratch that 2nd one...movies when I was younger.

Wethyb said...

I love 'em, hubby hates 'em...what's a girl to do?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

novak8,i read that on yours..I am intrested..u must tell me what u found out..i love this stuff.:)

cliff, i must bow to you and hubby, i know i was bad..:)

Mike, u know it was both..LOL..i would watch a good one with ya,even hold you hand if ya needed me too

beth, this is what ya do...U me and a girls night of horror and popcorn:)

momma of 2 said...

I've never seen nightmare on Elm street - refused to watch it - My grandparents live on Elm street and their street signs were always being stolen... oh well....

Sands said...

Oh, come on now, didn't you meet your husband in some romatic way?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Momma, u dont know what your missing?..LOL

Sandy, ahh no, it was pure romantic ways at all..been that way ever since..LOL