Thursday, October 27, 2005

a little something for the ladies...

I got this in an email today from my great aunt...I thought it was cute, so I am sharing:)


1.Pass My Shotgun

2.Psychotic Mood Shift

3.Perpetual Munching Spree

4.Puffy Mid-Section

5.People Make me Sick

6.Provide Me with Sweets

7.Pardon My Sobbing

8.Pimples May Surface

9.Pass My Sweatpants

10.Pissy Mood Syndrome
11.Plainly; Men Suck

12.Pack My Stuff

...and my favorite one..

. 13.Potential Murder Suspect

There ya go ladies, did u enjoy that??..I thought it was funny, but I am blonde and I am desparte for humor somdays.

Ok , so I am very happy about my new real estate woman. She called me last night and went over some paper work. Since we are in separate states its kind of tricky. But she is even gonna do it for 5% commision instead of the regular 7%. Which was very nice of her, but I am still not thinking it will sell that fast, but we will see.

Hubby attacked the hoola hoop again tonight. He was gettin er done, and I was not loooking and he says..." oh fine, just when I have it going and your not even paying attention"

Ok, are you seroius?

I sooooo want that " name that tune DVD 1980s addition". I see it on vh-1 like every 5 minutes..I could kick all your asses at that....Anyone up for up??..LOL

Well have a happy hump day...



mal said...

you left out my favorite "Pardon my shotgun"

Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

great blog

Peanutt said...

Ok, this is so me right now its not even funny! I hope your house sells quick! And see if your agent will knock the 5 down to 3. Ouch 5 takes a bite out of crime thats for sure!

Marel Lecone said...

You're cracking me up--I've been missing the VH1 thing. But, I'm sure you would know it all. heehee :)

Jenn said...

5% just to her?! We paid 6% when we sold - 3 to our agent and 3 to the buyers agent. If you're paying 2.5% to each then it's not horrible. Either way - I hope it sells for what you want.

The PMS thing is great - I can relate to it right now.

Melis said...

Great post girly! Loved the PMS's! :) I'm tellin ya, you need pics of your hubby! LOL And I don't think I would be much of an opponent with the song game, unless we just had to know all the words! he he I really suck at knowing the titles and/or artists, drive my hubby crazy! :)

Anonymous said...

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keesh said...

I would challenge you to that 80's game. Music is my thing. I am good at that. Let's go :).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mallory, LOL...yes sorry my bad:)

pil, thanks

Peanutt, well i doubt she will, and i doubt it will seel fast. Houses in that area of Mich just arent selling...damn

marel, so why havnt u been watching vh-1, i wanna no your excuse:)

Jen, yup just to her, there will be no other agent involved..we are not buying, we bought last she is just in charge of the selling..thats all we need..thanks for stopping by:)

Melis, I am soo getting a pic if he gets on the hoop tonight:)

Kish , your on girlfriend:-0

momma of 2 said...

Love the PMS...

Nice that the agent went from 7 to 5..hope that it sells quickly.

Working Mom said...

I want that game too! I love stuff like that and I know waaaay too much 80's music!

That last item on the PMS is what I tell hubby all the time...LOL

Christie said...


Jodes said...

lovvvve it!!!

Wethyb said...

I'll play the 80's game w/ you! I love that stuff!!

That's nice that she'll do the 5%. Since I work in real estate, I know that 5% is totally not typical. Hopefully it'll sell fast!

I like the PMS things.....Mineis the Psychotic Mood Shift....totally!

Jamie Dawn said...

The PMS list is a riot! There's a lot of truth there.