Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another hulla hoop fiasco

Another installment of The Husband hulla hooping..


Me:" see what?"

TH:" I was doing it, I was really doing it"

Me: " that's nice dear," ( as baby spawn is sitting on the coffee table clapping her hands saying " good job momma"...Kid cant even get the name right).

I made a horrifying discovery today. I looked at wrappers on the counter, thinking who ate all these candies. I heard a scream, I wondered where it was coming from. Then I realized it was me. I had realized I ate 7 Almond Joy,s. the little bite size, so I figure its ok....What I don't understand about this whole situation, is I don't care for chocolate. And I hate nuts. ( insert you own joke here, Melis..LOL).

I guess its true what they say..." Sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don't"

We are leaving for our venture to the "Homeland". me and 2 of my spawns will be flying the skies. And I am ohhh so looking forward to our 3 hour lay over in the Windy City..They should find that real entertaing....I am sure I will say these words more often then ever...."we will be there when we get there"

Ok I must admit my Ambien is effecting me..Just ask Melis..Poor thang was subjected to my retarded questions...And no her hubby was not moving...His blinkie was stationary..LOL...But I saw him moving...This is how my mind is right now..I see things that are not really there....Good Lord..I better go to bed..

I have so many things I had wanted to talk about tonight, but I cant right now. It would not make a lick of sense. Like why I think my cat wants to type on my laptop so she can write a letter......I don't think cats can type..But this is in my head as she is sitting here by me.yup..she just told me she wants to type..So I better go because she is not allowed in the computer room downstairs because she sometimes goes potty in the corner in there when she gets trapped in there.

so she needs my laptop, so I better go...Cant keep your pussy...I mean cat....Pussycat waiting....Ook I am done..

Love to all

BTW, the comments are weird now.I hate the word verifaction so I have it set up an differnt way to control spam...your comment will not be seen immedialty...but it will be dont worry if it isnt there after you write it..I have to approve all commnets..that way I can control the spam..much easier this way...

so just in case you were soon as i get the email..your commnets will be posted..your commnets are very imporant to I just wanted to keep you up to speed on this issue....if i am slow at getting to my email, it will take longer, but they will get there:)
thanks peeps{


Melis said...

You asked me to.....

So which is it girly.... balls, balls, balls... or no nuts, no nuts, no nuts?!?!?! LOL

I'm tellin ya... you could make some money of that letter typing pussy of yours! I'm sure they're people out there that would pay to see that!! Oh wait! That SHOULD have read pussy CAT.... oopsies!!! he he

And no ya'll.. my hubbies NOT moving... I still can't figure out how she was peekin in my window's from WAY OVER THERE! Geesh! lol

Great post... as always! :)

Mavida Lesbiana said...

I don't get it - course I'm the Ambien too - but what was The Husband doing - really doing??

7 almond joys - really? You could've shared.

Have fun on the trip! Good Luck with all that.

momyblogR said...

SEVEN? You ate SEVEN Almond Joys? I think it's safe to say, you sorta felt like a nut today, huh?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

melis, i knew i could count on you for a joke..LOL

cat, I swear, he was really hulla baby spawn always wants us to hulla hoop. I flat out he does, well tries:)

momyblgr, yes, that is a safe assumption..LOL

Cliff Morrow said...

You're right. You're not making much sense right now. Just the other day you told us you joined a church choir.

Working Mom said...

I ate 3 packs of m&m's last night! Are we related?..LOL

Jewl said...

LOL... I love it when you are on your meds, it makes for a fun filled morning...
I gotsta get me some...
Thanks for the email chick... I know you can't post on there, thanks though for taking the time to say hi!I added you to my blogroll too!

Dottie said...

What is it with the Almond Joy's? I ate all of the kids AJ's this Halloween, too!

Your Ambien seems to do more than my Ambien! Of course I split mine in half! LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Dottie, i take 10mg every night..for 5 years...and it always makes me loopy.

but I like it..LOL

and I often have had a bit of cough syrup before...that makes it worse..LOL

Charmed1 said...

Huh...Huh... She said pussy... I hate those almond joy thingies! I alway pick the almond out, scrape the chocolate off the nut (sounds kinda kinky...) and eat the rest of the bar, knowing that I'm going to have a migraine with in the hour. I think its an allergy to coconut, but I can't help myself.