Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Holy crap, stop the presses folks

The Earth must be on a slightly different tilt as of late. Reason being you ask? I did something that I never thought I would ever do. I mean never.

I am a little Leary about even telling you. But I feel I need to tell you, just so you do not think I am hiding anything from you:)

Ok, here is the sad truth. I have joined the church choir. Go ahead, poke fun at the church girl. Tell me how I wont get into heaven any quicker by singing at the church.

I know all this. I have no idea what I was thinking. Tuesday was the first practice I attended, and it was rough. They are doing practice for the Christmas program. I have not sung in a choir since highschool. I was even asked to sing at our graduation..But politely declined as I hate being the center of attention.

But man, my throat is killing me..ugg

Anyhoo, I am starting to rethink the idea I had back in the early summer or late spring. I am wanting to set up a fund of sorts. A fund to benefit me. For those of you who remember, I was wanting to take donations.

I am much too poor too afford this. So with the help from my fellow bloggers I just may be able to pull it off..Of course I am talking about good ole fashion plastic surgery. Just enough to cover a boob reduction and a tad bit of lipo. I will save up your hard earned money one dollar at a time.

Now here is the breakdown of what I need. Just so you can figure your budget accordingly. Because I am cool like that.

Boob reduction: apprx. $ 4,000

Lipo: roughly $ 5,000 ( this is tummy,thighs, and whatever else they see fit)

I know, I know. Your thinking, my gosh you are perfect the way you are. Yes, I know this. But I just need a little pick me up:)

Then after I recover I will need a vacation. So I will also be taking donations for this. I can not take a good vacation till I look just right in my bikini. That would just be wrong.

So make all donations payable to:

Fixing flab
c/o Christina
123 hot mamma street
Minneapolis, MN

I will not be accepting personal checks. Only because it is hard to cash out of state checks. Not because I think you will send me a bad check:-)

So go ahead, get me a money order, or even just cash. I will accept all forms of it..20,s and even 10,s. But I would really rather prefer bigger bills such as 50,s and 100,s..Much easier to delegate and count.

Thank you in advance for you kind and generous donations. God really looks up to those who donate to charities. Think about it....Its all just a thought:)




Angel Girl said...

hehe, if you find funding for the lipo let me know! I could use some of that too!

Greg said...

The funny thing is.. I remember when you asked for this donation before ;)

Why do you need this now, because of the choir? Let me hear you sing.. you heard me!

Tammy said...

Yeah, I remember you asking about this before too.
WHat happened the first time around? LOL

Happy to hear you joined the choir. VERY COOL. I just hope you can really sing...LOL

Cliff Morrow said...

Now THIS is interesting stuff. I was ready to tell you about how I started directing a choir once back in 1977, for my Mom, until she got well and came back. She died. So I'm still directing the choir and waiting for Mom to come back.
THEN you mentioned the lipo and thought I could give a $1000 to that but changed my mind when the boob reduction hit. There would be no way I contribute to any such thing. We already have enough evil in this world. Sorry.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Angel girl, yes, I will send them your way too..LOL..thanks for stopping:)

Greg, yes and no one gave any, so now I am starting it again..LOL

well unless you came to my church, not sure how you would witnsess such a thing..LOL

tammy,the first time around I got NOTHING..heehee

Ciff, well that is cool you direct the choir..good for you..

but now I am crying on the inside. I can not believ you are discrimating against me:)

Working Mom said...

I need a fund like that too! I could threaten to put up nekkid pics of me and then people would donate so they wouldn't have to see the pics...LOL

Good for you about the choir! It's nice to do something different. I hope it goes well for you!

d said...


Why not? Everyone else seems to be asking for donations.

That's hilarious! You are one funny lady.

Church choir? Hey why not? At least it's a night out socializing, maybe you can meet a friend or two who are not too holy and then you can all go out singing dooor to door to make money for the plastic surgery. ;)

The English Student said...

I like singing. I wish that I could find a church that I actually liked so that I could sing in their choir. Oh well...hope that in the future that I can sing in a choir.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

denise, well maybe we should set up a fund together..we will spilt it 99-1..LOL of course i get the 99..heehee

d, I dont hold a candle in funnies to you..u are the queen my dear:)

but I am hoping maybe to make a friend...but seems they are old ladies and old men..just my freaking luck:)

Gina, I use to love singing back in the day..when you havent done it for some 12 -13 years other than to the is hard...

Dottie said...

They are trying to talk me into the church choir thing again, too. I just envision sitting up in the choir area and one of my kids acting a fool and DH not being able to do anything about it! LOL That would make me nuts! Hey I sang at our HS graduation! "One Moment In Time"...a couple of verses!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dottie, this is what i worry abut too. cuz hubby is in the choir too..LOL

they wanted me to sing some awful song from the musical CATS..memoires or something like that..I think they found someone else if I remeber dang long ago..I try to forget about moment in time..LOL I hate that song..LOL

Bav said...

Oh you poor poor girl. If only I had two pennies to rub together I would give you both. BUT, since I do not perhaps in good faith you could forward any donations you get to me. I too am in need of a lift and a few sucks myself. LOL, that sounds so bad!

And good for you for getting up there and singing!

pack of 2 said...

um...No comment!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

bav, so u want me to send my proceeds to you..LOL..I will have to think about it:)

Shelly, so your saying your not donating to the cause??..LOL

Melis said...

Omg! Ome more thing in common for us chicky! My "boob job" aka reduction will hopefully be done this coming summer!! I'm way too excited! Hell! I'd just like to be able to FIND a bra in my size... don't even care what the cost!!!! Uggggggg!!

Church choir - WAY COOL! Remember your vowels! lol Hear that way too much with my oldest daughter in choir! lmao

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

some women would pay big bucks for my rack...I was a B until I had they are ..well I dont know..I buy D..but I am sure they are too small..I am just not woman enough to acctaully get messured by a professional..

At least your getting your taken care of..I workout..I lose weight everywhere but there..I would put sneakers on them and put them on the treadmill if they knew how to walkl alone..LOL

vani said...

i didn't know a lip and boob job costs that much! holy crap, i might have to start my own fund after baby spawn is born. :)

Peanutt said...

Wow, I think I'm gonna take up a collection of those same things at my blog!!!
I love the new look!!! It fits you well!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Vani, acctually they cost more, i was just aiming low..for the whole kit and kaboddle it is gonna set me back about 15,000:)

Peanut, good luck with your endevor..So far I am not having much luck..LOL....noone wants to help the needy, i dont get it..LOL

Marel Lecone said...

Good for you--joining the choir. Doing something beside the home stuff is always a good thing. And, good luck to ya on those donations. You're too much! :)

Felecia said...

I am 100% tone deaf but have always enjoyed singing (isn't that the way it goes?!) I figure I'll get enough nerve to join when I'm over 80 years of age like all of the other members of my own church's choir!

Maybe you could arrange to have a "donation" bucket at church? Instead of singing for your supper, you could simply sing for your surgery?

momma of 2 said...


Okay - so why not just get a paypal account - install the little button and we can all donate that way...LOL

Angie said...

hey church girl.....hehe, I thought that was funny. I didn't know you were going to sing at our graduation, shoot, I wish you would to you later

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

marel, I think I need all the luck I can get thanks..LOL

felcia, tone deaf, oh my goodness..LOL

Momma, I would..but noone really gives a damn..LOL

angie, yup that me..LOL..well u didnt know, because I never really told anyone..I didnt want my parents to make me.LOL..I dont even remeber if anyone sang or if they did..who did it:)

Jamie Dawn said...

I'll be on the table next to you to have your boob left overs put into mine.