Monday, October 03, 2005

and moving on.......

ok so now my mom has up and left to be with the midget..Man what tales I could tell u about her and her adventures, But thats all for another time:)

I was tagged for this a while back and forgot to do it..and I jsut saw it over at mandi,s place and it reminded I am going to do it now and get it out of the way as I have nothing better to write about today

First best friend:Jennifer Labelle, we were friends before preschool
First kiss:hmm, to tell u the truth I can not remeber..i think his name might of been Troy something or other..He was like 3 years older than me..I dont remebr my first puppy love kiss, this was my first tongue kiss..LOL...eww I know.:)
First true love:My first love was a boy named rich, we started dating when I was like 13 and he was 17. He was soooo cute ( at the time)..we dated for like a year, then he dumped me:)
First piercing/tattoo:I got my ears peirced at about 7 or so, got my first tatoo when I was like 24 and my last one whe I was 29
First big trip:probably when i was 7 and we drove from Michigan to Florida went to Disney Land and Key West
First flight:I guess I flew with my mom to her mothers in New Mexio when I was a baby..
First time Skiing/Snowboarding: ok, I lived in Michigan my whole life, and MN the last year and would u belive I have never done either..I hate snow and cold and to go out in the snow on purpose just makes no sene to me whatso ever:)
First concert:I think it was either Heart or Chicago, I am not for sure..way back in 1986 or 87
First Alcoholic Drink:probably beer when I was like 12. I hate beer and I am not really much of a drinker anyway
First ticket violation: ahh I got a tiket for a car acidnet when i was 16. It was snowing and I coulnt stop and smashed into another car..reason number 210 why I hate snow
First job:first job I made money was babysitting for a few summers for my dads girlfriends kids..saved up enough money to by my own waterbed..LOL..first none babysitting job was working at The Pickle Fatory my summer before senior year in highshool..That is what us kids did to make money for gas and school clothes, only I lasted not even 2 days:)
First date:I dont really know,so many dates so many boys..hard to keep track of it all..LOL


Last car ride: yesterday me and baby spawn went to get some wallpaper stripper 20 miles away becasue this town has crap:)
Last time you cried: um, Saturday i think..dont even ask
Last movie watched: Charlie and the Chocolate Factroy

Last food you ate:a bowl of chicken noodle soup
Last love:um, I am assuming this means before I got hitched..Not too sure, I am gonna go with my old cat Homer..just to be safe.
Last temptation: buying my table..which i obiviously gave into
Last item bought: wallpaper stripper
Last annoyance: too many to count
Last alcoholic drink: mudslide
Last Concert: prince
Last phone call:hubby asking me questions
Last time at the mall: few weeks ago school shopping i guess..i dont get out much u know:)

Current Best Friend: SAD, BUT I DONT HAVE ONE
Current Car:Blue 2003 Dodge Caravan..yes I travel in style
Current love:i guess kids and the hubby , right???
Current drink:Deit Dr.Pepper
Current activity: this and watching Days of our Lives...such a shame. and before this I was watching Martha

Current annoyance:living here
Current mood: dont ask

wasnt this fun...Yeah I am going to take a nap and finish watching my crappy that mother is no longer MIA i dont need to worry bout that anymore right??..LOL



Melis said...

Great job on your list girly! Those things really put me back in "yesteryear"... Oh to only have the problems of a kid!!! **sigh** LOL

keesh said...

Can we all do these? I want to put them on my blog. STOP STRESSING CHICKY!! I have A mom who needs a sitter half the time too. gotta let go woman! I know how hard it is, but she is a grown woman, let her make her mistakes.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Melis, thank you, as you cans ee i have nothing ebtter to do thasn take a stroll down memory lane:)

Kish, I know..i know..:)

yes do the list.LOL

keesh said...

Christina - stop redoing your house and go out and do something :) LOL! GO MINGLE!! Meet some girls! Have fun! Go Out! Find a baby sitter and go out on a date with hubby. I think you just need a night out doing something fun!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Kish, yes mommy:)


your right I know this

keesh said...

hey, once a Mom always a Mom :). I just think you have a lot of personality in you and to see yuo so bummed sucks...