Monday, November 28, 2005

How could this all happen in a span of 40 minutes

Things were going well. I was sitting with my baby spawn. Us two ladies were sitting on the couch watching The Wiggle,s Christmas movie...This was wrong on so many levels..The big thing I could not take any more of is...BARRY WILLIAMS AKA Greg Brady..On their dancing and singing with gold shimmery shirt and black leather tighties with a gold strip down the side..Oh yeah, he was SO not hot...Why oh why...Barry u don't belong in baby shows..U want Brady shows. I can see how they sound alike B-A-B-Y.......B-R-A-D-Y I can see the possible confusion..

Then when that spaz fest was over at my daily Martha watch..Today was a special day..It was This is your life Martha...And she did not guess one guest right..I almost felt a sense of sorrow for the poor saps who went there for this and she didn't even guess them..

"lets see..Is it Billy Jo"
"no Martha"
"is it bobby may"
"no Martha"

"well is it a man or woman"
I swear she did not guess one right....I would of felt like an insignificant piece of dog poo if she didn't guess me..Then we she sees who it is, she is like "oh yea, I rememeber you"

It was just painful....Painful like pulling a toe nail out...


Ok to be clear I love all my regular blogger friends...And none of these things I had said were about any of you....So there...Your my peeps:) and I need all of you;)

SO here is the hello hottie today

can we get a Dr in the house please??? Dr John Carter stat please.

me and d miss u:)

and just to show what the good lookin
Brady looks like

there yah have it for today. If I have something better to write in the morning I will...



Peggy said...

I thought the same thing when I watched Martha but she sure could remember what she wore and how she decorated everything right down to the color of the angel hair she used. LOL and I think I have a cold... Be a dear and send Dr. Carter over when you get finished with him would ya?!

Melis said...

It really doesn't surprise me much with Martha, although I don't watch her show, so I probably don't have a place to make a comment here! lol

Your HH's have been great the last few days... keep up the good work! *wink*

d said...

Ahhh, there he is. Noah. Such a cutie.

Martha's a dope, that's how she landed her butt in jail. She doesn't think well without a script.

Cliff Morrow said...

It would be completely out of place for a Nebraska farmer to tell a high class suburbia housewife to get a life... so I won't. But what about The Price is Right with BOB BARKER or something. Personally I prefer VeggieTales movies. :}

Angel Girl said...

Thankfully I don't have the tragic image of Barry Williams in tights burned in my brain!

As far as Martha, uggh. She needs to get a life lol.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

peggy, your right, she knew she used angel hair and the colors..she is so emtional cold to humans..she should only hang around friuts and veggies:)

Melis,so u been liken the hotties huh? I aim to please ya no:)

d, yes she is a dope..or maybe shes on dope..i cant figure it out:)

cliff, bob barker..well isnt he kind of a perv??? he might try and grope me or something:)

Angel, consider yourself lucky honey, but I am sure if u put it on the diseny channel they are sure to play it agian, maybe u can catch it:)

momma of 2 said...

Hey I could use a doctor in my house - i'll take this hottie for the day! LOL Have a great one!