Wednesday, November 16, 2005

what i saw on 8 mile

I am sure you have heard of the movie...maybe even fans of the singer, and his name slips my mind..I am obviously not a fan:)

But Friday night as we were driving home from the airport, we went down 8 mile. Now some of 8 mile is pretty scarey, some is just scarey. I noticed a particular strip of highway with more than a few "gentlemans bars" and 2 titles struck me as very funny. Even down right humerous.

First up was " Hot Tamolies" live nude women with hot tamolies....that is along the lines of what the sign read. Now I would think, gosh maybe I should go in there and throw some water on her. I mean have you ever tasted a tamolie?..They can be very spicy you know?

Next was " Booby Trap." Ok now this name I found odd in the fact that the thought of " booby" in trap seems very painfull. I mean you no what a trap does to a mouse....ouchhhhh.....I just did not see how this name would apeal to anyone.Maybe its just me. I have never been in such an establishment, nor do I have any plans in the future. But the places were hopping. I know a lot of those men in there were going to be going home with some "stripper dust" on them....shame, shame, shame:)

Confrences went well. Both spawns are doing well. Covert Spy spawn had a glowing report from her very young, very pretty teacher...*gag me*...she said covert spy spawn helps tie other kids shoes in class....yup, thats my girl..

Kissing Spawn is doing very well. Needs a little push in math. But is reading at a 4th grade level and is doing excellent in Languae Arts. she also said he is a very gifted artist:).

Something else she said made me the most proud of him. There is a girl in their class with Down Syndrome. His teacher said this young girl loves Kissing Spawn. She is always talking to him and telling him hello. He is the only boy this gilr talks too. And so I asked her if he is nice to her. She said Kissing Spawn is very nice to her. Draws her pictures and talks with her when she comes by his desk.

At one time this kid had a probelem with people who were differnt....He did not want to be around them nor did he treat them well. He would tell a little black boy in his Kindergaren class that he did not want to play with him becasue he was brown...WTF!!!! Now he knows that God made everyone differnt and we need to treat everyone the same. So I was very proud of him for that...

Now I need to get on him about following directions and keeping is workspace clean...Heaven help me.

It has snowed a bit...I am starting to feel very depressed. I hate this time of year. I had to freaking "warm up" my van before I left. I had ice on the windsheild. Have I told you that I hate snow and loth winter?...It is gonna be 17 degrees...How you like those apples? For 2 weeks last winter the air tempatrue was -54...and that was without the wind. Gosh I hate MN...It did not even get that cold in MI for crying out loud...

So now I am going to hault my collection for lipo and go right to collceting money for my "winter" home in Hawaii. If you donate I will let you come for a week,s visit..On the off season of course:)

Happy hump day......



Melis said...

Congrats on the good reports from the teachers!! That's super! And even more super the news on your son with the Downs girl... pat yourself on the back for that one girly! :) Snow... yep! It's in our forcast all week too! ACK! And poor hubby just isn't getting use to this "nothern weather" either! (he's from TX... and only been home here for 3 yrs now) LOL

Marel Lecone said...

I'm so proud of your kids too. Such great reports. See, you're the best! :) Stay warm and make margaritas!! :)

Cliff Morrow said...

Several things come to my mind.
1. Congrats on a good start raising these good kids.
2. We too received snow and 19 degees plus 60 mile per hour winds yesterday.
3. You will find that your hate of cold weather will increase as you age. Mine has.
4. Hump day?? Dream on. Oh,,you mean it's the middle of the week. Sorry.

Dottie said...

Great reports on the kiddos! That's always nice to hear and how proud you must be of Kissing Spawn being so kind to the little girl.
Our temp fell from 70 to the low 30's/ upper 20's yesterday! NICE! I spent Thanksgiving in MN a couple of years ago, YIKES it's cold and windy!

vani said...

good for your spawns :) sorry about the weather..not going to rub it in that it's going to be almost 70 degress today in NY, in NOVEMBER! lol. but i know its coming...and when it does i too will be depressed.

momma of 2 said...

Well, just so you know.... its 17 here too today - and it's soooo freakin' windy out it's like -3 or something like that.

But the kids were so excited to wear their boots, hats, mittens, snow pants, etc I should have taken a pic of them on their way to school!

Glad the kids did great at conferences - we have ours next week -not sure what they'll say.

Marel Lecone said...

Oh, the name that you were looking for in the beginning was Emimen. I actually like the movie. heehee :) But, I wouldn't admit it too loudly since the ego of certain famous people make me not want to watch or buy anything of theirs. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Melis,thanks...kissing spawn is a very good boy..(most f the got a good 3 inches out there..and it is freaking cold:(

Marel,well I dont know about the best..but I will take you up on the margaritas though:)

Cliff,ooh so your the ones who sent the wind and snow..curse you:) is blowing really bad now..yuck..

Dottie, I do not want to hear about your 70 degrees..what,,no I cant hear you..:)

Vani, same applies to you my dear..dont come back here till you have 4 inches of snow and way below freezing it:)

Momma,same here..kissing sawn was very excited to get all dressed is about 15 lovely:)

Marel,your right..good ole M&M...never saw the movie..but I hear it was good..

Mike said...

Gotta like good school reports huh? we now have snow and cold here too....dammit!

d said...

LOL, Hawaii or a new bod, tough choice but I think I'd do the same.

Good for you Momma, you raised a good kid. That's so sweet that KS has a friendship with that little girl. I think all kids go thru that stage, when they first notice differences in people, the important thing is that they get over it.

Oh, and Booby Trap? Who comes up with these names?

pack of 2 said...

I hate the cold weather too...Hang in there girl...only 6 months to gooooooo.


Working Mom said...

You've got to be so proud of your kids! Don't you just love it when people tell you how good they are!?

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

Glad to hear the spawns are doing well in school. You must be doing something right. I hate the northern weather too but most of all I hate the lack of sunlight this time of year. Makes everyone depressed.

The Lumpy

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Mike, glad I am not the only one suffering from cold and

d, so u wanna come on the off season then?..hell I will make an exception and let you come durring peak season:)

Shelly, more like 7..LOL..hubby is in north carolina for work..he called to tell me it was about 80..I wanted to hang him by his balls:)

Denise, it does make ya feel good when strangers say good things..if only he acted that way at home even 90% of the

Lumpy, yes the lack of sun is very depressing..oh how long for summer already

Felecia said...

I'll never understand why the ancestors of us true-blooded Minnesotan's decided to look for a better life than the frozen tundra they came from only to land their can's in yet another frozen tundra.

Yup. Youuuu becha.

Sounds like your charitable efforts should go hand-in-hand. You'll want the body work in order to be a Hawaiian beach bunny, right? You'd better put out two donation buckets at Church on Sunday.

Wethyb said...

Not an Eminem fan at

Booby Trap? You must have been in the

Good for Kissing Spawn. Kids can be so mean. It's refreshing to have one be so kind :) Brownie pts for him :)

As I've said before...snow...ick, ick, and more ick!

The Blog Whore said...

My 4 yr old is fricking RUDE to old people and weird scary looking people (LOL)
Anything out of the norm.
Of course we get totally mortified, and try to explain it to her and THEM.

So embarrassing!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Felcia, you are so right..I may need more buckets:)

beht, yup in the heart of the murder capital of the state..LOL..wanna come lay on my beach with me?

Thersa, mine use to be like was so emabarssing...but now he has made a total turn around..thanks the Lord..LOL

Jamie Dawn said...

Try and stay warm. I HATE cold weather!

Jewl said...

I am so not ready for the cold yet!