Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Introducing new segment

I have so much I want to tell you. But my pill is kicking in and this would end up making no sense...

although my son did ask me today what it meant if you showed your middle finger. Me being the cool mom I am says to the young lad "it means if you use it,you are on a downward spiral to hell and that boarding school is inevitable...Sorry dude..thems the rules" I am out ruled by The Bibile.YA every heard of it honey?...Says in there I think..Maybe just assuming that it has a sentences about longating your middle finger and damnation to hell.....Hey...I am just sayin

so I think I have scared him out of that....He says he had not pulled this digit in the upward position alone........But I don't believe it..Not a word of it...When an 8 year old boy says "hey man, I didn't show my finger" yah gonna believe it? Ya that is what I thought..!!!

So here is hoping I have detoured him from giving the bird on any given holiday, event, social outing, and or church function. I think it worked on him not defecating in the outside bushes and various flower beds....that don't belong to us!! Yup the neighbors had to be pleased to see human sized turds as they mowed the lawn..

I am gonna start having a hello hottie.....It will be at the end of every post..A picture of my hottoe for the day.."hello hottie"

without further adu here is my "hello hottie" for today
"hello hottie

yes it is Dr House!!!..He is a drug user,limp,bad bed side minor...But I say "put a gown on me and let him "check me up"

I hope any of this post made sense..When I wake up in the morning and realize it doesn't...I will put on a different one....But I hope you enjoy my new segment..Hello hottie.

Have a happy hump day !!


Melis said...

How fun! What a fantastic idea... however, I think you're doing this for your own twisted benefit! LMAO Just messin with ya girly! Hmmm... the hello hottie for the day I'm kinda disappointed in... like my men to have at least a LITTLE meat on their bones! LOL Happy Hump Day!

Gangadhar said...

Happy Hump Day..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Melis, ok...u dont like Dr House??..what is wrong with you??

Gangadhar,happy hump day right back at ya;)

d said...

I LOVE Hello Hottie! (Just not this particular hottie, but who am I to talk)

vani said...

guess i don't watch tv enough- have no clue who this dude is- he looks the leader from cold play no?? lol

Wethyb said...

I like the Hello Hottie! I'm going to have to put that on my MEME blog!

I don't know about Dr. House, but that's okay :)

Litlsassy20 said...

Great Idea! Yes, I can see the Dr House thing......but it may be a case of you have to watch the show to 'get it'......
(and NO, d has NO room to talk LMAO)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, I am very, very dissapointed in you girls..try watching HOUSE on FOX on Tuesday at 9pm 8 pm with the program gals!!