Monday, October 24, 2005

by any other name, it is still the same

so I am wanting to get rid of my baby spawns plug. You know what I mean, the thing most parents hunt on the ground for , espeacilly at night. Making beddy bye time less stressful and more tranquil.

Yes I am speaking of the pacifier. All my kids had one. But my baby spawn has gotten really funny bout it. She will find something, anything , to reach onto the counter to get it. I must have 100 gabzillon of them all over the house. And my gosh she knows where they all are. I only let her have it at bedtime, but I will be damned if she dont find a way to reach up and find one every time.

I dont know what a good age to get rid of it is..Some would say, you should never give them one. well I am not one fo them:-)

Kissing spawn was nearly 3..and he called his his sucky.

Covert spay spawn was 2 when I had her throw it in the was New Years Eve..( so she was not quite 2) and told her that starting in the moring she was going to be a big girl...and she didnt need it anymore....and that was that...she was done...although she did have one stashed under her pillow...I found it 2 nights later...

She calles hesr a sire short for pacifeir....cute huh?..

Now baby spawn just turned 2 in August,,,she calles it her night night.....

I do belive this child will be sucking on it on her wedding day.

so this is my delima for today....when is a good time....She is becoming more fond of it....And I am starting to get jelous.

Death to all night nights......

on a side note...I booked a flight to Micchigan last night. I am taking Kissing spawn and Covert spy spawn with me. Should be fun huh?

since no memebrs of our families will come here...guess I have to shell out the money to go there.....But I did get a was $78 bucks per person....Rougly $115 after taxes and fees. So that is not too bad....We are going next month. I treid finding a non-stop flight...but heck..there were we have a freaking 3 hour lay over at Chicago O'hare..u all know how much I love Chicago...well I love it...just hate driving thru it..but I wont be doing no worries I guess huh?



Dottie said...

We have the same dilemma but Lilli's is her "Foo Foo"! It is one of the rubber ones that they give you at the hospital, smells like vanilla but thank goodness you can buy the same ones at Walmart now! The dang things bounce like there is no tomorrow and we are FOREVER hunting them. We WILL be getting rid of it soon! How I don't know, but we WILL! LOL Congrats on booking your trip!

Melis said...

Whooohooooo!! So when can I expect ya?? LOL Seriously I hope that ya'll have a relaxing time! And Uggggggg.. the dreaded "Dee Dee", aka pacifier! She usually does pretty good with not having it unless she's in bed.. but I want it gone too! My other two didn't have theirs when they were 2, so I'm have my own issues! LOL (I know that all kids are different, too! LOL)

Marel Lecone said...

Glad that you are going to be getting out of town--I'm sure your kids will have a blast with you. :) As for the pacifier, when Elijah was born, I basically took the thing away from Faith. And, then, I really couldn't give it to him because Faith would take his. Every time this happened. So, he never got hooked. I'm sure, in time, Baby E will do the same--with your help, of course. :)

Working Mom said...

My little Bug sucks her thumb. Any ideas on how to throw that away...LOL Good luck! Seriously, the less you make it a big deal, the easier it will be.

Have fun on your trip!

Anna said...

I was a pacifier addict as a baby. It ruined my bite/teeth. I hope your kids have better luck.

Ug, children and planes- You're a braver woman than I am! Good luck and have a nice MI visit!