Friday, October 28, 2005

Heaven help me

Wednesday night as I tried sleeping I heard the tiolet downstairs running. My moniter is in there because it is across from the spawns bedrooms..It kept me awake all night, yet I was too lazy to go down and shake the handle.

When hubby got up in the morning, he came up to tell me how the laundry room had flooded . When I went down later in the morning I noticed the carpet outside the laundry room "slushy". And half the things i had on the floor in there were ruined.

Well Thursday night she backed up again. I have no idea what the heck is going on.

Kissing spawn came home from school and forgot a book he was suppose to read that is due Friday. So i told him he was punished for the rest of the day for being "irresponseable". He then told me he wanted to be adopted. So I told him that could be arranged and I just had to make a few calls.

he looked at me with this odd look. I could not tell if he was extremly happy, or extremly heartbroken. About an hour later he says "Were you seroius about adopting me out" I said " if u wanna be, I only want to make you happy"

He then says " I just can not belive you said that, are you really serouis?"

Then when hubby gets home " dad, would you adopt me out?"

Hubby, " no, why do u ask such a thing"

" well thats what mom said"

so then I was in trouble with the hubby for telling Kissing spawn such evil spew.

Covery spy spawn and I got our cookies done, these ones were good:)

I am going to make her a DR appointment. A few times after she has come in from running she complains her heart hurts. I am sure its just that pain ya get when you run too much, but she hasnt had a check up in long time, so it is a good excuse to go.

I will be posting pictures later, they are having thier halloween/fall party today. I am having them wear their cute pumpkin shirts and some cute halloween tatoos on thier cheeks:)

Have a good Friday.



Melis said...

Sorry about the water... that bites! But as far as you being "evil"... When I was little I got mad at my mom, and told her I was running away (think I was like 5 or so), so she gave me a loaf of bread, and sent me on my way! LOL And I turned out ok! Errrr.... well... ummm... LOL It actually sounded exactly like something I would say! :)

midwest_hick said...

Sounds like he took ya serious on the 'adopting out' flooded rooms are no fun.

Jewl said...

You are such an evil Mommy...NOT!I would have said the same thing! Might be time to call somebody on the flooding, that can't be fun to deal with! LOL Hope you have a good weekend!

Cliff Morrow said...

We must do something about that toilet. This is at least the second time. Right?
Hope the adoption goes well. Maybe you can get to visit, sundays maybe.

The Blog Whore said...

Man, kids can scare you with that shit. Big Sister was freaking out one night, crying about how BAD her tummy HURT. So, I decided to rub some baby lotion on it, to "make it feel better." Well, it worked, so go figure...

If it were a ruptured intestine or food poisoning or gawd knows what else, lotion would not have done the trick. These kids! Gotta outsmart them while we can.

momma of 2 said...

I hate squishy carpet too... hope you get it figured out.

LOL on adopting out your litte one - I've been told that I got the edge of the driveway when I was younger and then sat and cried because I wanted to run away but couldn't go on the road without an adult....

Manic Mom said...

Telling them you are adopting them out is not as bad as what I said tonight.

How's this for making everyone in the family happy:
"God Dammit--I am going to divorce this whole family!"

Hubby is pretty pissed at me right now for that comment. Or maybe it's because he will be stuck paying alimony and child support! Hahah. Sorry about the pot!